A Winter Arboretum Wedding in Canberra? It’s not something you hear much of but seriously, what an amazing day! It was so awesome that Celeste actually wrote a piece for the Canberra Times about the whole day, and what it is like to have a Winter Wedding in Canberra!

I’ve known the awesome and eclectic Celeste and John through my partner Ruby, and when Celeste asked me to be her Wedding Photographer I was thrilled! Even more so because their special day would be at one of Canberra’s most iconic and kick ass Wedding spots, the National Arboretum Canberra. Few places can eclipse this wonder in Canberra, with the Margaret Whitlam Pavilion being the jewel in the crown that is the National Arboretum!

The impression I got right from the start with John and Celeste’s Wedding is that family and friends took centre place, aside from the main couple, with so much warmth and connections coming to surface between everyone. I can’t get over how perfectly John and Celeste were dressed as well, these two were completely on point with their colours, materials, and everything! One of my favourite parts of the day was hearing John and Celeste read their story back to everyone at the Ceremony, as you’ll see when they have a big grin in the images below. These little personal moments sum up what these two awesome people are all about.

Not only that but the reception (I’m going to call this the ‘afterparty’), was a complete blast, with a whole heap of dancing, shots, and emotional speeches.

I hope you enjoy a selection of some of the very best from John and Celeste’s Wedding below!



James is an adventurous wedding and elopement photographer based in Canberra, Australia. He travels everywhere to capture adventurous love stories with passionate and non-traditional couples.



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