How to create wedding albums in Australia

May 2, 2020

Getting a wedding album designed and printed from your wedding is an idea that many people sometimes miss. However, it is one of the best ways to encapsulate and relive the memories from your big day.

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In this article I’m going to tell you:

  • What is a fine art wedding album?
  • Why should I get a wedding album?
  • Why should I get a wedding album when I can just look at the photos on my phone?
  • Can I make them online myself? Are there other ways?
  • What styles of wedding albums are there?
  • How to arrange and design your album
  • How much is the investment for one?
  • Why Queensberry Albums are the best wedding photo album makers
  • What sort of customisation you can have
  • Is there any way to get a cheaper album?

What is a fine art wedding album?

Wedding photo albums are one of the best ways to immortalise your wedding day, and relive the experience of that big day.

Fine art wedding albums differ from other machine-bound albums that can be found online, in that they are:

  • Hand made and assembled
  • Made with archival quality materials
  • Designed by a professional who knows what looks aesthetic suitable for their wedding

Why should I get a wedding album?

Wedding albums sacrifice the convenience of viewing on a phone or monitor, for the true artistic experience of viewing your wedding in a printed wedding photo book.

Photographs were always meant to exist in printed formats, rather than being seen on a screen which can be incorrectly calibrated, and is frequently interrupted by notifications.

There are several advantages to having a wedding album over viewing your wedding album on a screen:

  • Your images will be properly colour corrected and displayed as they appear on beautiful textured fine art paper
  • You’ll be able to view your wedding day without interruptions from notifications
  • Your wedding album will always be around, and you won’t have to worry about deleting any files to view it

Why should I get a wedding album when I can just look at the photos on my phone?

As mentioned above, photographs were always designed to be printed and viewed on a tangible format. Ever since photography started in the late 1800’s, photographs have been transferred onto a tangible object that we can see, feel, and touch.

Having physical artwork from your wedding images enhances their importance, as they are a real object, instead of something hovering around on the cloud.

Whilst digital files are great to view your images in the short term, there are some disadvantages of experiencing your wedding purely on a screen:

  • Digital files are simply not archival, and will eventually fail. Sadly data can be converted from one form to another on a computer, and it simply takes away from the importance of your wedding images.
  • The resolution of images in 2020 can be roughly 4k when delivered. However, as technology rapidly develops, resolutions great increase. For example, widescreen DVDs which were popular in the early 2000’s had a resolution of 720×480. This was roughly 20 years ago, and we are now looking at 8 times that resolution at the moment. This means that as your screen resolution gets bigger, your images will be smaller as the years go on.
  • Photographs are carefully colour corrected to bring out the best skin tones and artistic looks. Unless each viewing screen is carefully calibrated, you won’t be experiencing that images as it truly looks.
  • The below video from Album Registry, and starring Celeste Barber, show the importance of having printed images:

Can I make them online myself? Are there other ways?

However, the disadvantage of creating a wedding album online yourself is:

  • Excellently designed wedding albums are like movies; there should be a strong narrative which draws you in and tells a story. This means that it takes a skilled eye to create a great wedding album that flows and isn’t boring to read or engage with.
  • Many online wedding album creation website are cost-effective which means that ultimately you’re going to receive an inferior product which will not have a strong durability. This means that in about 5 years or so, you’re going to see colour fading, and a deterioration in the materials.
  • Designing and ordering your wedding album can take time, and rarely will couples sit down and produce one until far too late.
  • The very best archival quality print makers in the country will only work with professional photographers. The reason for this is that they want to quality control the people they are working with.

The easiest, most convenient, and superior way to have your wedding album designed and printed is through your professional wedding photographer.

What styles of wedding albums are there?

Photo books and wedding albums come in many shapes and sizes.

Depending on your wedding photographer’s choice, and your preference these can vary, but there are three main factors:

  • The materials that the album is made from – typically you get what you pay for with the highest quality photo album manufacturers, meaning that cheaper wedding albums will be made from more cost-effective materials which won’t last.
  • The number of pages in an album and the weight of the page – the paper that your images are printed on can make a big difference. Medium weight pages will offer more resistance against tearing, whereas thinner and flimsier pages will be more susceptible to damage.
  • The size and format of the album – albums can be typically either portrait, landscape or square. The size can range from 8×8” up to 18×12”. It’s important to note that whilst a huge album sounds better, it’s about designing a wedding album that fits with your space and lifestyle.
  • The style of binding that the album comes in – wedding photo albums will come in either flush mount or standard binding. Flush mount albums in my opinion are superior because it allows you to spread a page out flush, meaning a 10×10” album will have 20” long pages in the end.

My wedding albums are designed with the following specifications:

  • Genuine leather or canvas materials, so that you get real archival quality textured materials for your heirloom.
  • 20 pages included in one album, so that there is a nice and concise narrative.
  • 10×10” inches square format, so that it is compact but big enough to enjoy.
  • Flush mount, so that you get a superior viewing experience.

How to arrange and design your album.

Your wedding photographer should be adept at creating and designing wedding albums.

This means that your wedding photographer will be able to:

  • Design a concise layout which effectively narrates your wedding from start to finish
  • Be aware of which images may suit better at telling your story, but also be adept at using your favourite images as well
  • Guide you through the whole process from start to finish, making it easy
  • Have access to the very best album makers in the industry.

How much is the investment for one?

The average investment for wedding album printing can vary between your professional photographers, but it should be roughly around the $1000 – $4000AUD mark.

However, many professional photographers will bundle your wedding album into your wedding package, or offer a reduction on price if you choose to invest in one during booking.

What does this investment typically cover?

It’s sometimes hard to understand or non-transparent as to what the cost of your wedding album can cover to justify the investment. 

This is what your wedding album investment will cover:

  • The time with your professional photographer to design, order and process your wedding album
  • The archival grade materials of your fine art wedding album

It’s important to point out that this quality means that you are having a certified and guaranteed heirloom that will last you generations.

This is opposed to a wedding album that you may create for a lower investment, but typically will fall apart and need replacing every 5-10 years. As soon as you’ve done this a couple of times, the reality is that you simply won’t bother doing it again.

Not having a high-quality wedding album is a disservice to one of the biggest and most exciting days in your lives.

Why Queensberry Albums are the best wedding photo album maker.

My preferred photo albums creator in Australia is Queensberry.

This New Zealand Art Production Workshop are one of the very best in the world. They offer the complete custom photo album process from start to finish for your wedding, meaning you’ll be getting unparalleled luxury wedding photo books.

There are several reasons why I use Queensberry Albums:

  • They offer a huge range of customisation on albums, with vintage leathers, micro-leathers, and even vegan leather albums as well.
  • They are reliable, prompt, and attentive. This means that when it comes to having your album designed and customised, you’re going to get every detail perfect.
  • They’ve been around for a very long time, since 1969, and know what they are doing when it comes to creating high-quality art pieces. 
  • Everything is hand made, meaning that there’s a high level of quality.
  • With privacy concerns rife in today’s world, Queensberry take extra steps to ensure that your privacy is taken care of, destroying any prints used in the process.
  • Queensberry have a keen eye for sustainability, meaning that they work with suppliers which work to reduce carbon emissions and help leave the planet in a better state.

What sort of customisation can I have from them?

Having a personalised wedding album is the final touch that brings everything together. Maybe you had a theme for your day and want that theme to resonate in the choice of your album material and colours used for it.

Queensberry offer a huge range of customisation when it comes to their wedding album materials, including:

  • A choice of different materials, from vintage leathers, micro-leathers and canvas fronts
  • Your choice of foil fronts, from gold, silver, or even rose gold embossing
  • Personalised naming and dates on the inside and outside your wedding album

Leather photo albums

Below you’ll see a small sample of the different colours and types of fronts and covers that Queensberry offers when it comes to personal wedding album design. These are hardcover photo album printing options, although softcover is also available.

They offer:

  • Vintage Leathers
  • Micro Leathers
  • Vegan Leathers
  • Canvas Materials

Is there any way to get a cheaper album?

The investment for a wedding album can see significant once the expenses for your wedding day has passed.

However, there are some amazing ways to have the wedding album of your dream as soon as your final images are ready:

  • Signing up with Album Registry. Album registry are a fantastic business which helps you enable your guests to contribute towards your wedding album. Far too often gift registries end up with lots of white goods which are quickly forgotten about, and impersonal. Instead, your guests can have the opportunity to contribute to pages of your album which will last a lifetime.
  • Professional photographers should offer an option to go on a payment plan if you wanted to invest in a wedding album after you’ve had your final images delivered. I use PayRight which was like Afterpay but for photographers.

About Album Registry

Album Registry was set up by fellow photographer Jannah Dryden, when she realised that far too often couples would lament saying that they wished there was a way to have their guests contribute to their wedding album in an easy way.

The great thing about choosing an album registry as part of your gift registry is that:

  • Your guests will be contributing to your wedding album which will last the rest of your lives, instead of providing a toaster that you’ll need to replace in 2 years
  • Guests can contribute in ‘pages’, making it easy to quantify their addition to your album
  • Any contributions which go above getting you the ultimate wedding album can be used towards getting art pieces for your home

How to get set up with Album Registry

Simply talk to your professional wedding photographer, saying that you’d love to get started with Album Registry, and they should be able to help get you started and sorted out.

Let’s chat about designing your dream wedding!

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