The power of pinterest and TAILWIND PHOTOGRAPHY TRIBES

by Who shot the photographer


by Who shot the photographer

In this article I’m going to tell you:

  • Why as a Photographer, you need to be on Pinterest to have your work be seen.
  • How Tailwind Photography Tribes will help your content be spread by like minded creatives.
  • The definite list of all Tailwind Photography Tribes out there.

I have created a video walk-through for the information in this article, as well as a live demonstration here:

What’s the big deal with Pinterest?

Pinterest may be one of the most undervalued sources of traffic for photographers around.

As of April 2017, Pinterest has around 175 Million Active Monthly Users and 2 billion (YES!) monthly searches. What’s more, one of the most active demographics on the site are brides, as evident by the 85% female demographic for the website, with 42% of women in the USA using Pinterest.

Do you think that you are missing out on traffic to your website or portfolio with 2 billion monthly searches?


I’ll admit that for far too long I have ignore Pinterest. Like me, you may have seen it as the site you go to find those amazing inspiration photos for your garden project. I didn’t see or realise the extreme potential it had for my own photography work.

How wrong I was.

This is the bottom line:

You can’t afford not to be on Pinterest if you are a photography looking to get their work out there.

One of the biggest conceptions about Pinterest is that it isn’t a social networking website.

It is a search engine website.

It is also why it is giving Google a run for it’s money.

If you are serious about getting your work seen to the world, you need to be on Pinterest. Period.

Seriously, it’s time to get involved in Pinterest.

In case you have just come across Pinterest for the first time, the whole concept of it is to save or ‘pin’ other people’s work to your own virtual pinboard, showing what images you like for a certain topic, whether it be gardening advice or photography poses.

However it is so much more than that.

What is the ultimate goal or aim of using Pinterest?

Repins, with a view to people clicking through to your own website.

When someone likes your content, they will repin it to their own boards. If this comes from an external site, Pinterest will catalogue it using the keywords in the description. This means that when someone goes to the search bar and searches for ‘boho dresses’, then chances are the pin you just put up of your custom boho dress may appear! The more people that repin this pin, the more likely it is going to be pushed to the top of the results.

Yet again 8 billion searches are carried out each month on Pinterest so if you got the top of ‘wedding photographer’, then you are going to see a lot of traffic.

So how do I pin?

Pinning is simple. The easiest way to do this is to use the Pinterest ‘Pin’ button that you’ll find on Pinterest itself.

However when it comes to pinning someone’s whole portfolio from their website, you can opt for the Google Chrome Pin It Button addon, which makes it easy as pie to go to a page, click the button in the toolbar and you’ll be able to choose which image to pin to which board.

There is of course a much faster and more efficient way to do this with Tailwind…however I’ll talk about that in a little bit!

How to win at Pinterest…Winterest

Here are the top strategies I’ve used to dominate Pinterest:

  • Pinterest on the surface seems like the best place for you to just start pinning your own work right? Well whilst that may be true, it is always better to share other people’s work as well as your own.
  • As with many great strategies in the world, the 80/20 rule always works for how much you should pin other people’s work/your own work. The community and Pinterest will reward you and push your content further up if you play by the rules.
  • The number one thing you always want to be doing is pinning. Always be pinning. The more regularly you showcase your desires and pins to the world, the more likely you are to be found. We want to be found!
  • When it comes to pinning content you should be trying to pin within your niche. So for example if you (like me) have an account which is there to spread the word about my photography, my followers are going to want to know about similar topics. So if I create a Pinterest board about my favourite types of car, they are going to be a little puzzled and not engage with my content as much. A better board to create would be ‘Top Boho Photoshoot Ideas’
  • Pinterrest is natively designed to make vertical photos look a lot better to bear that in mind when pinning content.
  • If you want to grab someone’s attention, make an infographic which can span much longer down the page and can really create an incredible stream of information to get sucked into.
  • Join Pinterest Collaborative Boards. These are boards where other people have been invited in to contribute their own material and increase the whole pool of pins of one theme. The great thing about this is that these affect everyone’s Pinterest exposure and so even more people will see your work! 


If you are like me however you may be pretty busy with a 9-5 job, as well as working like a dog on the weekends.

One of the most important parts of Pinterest is to always be pinning. Do you have time to stop work, duck off to the bathroom and pin every 20 minutes? Nope? Me neither!

However, there is a solution.

Tailwind is an INCREDIBLE Pinterest Scheduler, and I swear by it because it allows me to have a presence on Pinterest whilst getting on with everything else in my life.

So just as a quick run down, Tailwind let’s you sort Pins you want to pin onto Pinterest (enough pins in there?), and create a ‘smart schedule’ to pin these links for when users who like that content are most active. This means that there is a greater chance of your work being seen and repinned.

Basically here is what Tailwind does in a nutshell:

  1. You create your account, and link your Pinterest Account
  2. Tailwind analyses your account and what you have posted before to work out your own ‘smart schedule’ of when people who like what you do are most active on Pinterest.
  3. You then start queuing up the pins that you want posted, and this is all automatically fed into the smart schedule, along with your ability to decide which boards these are posted to (with the ability also post to multiple boards!)
  4. You go off and find the most amazing content to pin easily and in bulk uploads to Tailwind with the Tailwind Google Chrome app!

It’s as easy as that, and it completely optimises your Pinterest Content whilst at the same time meaning you can have Pinterest completely handled whilst you do the fun stuff like photoshoots!

It basically makes Pinterest a breeze, and gives you a much higher chance of getting your work repinned.

Real life photo of me and Pinterest

So what does this mean?

More repins = more coverage of your work = more clicks to your website = more eyes on your work = happy James.

Seriously, look at how much it helped me after setting up a few pins:

Day 1 after using Tailwind. Yup.

Insane, right?

I’m a real stickler for these ‘cloud based social media managers‘. I’ve tried Meet Edgar, and a few others and can hands down say that Tailwind is completely worth it.

I paid around $115USD for a year’s subscription. Let me justify that quickly. If I get even one session booked for my photography as a result of a bride on Pinterest seeing my work and wanting me to shoot, I have already paid this back at least thrice over.

Good Or Bad Bot?

“But James, didn’t you say that using bots in your business was bad? Shouldn’t you be out there doing the pins yourself and curating the content?”

Using bots in your business is bad, so long as we are talking about the variety that just spams nonsense.

I am aware of other Pinterest Bots out there that pick out keywords and just randomly pin anything with a keyword to a board.

Let’s be clear. That is bad. That is nonsense spamming of bad content.

However, if you use Tailwind right, you can go to someone’s whole Instagram feed and simply click on the photos you feel fit into the boards you like! For example in my Group Bohemian Board on Pinterest, this feed is comprised of some of my favourite Instagrammers who have nailed the boho look. The same goes for my Edgy Night Photography Board which has a heap of similarly toned night photos in.

The only difference is that Tailwind is making it easy peasy for me to pin this, as well as creating an amazingly simple way to pin my favourite content on a regular basis.

Tailwind Photography Tribes

One of Tailwind’s newest features (currently in Alpha at the time of this writing), is the Tribes feature.

Tailwind Tribes are pretty clever in that it is like a ‘pool’ where members will submit pins and content in line with the theme of the tribe, where other members can then easily schedule these up to be pinned.
So for example if I was in a travel photography tribe, I’d be looking to submit good quality travel photography into the pool. Members would then schedule up my content with a click, and in return I would schedule up their content in my feed.

It’s an ingenious way of finding similar content without you having to do the hard work of finding that content.

However one problem I have found (and it isn’t really a problem as this is all brand new), is that I am finding it very hard to come across any good Photography tribes.

What’s more is the only tribes I can find cater to the ‘mommy and me’ sector, which, whilst great for mums out there, leaves the rest of us who haven’t been through childbirth a bit lost in the woods.

So here is a definite list of Tailwind Photography Tribes, which will be regularly updated.

If you have created a Tailwind Photography Tribe, or have some you want people to join, please comment below, or email me at and I will add it to the list!

The List

Portrait and Fashion Photographers (my own tribe!)
Travel Photography

If you are interested in trying Tailwind, I have a free month for you here! Simply click through and you’ll be able to try the power of Tailwind for a month!

Final Words

I hope through reading the above you can see the incredible power behind Pinterest.

So remember:

  • If you aren’t on Pinterest, you are missing out a mountain of traffic to your website, where you can get more eyes on your work.
  • Always be pinning! Repeat after me. Always be pinning.
  • By using Tailwind you can effectively outsource around 2 hours of your life a day to an incredibly sophisticated scheduling system, to ensure you get a much better chance of having your work repinned!

Enjoy this gallery? Comment below and share, as I'd love to hear what you think!


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