I love each and every couple I work with, and every single session I do is absolute kick ass from start to finish. However, there are some sessions which are just that little bit next level, and Hayley and Josh’s engagement session was one of those. Did I say session? I mean adventure! One of my favourite things about being a Thredbo engagement photographer is coming on sessions like this!

Waking up at 5 am on a Sunday morning is always worth it to catch a sunset, and even more so to get ready for a whole day’s worth of amazing skiing and snowboarding in Australia’s Snowy Mountains. This is what Hayley and Josh’s Thredbo engagement session was; a whole day of catching snow, good food, and learning more about these two incredible souls.

When Hayley and Josh came in for their design session and flat out said ‘we’re up for whatever you think may be awesome’, and then I found out that they loved going up the snow, it was settled! A whole day up in Thredbo to celebrate their engagement.

I’d been excited about this session for a very long time, ever since we wrote it down on paper. So on the day we met up at their abode, and headed down at sunset, stopping along the way for a much-needed coffee break, and rest stop. We were also bloody lucky with the weather and even though it was windy as hell, the sun was shining and thanks to the wind we got some of the most awesome moments captured ever.

Which leads me to talk about these moments. I’ve worked with so many awesome couples but my god, the connection between these two is off the scale. I love the couples I work with to come as they are and let the magic of themselves shine through, and I don’t think it was the snow I was blinded by on this session. Hayley and Josh have such a natural and gorgeous romance between each other, and I don’t mean that they are writing love sonnets every minute. It was the way they joked around, the way Hayley would look at Josh after he talked about his favourite moments with her throughout their lives. It was everything in the way they smiled at each other and joked about. It was bloody amazing to spend the whole day with them and I’d do it again in a split second.

Now with a whole day’s time to get so many incredible images of these two, don’t worry, we did a whole tonne of skiing and snowboarding too. One of my favourite parts of a whole day at the snow with amazing people is that, funnily enough, you also get a whole day’s worth of snowsports involved too. So whilst there was a lot of time for capturing images, a whole load more time which you don’t see below, is us having a whale of a time going off-piste and exploring!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these incredibly kick-ass images from Hayley and Josh’s session, I really can’t express how much fun this whole day was (and props to Josh for driving us there and back in a whole day!)

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