Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat Wedding | Lyndall and Ben

December 15, 2019

Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat is one of the gems in the crown of Australia’s wilderness. Just two hours from Sydney and Canberra, Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat is the ultimate venue for couples who love hiking, views, and the best of nature.

When you first arrive at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat, you quickly realise that this venue has everything so close by. Indeed, the epic views you see in these images, overlooking the Kangaroo Valley, are mere minutes away from the central car park.

However, Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat never feels cramped, or too urban. Instead, it does an incredible job at spacing out all of the amenities and giving nature enough room to breath. This ultimately means that you’ve got a place that gives you the feeling of being in the bush but having cosy cabins to rest your head and get ready for your big wedding day.

Ben and Lyndall had their engagement session with me way back in June 2018, when Canberra’s winter had kicked in. They wanted to go somewhere with a view, but also somewhere dog-friendly so that they could bring their absolutely gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog along. We headed over to Shepherds Lookout in Canberra and had a blast.

I was absolutely chuffed to bits when they said that they’d love for me to capture their wedding at the Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat the following September.

Ben and Lyndall had a background and love for hiking and getting out in nature. They were looking for a wedding which included their awesome friends, and also gave them that epic feel of nature. They found that Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat fit the bill perfectly, especially with its incredible rock cathedral.

When it came to the photography on the day, I headed out to Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat a few weeks beforehand to check it out in person. Immediately after stepping out of the car, you’re floored by the space and the views in the areas.

I wanted to find locations which would give them those epic views they were dying for.

If there’s one thing that Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat has plenty of, it is atmosphere and nature. So few venues can match the bush vibe that Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat has. Ferns, tall trees, rocky outlooks, and dense bush make up just a small portion of the accessible areas for couples. If you have an even more adventurous couple who are keen for a hike (brides, please bring your best hiking boots!), then go and check out the walk to the bottom, with the river below.

One of the challenges of the day was to find an excellent spot for Ben and Lyndall to have couples photos with their dog Thea, and her son, Titan (how epic is that name?!). Being Bernese mountain dogs, there was a bit of giving with where they could go, but I found that one of the outcrops overlooking the valley would be perfect.

When seeing a couple on their wedding day for the first time in a little while, it’s always thrilling. You see couples who are nervous AF, and then there are the couples that are cool and calm but have that giddy excitement beneath the collected surface.

I felt so excited for both Ben and Lyndall when I saw them in their respective cabins. One of my favourite accessory spots of the day was Ben’s socks which had Thea all over them. How cute is that for a wedding day accessory!

Ben and Lyndall’s bridal party were a heap of fun, and I could see why they all get on so well. Plenty of jokes were cracked, and I think you’ll enjoy a few of the images where they are clearly having a ball together.

One of the highlights for the day, aside from the personal and intimate ceremony, was definitely the couples photos. When working in such a stunning location such as the outlook at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat, it’s hard not to be completely blown away. I mean, you’re all dressed up on your wedding day, on a freakin’ rock overlooking the vast Kangaroo Valley! Come on!

For the couples photos, we navigated climbing over the rocks with Titan and Thea, before jumping into secret spots littered with green vegetation and moss-covered stones. It’s a good thing that Ben and Lyndall weren’t too afraid fo heights, as at points we found some stunning outlooks and had a bit more of an adventurous time climbing about.

Another part of the day, which was a massive highlight for me, was the sunset images. I’ve written before and the importance of making time for sunset images.

It may mean that you take 30 minutes out of the reception to wander off with me to capture some of the most enchanting images of the day. When it comes to spots which are high up, like the outcrop at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat as well, you’re treated to even more light and a more prolonged sunset.

Wedding Day Vendors:

Venue: Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat / Florist: Botanic Art / MUA: Emma McGill makeup / Catering: Caterina catering / Brides Dress: Jerrabomberra clothing alterations / Rings: Harry Rose / Doughnuts: Dough heads

If you think that Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat is the perfect location for your wild wedding, get in contact and let me help you design your dream wedding!

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