Top 9 Elopement Instagram Posts of 2019

December 25, 2019

Another year of posting awesome content has come and gone, and this year has been so much fun! I’ve captured so many incredible couples’ elopements and portraits, and I’m so excited to show you the very best what 2019 had to offer for me!

So here are the Top 10 of my Instagram posts for 2019, by likes.

1. Ice Hotel elopement with Sarah and Rory

This Ice Hotel Wedding in Northern Sweden at the start of 2019 was incredible. This is probably the image that defines 2019 for me, and my step to really embrace elopements more and more.


2. Thea at Ben and Lyndall’s Wedding

Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat is a place unlike any other in the Southern Highlands Wedding area, and even more so for this wedding because Ben and Lyndall’s dogs Thea, and Titan came along! I adore this image for the look on Thea’s face! Can’t get enough of dogs at weddings.


3. Ice Hotel elopement with Sarah and Rory

So Sarah and Rory’s Ice Hotel Wedding is going to appear a lot in the wrap up of 2019. This is another favourite image of mine, as I absolutely love the symmetry in this, and the subtle smiles you can see from both of them too!


4. Surprise proposal with Nick and Brianna

This year has been huge for surprise proposals, and at the time of counting, I have done 13 this year. 13 times however that one person asked the other to be with them the rest of their life, and 13 times the answer was a resounding ‘yes’!

This adorable moment was captured when Nick asked Brianna the big question out on an adventure we had!


5. Sunset session with Dana and Liam

2019 has been huge for meeting couples which have that genuine connection and which have so much strength and passion in their lives together. Dana and Liam were two of these legends, and capturing these two up at Mount Hotham was the bomb!


6. Ice Hotel elopement with Sarah and Rory

There are far too many moments from Sarah and Rory’s Ice Hotel Wedding which rock, but this one in particular always catches my attention with the smiles on Sarah and Rory’s face. You can’t fake that sort of emotion.


7. Addy and Chloe’s wedding at The Sir George, Jugiong

Hot off the press, one of the few last weddings for 2019 was also one which was a long time coming. Seeing Addy and Chloe tie the knot at The Sir George was a bloody dream come true, especially as way back in 2017 I captured Addy’s proposal to Chloe! So much love for these two.


8. Sunset over the Namadgi National Park

I try to share a real impression of the areas I go to throughout the year because I feel it paints the picture of what you could be doing in these scenes. This image I captured here right at the start of the year when travelling to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. The sunsets there are some of the best in Canberra!


9. Alex and Natalie’s kiss in the water at Wombeyan Caves

I have to admit right now that there is absolutely no posing involved in this masterpiece. They tuned their inner De Caprio, but this was their choice, and how god damned incredible is this image of Alex and Nat? Exploring Wombeyan Caves and Mares Forest Creek with these two awesome people was the best.


If you’ve enjoyed reading about my favourite moments from 2019 here, why not give me a follow on Instagram, and if you love what you see and want to chat about your own dream elopement, let’s chat!

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