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Top 10 Canberra Bush Walks for Adventurous Couples

I’m frequently asked about where some of the most awesome places around Canberra to explore are. More specifically Canberra bush walks!

It’s been such a common question that I’ve decided to write a whole eBook on this very subject, giving you 10 of my favourite places in and around Canberra for you to explore!

Scenic Canberra has been written to give you some of the most incredible places and locations in and around Canberra to explore, and have your photos taken.

In this eBook, you’ll have access to the following:

  • 10 incredible spots in and around Canberra, which are perfect for adventurous couples who love their Canberra bush walks! No, this doesn’t include the National Arboretum, Mount Stromlo, or a few other commonly visited places;
  • Examples of images taken from each and every site by myself;
  • Location coordinates for the most out of the way locations, as well as distance and times to return;
  • A full guide on how to visit sites to reduce the harm left by doing these Canberra bush walks;
  • A couple of special bonus locations!

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