5 Ways To Rock Your Rainy Day Wedding

August 17, 2019

One thing which goes under the radar most is that so many brides and grooms don’t have a plan B when it comes to a rainy day wedding.

It’s seen more than a handful of brides experience this, and when it comes down to the crunch it’s because:

We didn’t think it would happen to us!

It’s easy to get blindsided by your ideal version of a wedding day, and whilst I’m 200% for making your wedding your own, you need to make sure that you have a great idea of what to do.

1. Have a plan B

Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

You need to be prepared for the event of it raining on your wedding day. Sure, we all want that perfect summery day for our wedding, complete with hot (but not too hot) weather, speckled clouds, and badass sunset.

However, unfortunately, we can’t yet control the weather (unless you love your conspiracy theories), so you need to make sure your backs are covered for your rainy day wedding.

Working out a plan B is essential, and depending upon where your wedding will be, many venues will have a ‘rainy day’ option as well. For example, the incredible Boat House at Canberra has a gorgeous front hallway which doubles as a ceremony location when it pours, instead of its outside area.

Talk with your venue, celebrant, and photographer as well. These vendors should be very experienced at dealing with the shift in weather and will likely be able to advise you on what may work best (according to your location).

If you’re getting married outside and having a forest based ceremony (like so many of my couples have before!) then you can always plan to hide away inside your home, and then pop out when the weather is better! You can make the whole day and plan a lot more family and friend inclusive!

Your photographer should also be carrying professional equipment, meaning that it is weather sealed, and the camera lenses have suitable cover.

However, a note on photographic equipment; while it is weather-resistant, it isn’t weather-proof. A few sprinkles of rain won’t hurt, but you were to soak a camera in a bath, it is going to die on the spot. This is why a plan B is also essential for a photographer so that they don’t end up with equipment which can potentially be water damaged, and thus die on you on the day. Not great news for the photographer, or you!

2. Buy clear umbrellas

These should be in every bride’s arsenal, and you’ll be able to get them for cheap off of sites like Gumtree, and Facebook Buy Swap Sell groups, due to the turnover of them from weddings.

These transparent umbrellas are a photographer’s best friend, as it means that if it does end up raining, they will still be able to capture the emotions and moments in your faces.

It is best to avoid dark umbrellas as much as possible as these block out a lot of light and cast a deep shadow over your faces; not the best sadly for capturing those candid moments of you both!

Remember to get enough for yourself and your bridal party, as rain could strike at any time, and doing bridal party and couples photos aren’t too fun if you all have to huddle under a few! Rainy day wedding photos are always better when everyone can stay a little bit dry!

You can always resell them on afterwards as well, so if you get too many, you’ll easily be able to pass these on!

These ones from KMart are $15 each!

3. Don’t stress about your wedding day if it’s going to rain.

C’est la vie, whatever will be will be.

The stars have your fate written in them, and they determined that today was going to be your wedding day. Come rain, or come shine. Sure, we want the shine, but the bottom line is if it rains, there is absolutely nothing you can do to change the weather.

Zilch. Nada.

So you could take two paths here: The first option is to get very down and depressed that this isn’t the wedding you envisioned. You’ll feel stressed, unhappy, and the extra pressure that will make you not feel that great on what is one of the biggest days of your life.

Or you could take the second option, which is to accept that it is going to rain and you are entirely powerless to change it, so you might as well go along with the ride, rather than worrying about something you can’t change.

Which one do you think will lead you to have a lot less worry on the day?

You can’t have the rain without the rainbow. The below image wouldn’t have been captured if we didn’t have the rain on that day!

4. Bring gumboots/wellington boots.

Gumboots. Where fashion meets practicality. If you’re reading this from overseas, these are called wellington boots!

Get on it, and get yourself a pair of wedding gumboots. Yes, they won’t be all white and shiny and perfect like those shoes you want, but my lord, when it starts to rain, and you’re running through a field in heels, you know how it will end (hint; watch Cinderella and let me know).

Authenticity and practicality is the name of the game with everything I do, and this extends to the advice I give. If you are in a muddy field on your wedding day in-between the rain coming, you’re only not going to look part of the set if you are delicate heels with mud caked on them. Go with gumboots, which will help you not fall on your ass down the aisle, and will make you feel more comfortable too for your rainy day wedding!

Hell, bling them up a bit and make them your own; this is a GREAT bonding exercise for you and your crew to do before the wedding!

5. Talk to other brides who have had their wedding at your venue and ask what their Plan B was, or if it has rained.

Other brides who have experienced their wedding day at your venue are a great source of information. Chances are they will have a great insight into what they did on their day, and how it made them feel.

While everyone’s experience can be slightly different, overall you can get a great insight into what you could do as a plan B when it comes to your big day.

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