10 Canberra Wedding Cakes Makers to follow

April 1, 2020

Finding the perfect wedding cake for your wedding can be a bit daunting. If you’re based in Canberra there are so many great cake makers, but it can be hard narrowing down which one may suit you best.

In this article I’m going break down:

  • What wedding cake makers are there in Canberra
  • What you should look for in a wedding cake maker
  • How you can customise your wedding cake
  • How many months notice you should give for your wedding cake maker to get the cake of your dreams created 

What should you look for in a wedding cake?

When searching for the perfect wedding cake, there are several things to consider:

  • Don’t choose a cake until you’ve got the idea and styles down pat for your big day – knowing this will determine how you want your cake to be styled.
  • Have a budget in mind – the cost per slice can range from $3 to $30, so it’s best to understand how much you’re willing to spend on a cake.
  • Think about how many guests you are having – A three tier cake can feed roughly 50 – 100 guests, so you may need more tiers with more guests.
  • Choose the flavour that you want most – Don’t let others dictate what flavours you should have. It’s your wedding cake after all!
  • Think about what environment you’re going to be in – If you’re having an outdoors wedding, bare in mind that the cake you’re going to have may get warm very quickly if outside.
  • Get a detailed delivery plan – Make sure that the cake maker you select will give you a solid detailed delivery plan and be aware of the timings of everything.
  • If you’d rather a cheese cake or donuts, go for it – Whilst a wedding cake it something that a lot of people have as a tradition, don’t be afraid to go ahead and get a donut stack, or even a cheese cake (yes, I’m talking cheese and crackers!).

What sorts of customisation is there in a wedding cake?

When it comes to your wedding cake, there are a lot of different customisation options out there:

  • Colours – The most obvious one, but you can have any colour imaginable, including some metallic colours such as gold and silver.
  • Flavours – You can choose from Mocha, to Hazlenut, to even watermelon if you want to be super creative and you have a cake maker who is up to the challenge.
  • Tier styles – You can have several different tier styles when it comes to wedding cakes. You could have it as the traditional style with several larger circle forming upwards, or have a single tall pillar.
  • Accessories – Flowers, sparkles, and other little touches are the perfect way to finish off having a wedding cake.

How long do you need to order a cake out?

The process of having a custom wedding cake made and created can take from 3-6 months. Like many other custom elements of your wedding, many vendors do require time to make sure that they get your vision perfect. 

Whilst this may seem excessive, this is to make sure that they get the best possible cake created for you.

Top 10 Wedding Cakes Canberra based

Here is a list of the top 10 wedding cake makers in Canberra. These represent the very best of chefs experienced at creating wedding cakes in Canberra.

Pip and Lou


Known for their stylish and glamorous cakes, Pip and Lou are one of Canberra’s most vibrant cake makers. Especially adept at using flowers in their pieces, if you’re having a glamorous and fun wedding, go and check these two out!

Website: https://www.instagram.com/pipandlou

Sweet Bones Bakery and Cafe

Known in Canberra as Amanda Palmer’s favourite bakery and cafe, Sweet Bones are Canberra’s incredible vegan team. The cakes that Sweet Bones make are vegan friendly, and to boot, absolutely stunning.

Emily and Russell are the couple behind Sweet Bones and will be able to create a kick-ass cake for your special event!

Email: hello@sweetbonescompany.com
Website: https://sweetbonescompany.com/cakes/

Not Just A Piece Of Cake

Sandra is the mastermind behind the well named Not Just A Piece of Cake. Sandra has an amazing ability to with tiers of cakes, and create gorgeous cakes that will suit your wedding. 

Email: contact@notjustapieceofcake.com.au
Website: http://www.notjustapieceofcake.com.au/

Sweet Tooth Canberra

Sumayyah and Shadi are the power team behind Sweet Tooth Canberra, a cake maker who has a real speciality in creating unique and gorgeous cakes. From succulent styled cupcakes to beautiful tiered wedding cakes, these two are work a check out when looking for the perfect vibrant cake maker.

Website: https://www.sweettoothcanberra.com/

Forty Two Cakes

Rachel and Alex are adept at creating colourful and stylish wedding cakes, with stunning touches including flowers, and gradients. If you’re looking for a Canberra cake maker who has a real attention to detail and a bespoke experience, go and check them out now.

Website: http://www.fortytwocakes.com.au/

La Ombre Cakes

The rose and gold of wedding cake makers in Canberra, La Ombre cakes are the very best when it comes to modern stylish cakes. Self labelled designer cake makers, Saadia is an expert and creating a cake that will suit your high-style wedding.

Email: laombre.c@gmail.com
Website: https://www.laombrecreations.com.au/

Cakes of your dreams

Susan of Cakes of your dreams is adept at creating classical and vibrant wedding cakes that will suit your modern and stylish wedding. Susan is a fourth generation pastry chef, and it shows, with her gorgeous towering cakes adding a heap of vibrancy, class and style to any wedding. Literally get the cake of your dreams!

Email: cakesofyourdreams@bigpond.com
Website: http://www.cakesofyourdreams.com.au/

La Sable Patisserie

One of Canberra’s very best patisseries, La Sable Patisserie has taken the pastry scene in Canberra scene by storm, and their wedding cakes are just as good as the incredibly tasty pastries they create. 

Email: info@lasable.com.au
Website: https://lasablepatisserie.com.au/

Passiontree Velvet

Wildly exotic and incredibly stylish, Passiontree Velvet is one of the most exciting cake makers in Canberra. From unicorn tiered wedding cakes, to chocolate soaked cakes, Passiontree Velvet are incredible in their creativity. What’s more these are pre-set cakes, meaning that if you’d rather skip the design process, these guys will sort you right out!

Website: https://passiontreevelvet.com.au/

The Cake Lady Canberra

Linda is the magician behind The Cake Lady Canberra, and creates gorgeous cakes which are full of personality and customisation. If you’re looking for a more customised wedding cake, Linda will be the lady to see when it comes to having something more personalised.

Website: http://www.thecakeladycanberra.com.au/

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