10 Canberra Wedding AirBNB venues for you to get ready at

December 4, 2019

Finding the right space for you to get ready in is such a key part of your wedding day. These list of Canberra Wedding AirBNB venues will give you some excellent ideas for where you and your crew can get ready for the big day.

One of the biggest mistakes that I notice when it comes to wedding days is that all of this money will be poured into a glitzy venue, and everything else, except the getting ready spot. Instead couples will frequently feel that a small stuffy hotel room will ‘be just fine’.

I’ve created this list to show you that for the same level of investment in many cases, you can have something a bit more interesting and stylish for your big day.

How did I choose this list?

This list comes from hours of researching and looking at the current AirBNBs, listed on the site, as of November 2019.

I’ve selected the following listings based on:

  • Unique or excellent design choices which I feel creates an atmosphere
  • Great lighting and spaces for capturing images of the getting ready process
  • Locality to Canberra

Getting it right makes ALL the difference!


1. Luxury Yurt Farm Stay

Best suited for: The wild couple who love something a little bit different and unique.

Why I recommend it: Who wouldn’t want to stay in a yurt styled house?! Circles are in. Aside from the unique shape of the house, the lighting in here is absolutely perfect; lots of natural light and nice clean white walls to give you that polished look. The accents of colour suit the style of the house perfectly as well.

Of course the wooden textures also really lend well to any couple who dig the rustic vibe feel.

2. Camper Trailer (use anywhere)

Best suited for: The wandering couple who spend their weekend fishing and living out in the bush. Especially perfect for the couple who are eloping!

Why I recommend it: This is maybe best suited to the couple who are planning to elope, or get ready toegther on their own. This isn’t an AirBNB where you stay, rather one where you actually rent the campervan! So be warned, make sure you have a suitable vehicle to tow it.

I’m recommending this one because if you’re looking for something simple, down to earth, and adventurous, this humble camper van may be perfect for you!

3. Gypsy Caravan and Cottage

Best suited for: The hippy couple who love the outdoors, and who prefer the quieter things in life.

Why I recommend it: If you’re a couple who love a rustic and cottage feel to their images, then this may be the perfect stay for you. Aside from the gorgeous Gypsy style Caravan, the Heritage Cottage by itself is simply stunning. Check out the woodwork on it and that cosy vibe!

4. Paddys River Cabin

Best suited for: The nature loving couple who find themselves out at wildlife parks on the weekends.

Why I recommend it: Hosted by ACT’s own ACT Park’s arm, this adorable and rustic cottage out by Paddy’s River may be best suited for couples who want to be surrounded by nature for their wedding day.

Ultra rustic, and with great access to local wildlife, this spot may be just the thing you need if you want to have your images pop with nature and the bush.

5. Walaroo Mansion

Best suited for: The couple who want to go all out and have some incredible amenities and views.

Why I recommend it: If you want to get 200% rock and roll and have your own villa, complete with insane views, a pool, and a lot more, this villa should fit the bill.

Complete with it’s own gorgeous gardens, this mansion has a lot of charm and classic style to it, perfect for any couple who want to get ready with the best of views. It’s large size also makes it perfect for a large bridal party and crowd.

I’d also recommend getting a night before and throwing a big party to celebrate the coming events! This is the perfect Canberra Wedding AirBNB for you luxury addicts.

6. Bywong Bush Retreat

Best suited for: The rustic-obsessed couple who want to get ready on a bush retreat, without having to go all the way to Kangaroo Valley.

Why I recommend it: Bush retreats and couples who adore nature go together like two peas in a pod. This stunning bush retreat is designed for the couple who want that awesome ‘country house’ edge, complete with the remote location, and wood feel.

7. Stony Creek Garden Retreat

Best suited for: The modern couple who like sleek design and awesome outlooks.

Why I recommend it: This Canberra Wedding AirBNB stood out for me because of it’s great combination of modern designed main room, and incredible views. The amount of garden space as well is something that I feel would suit couples who enjoy something a bit more ‘country house’ style.

8. Walaroo Train Carriage

Best suited for: The quirky couple who don’t take themselves too seriously…and who may be obsessed with trains.

Why I recommend it: Look, the world is full of beautiful and wonderful people. Some people love to get ready in a rustic wooden den. Other’s may love this unique old converted train carriage! Seriously though, I am recommending this AirBNB because of it’s uniqueness and of how out there it is. The style and lighting in this place is actually super awesome.

9. Skylit Watson House

Best suited for: The minimalistic rustic couple who want to get ready together and are in love with cool architecture.

Why I recommend it: Disclosure: this is a one bedroom house, so this would only be suitable for you if you were getting ready together, or separately. Now, aside from that, this cute little skylit space gets a mention because of the amount of gorgeous light in the home, and the stunning wooden panelling around the outside of the house. Don’t miss on this minimalist Canberra Wedding AirBNB.

10. Wright Resort Style House

Best suited for: The rock and roll couple who want to go all out on a sick resort style stay.

Why I recommend it: So if you’re looking for something with a bit of modern flair, and a freakin’ swimming pool, this may be the perfect place for you to get ready at. Aside from the gorgeous swimming pool (breakfast champagne in the pool anyone?), the interior of this house is absolutely incredible. Clean lines and brass everywhere.

11. Lakeside Luxury House

Best suited for: The friendly couple who simply can’t cut down the bridal party down anymore than they’ve tried.

Why I recommend it: This monster of a mansion fits 10 people, and is designed for that couple who want to have a house party over just a place to get ready. This luxury house is a beast, but also has an awesome style and edge to it that would get you those awesome getting ready images which had flair and character!

If you’re looking for a house party, this Canberra Wedding AirBNB is perfect for you.

12. Contemporary House

Best suited for: The minimalist couple who like to keep it simple.

Why I recommend it: Couples, if you’re a minimalist pair, then pay attention, as this recommendation may suit you best. Fantastic natural light, clean edges, and lots of white space, this stunning contemporary house may suit you best. It has a really Scandinavian feel, especially with that amazing wooden deck.

If you’ve enjoyed this list and are now looking for the perfect photographer for your day, let’s have a chinwag!

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