The best places to elope in Victoria, and Victoria elopement packages [updated for 2022/2023]

September 14, 2021

What is an elopement?

An elopement is a small wedding between you and your partner. Typically they just involve the both of you, a celebrant, and 2 witnesses.

For a comprehensive breakdown of what exactly an elopement is, check out this blog post which I made on what an elopement is.

Elopements may be known by other names, such a micro wedding, or intimate wedding.

Why should you elope?

There are a lot of advantages to eloping compared to weddings, and here are my top 10 reasons to elope.

One of the biggest reasons couples love to elope is to have a much more intimate adventure with a day that is focused on making them happy, rather than 200 other people, many of whom they hardly see.

How do you elope?

Eloping is straightforward and a lot easier than traditional weddings, as you’re basically planning a fun holiday for yourselves! I’ve written about the whole process on how to elope here, but if you’d like to see a comprehensive video on the whole process, check out my video below:


All you need to elope is the following:

  • Yourselves;
  • Rings;
  • Lodge a Notice of intent to Marry 30 days before your elopement;
  • EITHER (a) a celebrant or officiant who can legally wed you on your day; or (b) a legal ceremony at a registered address, such as a chapel (don’t worry, you can do this to get the legal paperwork done, and save your vows for later.

That’s it!

Why elope in VIC?

Victoria is the place in Australia to find cool temperature locations brimming with tonnes of moody personality and incredible coastal sights and sounds. The Victorian Alps shouldn’t be missed, as the main highlands across the area of Gippsland and the Grampians.

The main reasons to elope in Victoria are:

  • Lots of diverse areas, from the smashing coasts of Wilsons Prom, snowy regions of the Victorian Alps, to the heights of the rocky Grampians;
  • Lots of great National Parks, with some great lush forests and waterfalls to explore;
  • Interesting and variable climate, which can change on a dime but leave to a fun adventure for couples who want something a bit different;
  • Proximity to Melbourne, one of the biggest cities in Australia;

What does an elopement day typically look like?

Here is an example of what your VIC elopement could look like if you loved the idea of getting married in the Grampains, one of VIC’s best elopement locations:

11.30am – Meet at Grampians Hillside Retreat for getting ready photos

12.00pm – Leave to the Balconies

12.30pm – Arrive at the base of the Balconies climb

1.30pm – Arrive at the top of the balconies for the ceremony

2.00pm – Ceremony concludes and couples photos

2.30pm – Begin walk down to base

3.30pm – Arrive at base of Balconies climb and head to other sites for couples photos (e.g. Mackenzies Falls Lookout / Silverband Falls – both roughly 30 mins drive away)

4.00pm – Arrive at waterfall location and go for an explore

6.30pm – Leave waterfall spots to go to back to the Balconies climb

7.00pm – Arrive at base of the Balconies climb

8.00pm – Sunset and end of photography for the day

As part of my bespoke elopement package service, I help design your perfect day with you, so you don’t have to worry about scheming up the logistics of the day.

What VIC elopement packages are there?

Whilst there may be many companies out there that will offer an elopement package, many of these come bundled with preset vendors and locations. In my experience of talking to other couples who have researched this, these are designed to be a ‘turn and churn’ approach.

I believe that your story is unique, and as such everything I create when it comes to elopement packages are bespoke to the couple. Whilst I don’t come bundled with any vendors, I do this to allow you ultimate freedom in where you’d like to elope, with me also providing customised local vendors specific to the location you choose.

Ultimately, this will provide a much better and personal experience for you both.

VIC elopement photographer and guide pricing:

6 hour Elopement Packages and Full-day coverage available:

  • Personalised elopement timeline and location curation – I basically do all the heavy lifting when it comes to working out how to elope in VIC.
  • Tips, tricks, and logistical tools.
  • Personal Printing rights to the fully edited digital files (roughly 300 – 600 depending on coverage).
  • Secure Online gallery with high-definition image download.
  • All photographer travel fees (yes, that’s right!).
  • 4 Hours: $3750 | 6 hours: $4850 | Full-day $7600.
  • Fine art album as an additional investment.

If you’d like a more tailored quote, please reach out and let me help design your perfect VIC elopement adventure.


Should we have an acknowledgement of land?

Whilst this is never a legal necessity, I highly recommend to all couples to include an acknowledgement of land. This is to pay respect to the original landowners of Australia, who are still not recognised as the traditional landowners in the Australian Constitution.

I recommend doing this because it pays respect to the people who originally looked after the lands of Australia, and who know and understand them best. The Australian Government has never formally recognised that these lands were taken against their will from the traditional landowners.

Please consider doing an acknowledgement of land for your elopement ceremony. It takes less than 10 seconds extra to say, but pays tribute and raises awareness of these current issues.

Always was, always will be.

The best places to elope in VIC

Below I have created a substantial outline of the best places to elope in VIC divided up by:

  1. The best places to elope in VIC by region – if you’re looking at eloping in a specific location near you, I have broken down all parts of Victoria to give you the best idea by region which are the best elopement locations.
  2. The best places to elope in VIC by environment – If you’re open to locations anywhere in VIC, I have broken down all of my favourite elopement locations into different biomes to help you understand which may suit you best.

Registry Office Wedding Ceremony Locations in Melbourne (and elsewhere)

If you’re looking to go on an adventure and realise that a celebrant may not be perfectly suited for the 4-hour hike you’d like to do, then you’ll need to lodge the paperwork and do the legal stuff at a Registry Office.

The way in which these work are you’d get all the paperwork done, but hold your vows for your elopement. Many couples have done this before and realise that it’s the vows which make the most significant difference when it comes to eloping.

Here are some Registry Office Wedding Ceremony Locations in Melbourne and elsewhere in VIC:

East Melbourne


Old Treasury Building

20 Spring St

East Melbourne 

VIC 3002

Best places to elope in NSW / NSW Elopement Packages

The best places to elope in VIC by region

With a VIC elopement, you can elope in many places, from red deserts, to green lush rainforests. I have compiled a whole list of where to elope in Victoria by region, and also some more information on each part of Victoria.

Please note that whilst a trek may last a certain amount of km, for an elopement in VIC, you never need to do the full amount to have a good time!

Here is a breakdown of the main different regions and what environments they offer:

NOTE: Victoria’s boundaries are sometimes disputed, and so many names have been given to different areas. When creating this article, I’ve made some assumptions in breaking up different areas, and have given weight to areas which are more suitable to elopements, e.g. Wilsons Prom and The Dandenong Ranges. As such, some parks and locations to stay in are repeated.


Gippsland is located in the South East of Victoria and is home to the Victorian Alps, and a plethora of other incredibly scenic locations, such as Phillip Island, Wilsons Promontory, and the Gippsland Lakes.

The Gippsland climate is temperate and generally humid. However in the central region you’ll find that there is a higher than average rainfall there, making for some great elopement spots if you’re happy to stand the high chance of rain.

With the Victorian Alps, Gippsland will provide you the opportunity to enjoy some snow based elopement locations in Victoria as well. However, Gippsland also runs across a lot of pleasant countryside and coastal areas; there is something for everyone in Gippsland.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Alfred National Park
  • Baw Baw National Park
  • Coopracambra National Park
  • Croajingolong National Park
  • Errinundra National Park
  • Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park
  • Lind National Park
  • Mitchell River National Park
  • Morwell National Park
  • Snowy River National Park
  • Tarra-Bulga National Park
  • The Lakes National Park
  • Wilsons Promontory National Park

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Bairnsdale
  • Churchill
  • Drouin
  • Foster
  • Inverloch
  • Korumburra
  • Lakes Entrance
  • Leongatha
  • Mallacoota
  • Moe
  • Morwell
  • Omeo
  • Orbost
  • Phillip Island
  • Sale
  • Traralgon
  • Warragul
  • Wonthaggi

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Snow
  • Alpine regions
  • Alpine forests
  • Farmland
  • Coastal zones
  • Rivers

Perfect for couples who:

If you want to elope in the snow in Victoria, then Gippsland could be perfect for you. However you’ll also find some of the most stunning coastal locations in Victoria around Gippslands as well, so it really has something for everyone.

My top places to elope in Gippsland:

Sugarloaf Peak and South Jawbone Peak, Taggerty

Length: 11.4km return

If you’re the sort of couple who want to elope with an epic adventure, spanning across waterfalls, cliffs, and forests, then this walk will have you covered.

Located in the Cathedral Range, this trek will take you up high, peering down on the forests and farmland below. You’ll go through wooded gullies, forests, and rocky outcrops. You’ll also go through the ‘Farmyard’, an open patch of grass which provides a welcome reprieve. This is the perfect location for couples who want to elope in Victoria with some great views.

This walk can be difficult at times, so definitely bring good footwear and plenty of water for this.

Mount Howitt via Vallejo Gantner Hut, Howitt Plains

Length: 14.6km return

This walk encompasses the very best of the Victorian alpine region, and take you via a gorgeous wooden hut for some incredible views, and brilliant walks.

This is one of the longer walks on this list, but one which is perfect for couples who want to elope with an adventure or multi day hike. Along the route you’ll go through alpine forests, and go up high to get some of the best views around.

Taking the time to stop in at the Vallejo Gantner Hut is also a treat!

Marriners Lookout, Apollo Bay

Length: 0.8km return

A short but easy walk, Mariners Lookout makes for a fantastic ceremony spot for couples who want to elope in Gippsland before maybe heading off for a bigger adventure. You’ll get lookouts over the ocean, and be graced with fantastic woodlands on your way to the lookout.

Summit Track Loop, Baw Baw Village

Length: 4.0km return

This easy alpine walk is perfect for couples who want to elope in Victoria alps, but without the huge hike. Summit Track Loop takes you on a walk through Gumtree forest, with open views across the land. You’ll even come across a few ski lifts and wooden structures.

Due to the snowfall in this area, it is best used, and most accessible, from November until April.

Mount Beauty Gorge, Mount Beauty

Length: 3.5km return

This hike is easy and will take you through the Kiewa River at the Mount Beauty Gorge. This is the perfect Victoria elopement location for couples who want to say their vows in a beautiful big canyon filled with crystal blue water. 

You’ll go through forests to get to the gorge at the end, where you’ll be able to take in the beauty of it, and even have a paddle! Be sure to get to the gorge at late afternoon, which is when you’ll be able to see the water at its best!

Ada Tree Walk, Ada

Length: 2.7km return

If you want to elope in Victoria with a lush rainforest as your backdrop, the Ada Tree Walk will be perfect for you both.

This walk takes you through a vibrant fern forest, complete with massive trees, and a great boardwalk as well. This easy walk is great for lovers of nature, and especially for couples who love huge ferns. You’ll also come across the Ada Tree, a giant Mount Ash tree, which is one of Victoria’s largest living trees.

The great news is that your furry friends can come on this walk too, just make sure that they are leashed.

Cape Liptrap Lighthouse, Tarwin

Length: 0.8km return

Giving you a great taste of the Gippsland coast, Cape Liptrap Lighthouse is a short but fantastic walk.

This walk will take you along the edge of the coastal scrub land, and through it; providing windswept scrubby bushland which eventually leads you to Cape Liptrap Lighthouse. This small lighthouse stands out against the coastal line and would make a great backdrop for any couples who love the idea of eloping in Victoria’s coast land.


Hume is located in the North East of Victoria and contains many of the Alpine Sky Resorts. It also leads down from the Hume Highway, which goose from Sydney, and down through Canberra.

The climate at Hume is pleasant, with it ranging in summer from from 20°C in the alpine areas, to 31°C on the lower slopes and plains. However in winter it is expectedly much cooler with the  average maximum temperatures ranging from 4°C in the alpine areas to 12°C on the plains.

The Hume area is home to several beautiful alpine mountains, and the Mount Buffalo National Park. Because of it’s proximity to the snowy regions of Australia, is makes it another great location for couples who want to elope in the snow in Victoria.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Mount Buffalo National Park
  • Mount Torbreck

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Broadmeadows
  • Tullamarine
  • Gladstone Park
  • Craigieburn
  • Greenvale
  • Mickleham
  • Kalkallo
  • Roxburgh Park
  • Sunbury

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Snow
  • Waterfalls
  • Forests
  • Mountains

Perfect for couples who:

If you’re looking to elope in Victoria with fantastic views and want a snow or mountainous adventure for your elopement, the whole area of Hume would be perfect for you both. It’s proximity from Canberra also helps for couples in the ACT who want to elope not too far from home.

My top places to elope in Hume:

Rollasons Falls Track, Mount Buffalo

Length: 2.6km return

This is an easy and pleasant walk, that will take you through forests to get to the awe-inspiring Rollasons Falls. If you love the idea of eloping in Victoria by a waterfall, then Rollasons Falls would be perfect for you.

Located in Mount Buffalo, this trek is enjoyable and not too much hard work, meaning it is one of the easier places on this list to get to, to enjoy a waterfall as your elopement location.

Chalwell Galleries, Mount Buffalo

Length: 2.1km return

One of Mont Buffalo’s incredible walks, this easy and straightforward walk will take you to the galleries; a huge array of mossy granite boulders for you to enjoy and explore. This is the essential elopement location for couples who want to elope surrounded by awesome rocks, with a rustic and wild vibe.

If you want to traverse the rocks, I recommend bringing some good hiking shoes and taking it slowly, as it can be quite a challenging climb.

Mount Torbreck from Barnewall Plains Campground, Eildon

Length: 3.7km return

A wild and exciting alpine adventure walk, this trail is perfect for the couple who want to explore the tops of the Victorian Alps without having to trek for hours and hours for their elopement.

This walk will take you out to the summit of Mount Torbreck and provide some of the best views around. Well-marked, this trail will lead you through twisted alpine gum trees, and rocky granite landscapes. When you get to the top of Mount Torbreck, you’ll be able to get brilliant views of Lake Eildon. As a bonus, you’ll also maybe be able to find the ruins of the RAAF Arvro Anson plane crash, which crashed on the 16th of May 1940.

Dogs can also use this trail, but please bring a leash.

Paradise Falls Viewpoint, Cheshunt

Length: 0.8km return

Paradise Falls provides a remarkable Victoria elopement location for couples who want a waterfall as their backdrop. It is also a short walk, making it easy for an elopement ceremony location.

This is one of the more unusual waterfalls in Australia, as the waterfall goes above you. You’ll walk down from the start of the trail and end up at a viewing platform to get the best view of the falls.

Lodden Mallee

Lodden Mallee is located in the North West of Victoria and contains a vast array of landscapes laden with farmland, and mountains. 

The climate around Lodden Mallee experiences cool and relatively wet winters and warm, dry summers. The average maximum temperatures are less than 25°C in the elevated southern regions. You’ll also find that the north part of the region is pretty dry, with only 330mm of rain each year.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Wychitella Nature Conservation Reserve
  • Lake Tyrrell

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Bendigo
  • Castlemaine
  • Echuca
  • Gisborne
  • Kerang
  • Kyneton
  • Maryborough
  • Mildura
  • Swan Hill
  • Wedderburn
  • Wycheproof

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Farmland
  • Mountains
  • Forests
  • Lakes
  • Rivers

Perfect for couples who:

Lodden Mallee has plenty of interesting areas from mountains and lakes to enjoy. Especially noteworthy is Lake Tyrell, so if you’re looking to elope in Victoria with some interesting sights, then this could be great for you!

My top places to elope in Lodden Mallee:

Melville Cave & Lookout Loop Walk, Brenanah

Length: 3.7km return

This Victoria elopement location provides epic views of the surrounding farmland and areas, and is an excellent place for couples to elope to whom enjoy an easy hike with incredible views.

Due to how easy this location is to reach, it is perfect for children as well, so if you were looking to have your family or friends come along for your elopement, this could be a great location.

Torrumbarry Headworks to Torrumbarry Weir Walk, Torrumbarry

Length: 12.1km return

Right along the edge of the NSW and VIC border, this riverside walk is a wonderful elopement location for couples who want to celebrate with some water views on their elopement. The area has a number of areas which are fenced off for regeneration, but this walk is easy and flat to make things straightforward.

Mount Korong Summit Track, Gleenalbyn

Length: 2.3km return

Whilst this can be slightly difficult to climb, the trail up to Mount Korong will reward you with awesome 360 degree views. This makes it the perfect elopement location for a couple who like a little of a challenge, and who want to elope at the top of a mountain with incredible views.

Definitely bring good hiking shoes for this, as you’ll need to rock scramble in a few places. However, the climb is well worth it, especially at sunset.

Little Lake Boort Federation Walk, Boort

Length: 4.0km return

Following all the way round Little Lake Boort, this boardwalk is a relaxed and easy elopement location for couples who want to have some great lake views whilst saying their vows. You’ll be treated to beautiful surrounding forests, plenty of birds, and a gorgeous boardwalk.

Nyah-Vinifera River Trail, Vinifera

Length: 7.6km return

This easy trail provides a great walk through the Murray River’s billabongs, old red gum trees, and gorgeous natural bushland. Along the way you’ll go along the spine of the forest, having plenty of riverside views and rivers. Due to the fluctuating levels, this location is usually best visited during the wettest month, October.

Melville Caves via Southern Lookout and McLeods Lookout, Brenanah

Length: 7.1km return

If huge rocks, big open expanses and lots of scenic lookouts is your thing, then you’ll love this track. Providing a hell of an adventure, the payoff is that you’ll go through huge granite boulders, and get to see far and wide for your Victoria elopement.

Bring along some good hiking shoes for this, as it can get a bit slippery after rain.


The Grampians are located in the West of Victoria and contain the iconic Grampians National Park, a sprawling and mountainous area with plenty of incredible elopement locations.

The Grampians were born out of the gold rush which swept Australia.

The climate in the Grampians is generally warm, with summers reaching an average maximum temperature of around 27 to 30°C in the west and 25°C in the east. However In winter, average maximum temperatures in the west are mostly around 13 to 15°C and around 10°C in the east.  You will also get quite a bit of rain in the area, with average annual rainfall varies from up to 1000 mm in the Grampians to as low as 300 mm in the northern plains. 

The Grampains are a popular elopement location for many couples because of its proximity to Melbourne, and its unrivalled views and hikes.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Grampians National Park
  • Little Desert National Park

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Ararat
  • Avoca
  • Bacchus Marsh
  • Ballarat, Beaufort
  • Daylesford
  • Edenhope
  • Great Western
  • Hopetoun
  • Horsham
  • Kaniva
  • Nhill
  • St Arnaud
  • Stawell
  • Warracknabeal

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Mountains
  • Forests
  • Waterfalls

Perfect for couples who:

If you are a couple that love hiking and epic views, you’ll be pushed to find better places to elope in Victoria than the Grampains. With so many big and small walks, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

My top places to elope in Grampians:

Mount Rosea Track, Halls Gap

Length: 8.9km return

A difficult walk, but one which has a huge payoff, which massive and wide views across the Grampians. If you’re a couple who want to elope in Victoria with a real adventure, then Mount Rosea is worth checking out.

Along the path, you’ll see waterfalls, forests and lots of fantastic wildlife.

You’ll be climbing for around 4.5kms straight, but when you reach the top of Mount Rosea, you’ll get views of Mount William Ranges, and the Serra Ranges. You’ll need to bring some good hiking shoes for this one, as the path can get lead to rock hopping at points.

Halls Gap to Pinnacle Track, Grampians, Halls Gap

Length: 8.5km return

You’re going to be hard pushed to find another location to elope in Victoria with such incredible views as this track. When you reach the top of the outlook, you’ll be treated to some insane views across farmlands and forests from the granite cliffs.

Through the walk you’ll go through scrub land, dry forests, rocky outcrops, and woodland. Bring great footwear for this walk and plenty of water.

This really is one of the best places to elope in Victoria.

Mount Sturgeon to Piccaninny, Dunkeld

Length: 10.5km return

Another incredible mountain elopement location in the Grampians, this trail will take you up high and provide some remarkable views into the Grampians. It is the perfect elopement location for couples who want a real mountain adventure with a big pay off at the end.

Along the trail you’ll even go through a natural rock stairway and be treated to forests and rocky outcrops. This can be a bit of a climb, so good hiking shoes will be essential.

Victoria Arch, Glenisla

Length: 10.8km return

There are few natural monuments and structures in Victoria as impressive as Victoria Arch; a huge rock formation with an impressive arch, which makes for the most awesome elopement location for couples who want a great adventure and something unique as their backdrop.

The trek will take you through rock slabs and gullies until you reach the edge of ‘the maze’, which is a huge rock formation. Don’t fret though, you won’t get lost! When you get to the end of the trail, you’ll go up into the clouds and arrive at the huge archway, with brilliant views out to Mount Thackeray.

This is one elopement location in Victoria not to be missed.

The Balconies, Zumsteins

Length: 2.1km return

An iconic part of the Grampians, The Balconies are recognisable by their layered rocks, and ‘sitting on the edge of the world’ vibe. This is a popular elopement location in the Grampians because of this. 

It is one of the most popular places in the Grampians, because of its ease of accessibility, incredible views, and the fact that they also are on the same road to MacKenzie Falls (covered later on). The path will take you through forests, rocky outcrops, and up to the main balconies themselves.

This trek is best used from April until September, and can be popular at times.


Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, and is located in the South of Victoria. The area is home to a variety of different habitats, but is dominated by the main city of Melbourne.

The climate in Melbourne borders on a humid subtropical climate with warm to hot summers and mild winters. It is infamous for its changeable weather conditions, due to its position between the cool Southern Ocean and the warmer inland areas. However it certainly gets a lot of cloudy with, with only 48.6 clear days annually.

To the South of Melbourne is Port Philip, a huge open port adjacent to the main city of Melbourne. This provides a lot of interesting coastal areas for couples to explore for their Melbourne elopement.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Melbourne CBD
  • Port Phillip
  • Dandenong Ranges

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Melbourne

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Urban areas
  • Beaches
  • Coastal areas
  • Forests
  • Grassland

Perfect for couples who:

If you want to have a city-based elopement, or have Melbourne as your hub, then eloping in Melbourne may be a great choice for you both. You’ll have plenty of Melbourne’s great restaurants nearby as well, which is a big bonus!

My top places to elope in Melbourne:

Banyule Flats Loop, Banyule

Length: 3.7km return

If you love the idea of eloping in Melbourne near to some stunning views of the Yarra River, then this track through the Banyule Flats would be perfect for you.

This trail takes you along the trail of the Yarra River, showcasing billabongs, creeks, reed beds, wetlands, and woodlands. You’ll get plenty of green space here and be able to enjoy a heap of wildlife as well.

This can be prone to being waterlogged after rain, so be prepared with some gum boots.

Jells Lake via Scotchmans Creek Trail, Melbourne

Length: 5.5km return

This peaceful walk will take you alongside Scotchman’s Creek, and through beautiful lakeside forests. If you’re looking to elope in Melbourne with some riverside views, then this walk would be perfect for you. You’ll also be able to bring your dog to your elopement, just make sure that you keep them on a leash.

Lysterfield Hills via Army Track and Woodland Walk, Melbourne

Length: 8.7km return

This lookout will give you brilliant views out to the Melbourne CBD and beyond. If you’re looking to elope in Melbourne with great views close to the city, then this should be on your list of places.

The walk will take you through woodlands, grassy knolls, and up to the main clearing at the top where you’ll also find a trig station.

Royal Botanic Gardens Loop, Melbourne

Length: 2.6km return

If you’re looking to elope in Melbourne, then what better place than in the Royal Botanical Gardens? So many couples love to elope in the Royal Botanical Gardens because of its incredible setup, and proximity to the Melbourne city centre.

This walk will take you through the best parts of the Royal Botanical Gardens, where you’ll be able to see 30 different living plant collections from Australia and around the world. You might particularly enjoy the cacti at Guilfoyle’s Volcano, and the Fern Gully.

As expected, this can be a bit of a popular spot, so just bear that in mind.

You’ll also be able to take your dog with you, but just make sure you keep them on a leash.

Black Flat via Blue Tongue Bend Loop, Warrandyte South

Length: 8.2km return

This easy and flat walk will take you on a pleasant trek alongside the banks of the Yarra River. If you are a couple who want to elope in Victoria with some riverside views not too far from Melbourne, this could be perfect for you.

Along the route you’ll go through woody bushlands filled with wattle, eucalypts, and gum trees, as well as hilly landscapes and plenty of wildlife. You might even spot a platypus if you look in the right spots.

The trail so well marked, so you’ll be able to easily navigate it; it can get a little boggy after some rain so if it has been pouring, some gum boots might be best!

Dandenong Ranges

Whilst the Dandenong Ranges are just 35km return outside Melbourne, they deserve their own section for just how incredible they are.

The Dandenong Ranges are a set of low mountain ranges, which get up to roughly 633 metres at Mount Dandenong. They are defined by brilliant temperate rainforests, rolling hulls, and dense ferny undergrowth. As a bonus, they get a fair amount of snowfall from roughly August to September.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Doongalla Forest
  • Ferntree Gully
  • Mount Evelyn Forest
  • Olinda Forest
  • Sherbrooke Forest

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Belgrave
  • Cockatoo
  • Dandenong
  • Emerald
  • Gembrook
  • Kallista
  • Kalorama
  • Lilydale

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Waterfalls
  • Forests
  • Mountains
  • Creeks

Perfect for couples who:

If you are obsessed with ferns and mossy forests, then the Dandenong Ranges will provide all of that for you and more. Easily located just outside of Melbourne, eloping in the Dandenong Ranges is perfect for a couple who want a forest-based elopement with some style.

My top places to elope in the Dandenong Ranges:

Channel 10, Dacite and Camelia Track Loop , Mount Dandenong

Length: 4.7km return

Filled with lush woodland, open grassland, and hilly views, this walk is perfect for couples eloping in Victoria who want a good adventure and plenty of greenery. Whilst the first two thirds of the walk has some steep inclines, the end of it is a lot more relaxed.

Cascade, Mathias, and Rifle Range Loop, Melbourne

Length: 7.9km return

Featuring a deep rainforest, this track puts you in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges National Park’s forest. This is perfect for couples who are looking to elope in Victoria with a rainforest as their backdrop.

You’ll go through lush forests filled with ferns, wildlife, and massive trees. You’ll also come across the world’s tallest flowering tree, the mountain ash. If it has been raining, it is also worth checking out the stunning Olinda Falls.

Bleakley, Harding Gully, Margaret Lester and Coles Ridge Loop, Tecoma

Length: 5.3km return

If you’re looking to elope with tall trees and deep forests on a woodland adventure, then this trek could be perfect for you. This relatively easy and straightforward walk is for couples who love green landscapes and fancy having a woodland adventure for their elopement.

Dam, Gold Course, Black Hole, Yallambee Way and Simons Avenue Loop, Olinda

Length: 5.8km return

The RJ Hamar Forest Arboretum is a playground for beautiful environments and sights, and this hike will take you around some of the best parts of it. If you love the idea of eloping in the Dandenong Ranges, this could be the perfect spot for you.

You’ll start off with a view out to the Yarra Ranges at Woolrich Lookout. Heading down into the lush fern gullies, you’ll be treated to huge trees, sprawling bushland, and wide open green spaces filled with stunning views.

Lloyds Lane, Monument Track, Hackett Track, Wattle Track, Kallista

Length: 4.7km return

If you’re after some of the tallest trees in the Dandenong Ranges, then you’ll love this track and everything it has to offer. This is the perfect elopement location in Victoria for couples who love the idea of being surrounded by massive trees in a lush forest.

Along the path you’ll go over wooden bridges, and be treated to a landscape filled with green ferns, looming huge trees, and small creeks.

Eagles Nest Walk, Melbourne

Length: 11.7km return

Another incredible walk located in the RJ Hamar Forest Arboretum, this circuit will take you around the corners of the Arboretum and through some of the best parts of the Dandenong Ranges. If you love the idea of going on a serious adventure for the day and seeing some incredible forests and nature, then this is the perfect place to elope in Victoria for you.

With wide open paths and areas, this walk is especially great at sunset, where you’ll be able to enjoy the light streaming through the trees.

Wilsons Prom

Whilst Wilsons Promontory has already been mentioned in the Gippsland section, it is another place that deserves its own little section because of how incredibly beautiful it is.

Wilsons Promontory National Park is approximately 157km South East of Melbourne, and is best known for it’s stunning rainforests, beaches, and wildlife. This huge 125,000 acre land mass provides some of the best coastal scene around for a couple looking to elope in Victoria.

The landmass also includes the Wilsons Promontory Lighthouse, and the Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park. These areas include mudflats, sandy beaches, and sheltered coves. There are also parts of it which have coral reefs along it too.

You’ll be able to find the most Southern point of the Australian landmass at Wilsons Promontory as well.

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Inverloch
  • Tarwin Lower 
  • Venus Bay
  • Foster
  • Fish Creek

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Mountains
  • Forests
  • Coastal Zones
  • Beaches

Perfect for couples who:

Wilsons Promontory is a fantastic elopement location for couples who want a tropical vibe to their elopement, with an incredible diversity of adventures to have along the coast or open forest areas.

My top places to elope in Wilsons Prom:

Mount Bishop Track, Wilsons Promontory

Length: 6.8km return

One of the best summits in all of Wilsons Promontory, the Mount Bishop Track will send you right to the top of the world and give you incredible 360 degree views across the whole cape.

This can be a popular walk, but one which shouldn’t be missed. You’ll also want to bring some water, bug repellent, and some good hiking shoes for this as well.

If you want to elope in Wilsons Promontory, there are fewer, more mountainous places than this.

Tongue Point Track, Wilsons Promontory

Length: 7.7km return

This trek down to Tongue Point will take you through coastal scrub land, forests, and along the coast, giving you incredible views out to the ocean. If you want a coastal elopement location in Victoria which shows off the coast line, then this could be the perfect place for you.

This track goes past Fairy Cove which is a stunning little spot worth checking out.

Along the way you’ll also come across wallabies, echidnas, and even wombats. As this area is very exposed, remember to bring plenty of sunscreen as well.

Little Waterloo Bay Campsite to Refuge Cove Campsite, Tidal River

Length: 9.0km return

This trek around the coves of Wilsons Promontory provides you with great coastal walks, granite coastal rocks, beautiful beaches, and tonnes of forest areas. If you want to elope in Wilsons Promontory with a blend of everything, this will be the perfect walk for you.

This trail will also take you to the top of Kersop Peak as well, so you’ll be able to get some mountain views in as well.

Picnic Bay from Squeaky Beach, Wilsons Promontory

Length: 3.1km return

This part of Wilsons Promontory will take you through winding creepy forest thickets, and out to huge golden beaches will big costal boulders and plenty of stunning vistas. This is one of the shorted walks around Wilsons Promontory, so if you love the idea of eloping in the area and want something a bit shorter, this may be perfect for you.

Whiskey Bay Track, Wilsons Promontory

Length: 0.8km return

This short walk showcases off one of Wilsons Promontory’s brilliant beaches; Whiskey Bay. This little cove is perfect if you’re looking for an elopement location at Wilsons Promontory which isn’t too far to go, and can provide an excellent location before heading off on another adventure.

Whiskey Bay’s beach features stunning sands, big coastal boulders, and many great views out to the forests of Wilsons Promontory.

Barwon South West

Barwon South West is located in the South West of Victoria and is home to the fantastic sights of the Great Ocean Road, an expanse of land which contains the iconic Twelve Apostles.

The Barwon South West region’s climate is mild to warm in summer, with cold winters.

Throughout the area of Barwon South West you’ll come across plenty of great beaches and cliffs facing out into the ocean.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Brisbane Ranges
  • Cobboboonee
  • Great Otway
  • Lower Glenelg
  • Port Campbell

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Aireys Inlet
  • Anglesea
  • Apollo Bay
  • Camperdown
  • Colac
  • Geelong, Hamilton
  • Lorne
  • Port Campbell
  • Port Fairy
  • Portland
  • Torquay
  • Warrnambool

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Coastal zones
  • Farmlands 
  • Rainforests
  • Rivers
  • Waterfalls
  • Beaches

Perfect for couples who:

If you want to make a road trip out of your elopement, then I highly recommend renting a van for your time along the Great Ocean Road and enjoying all of the coastal and beach locations you’ll find along the route.

My top places to elope in Barwon South West:

Warrnambool Foreshore Promenade, Warrnambool

Length: 10.0km return

If you like the idea of having a better paved track for your walk, then the Warrnambool Foreshore Walk would be perfect for your elopement in Victoria. This trail will take you along paved paths and boardwalks to showcase some stunning parts of the Victorian coastline.

Highly recommended visiting at sunset as well.

Lake Elizabeth Loop, Barwon Downs

Length: 4.3km return

One of Barwon South West’s immense rainforests, this trail will take you through lush fern filled rainforests to Lake Elizabeth; a stunning lake filled with old tree stumps and beautiful green forests behind it. If you want something moody with woodlands and lakes, then the Lake Elizabeth Loop would be perfect for your Victoria elopement.

Erskine Falls and Straw Falls, Lorne

Length: 1.3km return

This easily accessible and stunning waterfall makes the perfect backdrop for any couple’s elopement adventure in Victoria.

Set deep in the Otway Ranges National Park, this stunning 30-metre high waterfall is surrounded by dense and lush forests, stuffed with ferns and wildlife. You’ll be mesmerised by the waterfall, and also be able to visit Straw Falls which is a bit smaller than Erskine Falls but still incredibly enjoyable.

Mutton Bird Island Lookout, Port Campbell

Length: 2.4km return

Located just by the Twelve Apostles is a group of beautiful coastal sights and spots that shouldn’t be missed when visiting the south coast landmarks. These areas provide brilliant coastal elopement locations, with great scrub land, moody coastal feels, and open views across the ocean.

The trail down to the Mutton Bird Island will take you across the coastline and provide brilliant views out across several different inlets, each with its own unique characteristics, such as open caves, and golden beaches. It can get a little crowded, but this is worth the trip.

Thunder Cave Walk, Port Campbell

Length: 1.1km return

Located right next to the walk above, this short walk is worth a visit if you’re looking for a ceremony site for your elopement at the Twelve Apostles without the big crowds. Thunder cave is the perfect place for you to have your elopement ceremony in Victoria if you love the idea of having something unique and coastal as your backdrop.

Thunder cave is distinctive in that it makes an incredible sound whenever the water rushes into the opening. Hence the name.

Whites Beach to Freshwater Springs, Cape Bridgewater

Length: 6.6km return

This cape walk will take you along coastal views, through to Cape Bridgewater. This is an easy walk which will provide some excellent points for couples to have an elopement ceremony, and take in the sights and sounds of the coast.

You might even be lucky enough to see a colony of fur seals nesting on some of the rocky outcrops here.

The best places to elope in VIC by environment

Here is a list of my top places to elope in VIC, broken down by the environment they are in. These are different from the above list, and (if I’m honest) contain more of my personal favourite places to elope in VIC.

Forest elopement locations

Scenic and Lyrebird Track Loop, Traralgon

Length: 6.0km return

If you love the idea of eloping in a forest in Victoria, then this location could be perfect for you both. This easy trail tales you through lush green forests, and even across an incredible suspension bridge. From here you’ll be able to see a brilliant viewpoint of the forest, and enjoy the wildlife too.

Buckertillible Cave Circuit Loop, Raglan

Length: 7.1km return

This dense forest loop will take you through lush green woodlands, and across rock laden areas. Don’t miss out on the huge rock cavern which is on the side of one of the parts of the loop. This would make the perfect forest elopemeent location for couples who want a good forest trek and have the bonus of having some huge boulders be the backdrop for their ceremony site.

Californian Redwoods, Beech Forest

Length: 0.5km return

This plantation of California Redwoods provides an excellent ceremony space for couples looking to elope in Victoria. You’ll find few landscapes such as this in Australia, with might Redwood trees towering above you both.

This short and easy walk will take you to the plantation where you’ll be able to wander through the trees, and go down to the small creek (if there is enough rain). You’ll also see plenty of mossy ferns, so if you love moody forests, this is the best place to check out for your elopement.

Plain Creek Loop Track Via Waterfall, Merrijig

Length: 11.9km return

If you love ferns and waterfalls, then this track may be perfect for you both. Starting off you’ll go across a fern clad creek, out to gorgeous lush green forests which take you up to the main waterfall.

This is the perfect elopement hike for couples who want to elope in Victoria and who are obsessed with ferns.

Cyathea Falls via West Track, Tarra Valley 

Length: 1.1km return

If you’re obsessed with moss and trees, then you’ll feel right at home on the Cyathea Falls track. This easy and short walk will take you down through moss covered trees, and across a suspension bridge surrounded by huge ferns, to the main attraction itself, the gorgeous Cyathea Falls as a bonus.

This spot is perfect for couples looking to elope in a forest in Victoria with easy access.


Waterfall elopement locations

Tooronga and Amphitheatre Falls, Noojee

Length: 2.1km return

This gorgeous waterfall makes for the perfect elopement backdrop for couples looking to elope in Victoria. This moderately difficult track takes you through areas with tall trees and plenty of ferns. You’ll have brilliant views of the falls from viewing platforms at both falls.

This area is best used from April until September, and you can even bring your dog on this trek; just make sure that they are on a leash.

Dickson Falls Nature Walk, Mount Buffalo

Length: 3.5km return

This brilliant walk looks like you could be at one of the peaks of Tasmania; taking you through plateaued grasslands with wild flowers and even a small waterfall near the cliff. This is a great elopement location in Victoria if you want something with a wild feel to it, and have your waterfall going right off the side of a mountain.

Phantom Falls Walk, Marysville

Length: 0.8km return

These easily accessible falls are an absolute masterpiece of nature. The short walk to the falls and the majestic nature of them, makes for an epic backdrop for couples looking to elope in Victoria. You’ll be able to walk through fern clad forests and even across a wooden bridge to reach them. Highly recommended for easy elopement ceremonies.

Beauchamp Falls Track, Beech Forest

Length: 3.1km return

This gorgeous walk takes you up to the stunning Beauchamp Falls, a waterfall surrounded by lush forests, ferns and plenty of great woodland sights for couples who want to elope by a waterfall in Victoria.

You’ll go through evergreen landscapes, and plenty of incredible trees. This easy walk is enjoyable for everyone of all ages.

MacKenzie Falls, The Grampians

Length: 1.3km return

One of the most popular waterfalls in the Grampians, this massive waterfall is awe-inspiring and makes for one of the most impressive elopement locations in Victoria. To get to the base of the falls, you’ll go down 260 steps, and go along rocky sections surrounded by forests on both sides.

At the bottom of the falls you can even go for a dip in the water if the weather is hot enough in summer. Feel free to extend the walk to head on over to Fish Falls as well.

As this is such a popular destination, it is best to arrive early to beat the crowds.

Mountain elopement locations

Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk, Grampians

Length: 7.6km return

This circuit will take you high above the land and provide some incredible views across the land. The trail itself goes through rocky canyons, green bushland, and on top of the Werribee Gorge. If it has been raining, be prepared that there may be a bit more water in the gorge than usual.

Whilst the trail is mostly flat, there is a little bit of rock scrambling, so bring good footwear for this one.

Flinders Peak Loop via West and East Track, You Yangs National Park

Length: 4.8km return

A wide open track that will treat you to fantastic views all around. The sky is the limit with the track, and you can go as high as you’d like. If you want to get to the top of Flinders Peak, you will have to go up 450 steps or so, however this is very much worth it to get the views you do at the top. You’ll be able to see out over the rest of the You Yangs National Park and even to Melbourne.

This is a great elopement location for a couple looking to elope near Melbourne with some unparalleled mountain views.

Your dog can also come on this trail with you, but just make sure they are kept on a lead.

Lake Mountain Summit, Gippsland

Length: 4.5km return

Looking like something out of a Stanley Kubrick film, this mountainous walk starts at a wooden lodge before lead you along the path through the snow gum laden hillside. On the walk you’ll go to three fantastic lookout points across the Victorian alps. You’ll also see plenty of wildlife along this route too.

If you want to get some snow in your elopement as well, I highly recommend checking this walk out from June to September, when you’ll be more likely to find snow here. Definitely bring some good warm snow shoes for this.

Mount Feathertop via The Razorback, Harrietville

Length: 22.4km return

Whilst I have listed this absolute beast, please bear in mind that you don’t have to do the whole route to have an excellent experience.

Starting at the Eric Johnson Gravbrot structure, you’ll make your way across the road along the ridges of Mount Hotham to Mount Feathertop along The Razorback, a great route that leads you through open mountain tops full of grassland. You’ll also have points where you’ll go through misty forests of dead snow gums.

If you want to have a real alpine mountain top day adventure for your elopement in Victoria, this could be the perfect trail for you.

The Pinnacle, Grampians

Length: 5.5km return

One of the best walks in the Grampains, this trail will take you to incredible heights, through rocky canyons, and show you epic views across the Grampians. Whilst this track is quite hard, it is very rewarding. The area is filled with fantastic rock formations that you can climb over and enjoy. You can get a great view of the lake as well.

You’ll want some boots with good grip for this one, as there can be points you will have to scramble.


Beach elopement locations

Refuge Cove Campsite to Sealers Cove Campsite, Tidal River

Length: 7.2km return

Looking like something out of Queensland’s tropical paradises, this part of Wilsons Prom is unbelievably beautiful, and is the perfect elopement location in Victoria for couples who want that desert island vibe without having to travel half the country.

You’ll be treated to epic landscapes, coastal vegetation and plenty of rainforests. You’ll also be able to find some dramatic lichen covered boulders and crystal blue waters to swim in.

This really is the perfect ‘tropical-esq’ getaway for couples who want to elope near Melbourne with some style.

Fingal Beach Walk, Cape Schanck

Length: 5.3km return

This beautiful bush walk will take you along the coastline of Cape Schanck, and provide some fantastic views out to the ocean. This trail allows you to head down to multiple beaches and have a paddle, so if the weather is warm, and you are in the mood, don’t miss out! This trail is perfect for couples who want to elope close to Melbourne and still have that wild beach vibe.

Johanna Beach via Old Coach Rd, Yuulong

Length: 11.3km return

This lengthy but fulfilling track will take you through gorgeous coastlines, and mountain scenery. You’ll go through rolling hills and be able to take in a tonne of great scenic views out to the ocean. This track is the perfect elopement location  for couples who want a bit of an adventure on their elopement in Victoria.

Seaford Foreshore Walking Track via Kananook Walking Trail, Melbourne

Length: 10.0km return

If you’re looking for a great beach walk in Melbourne, this trail could be perfect for your Melbourne beach elopement. Taking you in a loop from the Seaford Station, you can enjoy the promenade and the beach trails along he route, complete with coastal vegetation and Banksia woodland.

Whilst there is a lot to enjoy here, please do keep off of the dunes, which are part of a protected habitat.

Cairns Bay Track, Flinders

Length: 1.9km return

Feel like getting the vibe of the coasts of Scotland without going halfway across the world? The Cairns Bay Track by Flinders, just south of Melbourne may be the spot for you. This is a popular elopement location for couples in Melbourne because of its proximity and incredible views.

Getting out to the track and lookouts is easy, where you’ll come across sweeping views over the ocean, and plenty of rocky coastal outcrops. Expect this area to be a bit windy as well, so if you want to have a veil, maybe reconsider unless you want it flying out to the sea.

Surf Coast Reef Walk: Fairhaven Beach to Cathedral Rocks, Eastern View

Length: 9.3km return

Along the great ocean road you’ll come across this stunning walk which takes you on a big stretch along the coastline to Cathedral Rocks, and across several beaches. This is great if you want to combine your elopement in Victoria with a bit of a day adventure as well.

You’ll come across beautiful rock shelves, costal caves, and rock pools as well. If you want to get closer down to these, just make sure that you are going at low tides and keep an eye when the tides rise again. This track is best used from November until April to take advantage of the possibility to dip your feet in the water.

Coastal elopement locations

Farnsworth Track, Point Nepean National Park

Length: 2.3km return

Taking you along the coastal walk of the Nepean National Park, this easy walk is part of the longer 30km coastal walk, so if you want to add some more time onto this walk, it is quite easy. Along this shorter route, you’ll still be able to see plenty of brilliant coastal views, complete with the classic Australian coastal scrub land as well. This is a great place for couples to elope near Melbourne, with some coastal zones.

See the below track for an extension on this.

London Bridge Lookout via Coppins and Farnsworth Track, Point Nepean National Park

Length: 11.1km return

An extension of the walk above, this longer version takes you along a few other sights along the coastal walk, including London Bridge, a huge rock stack with a hole in the middle. This unique rock formation makes the perfect backdrop for any Melbourne elopement ceremony, and would be great for couples who want to have a beach and coastal vibe to their elopement.

You’ll also go along a few more beaches with this trek.

Bushrangers Bay Walk, Cape Schanck

Length: 5.5km return

This walk will take you through coastal woodlands and scrub land to get to the stunning Bushrangers Bay, a huge beach with plenty of great views and big boulders to enjoy. This is the perfect elopement location for couples who want a small adventure and walk to their beach elopement.

You’ll be treated to sights of coastal bushes, neighbouring farms, sandy river deltas, and plenty of kangaroos and wallabies. Remember to bring sunscreen when it gets very hot here.

Cape Woolamai Circuit, Phillip Island

Length: 8.9km return

Right on the southern tip of Philip Island is the Cape Woolamai Circuit, a brilliant walk that takes you all around the outside of the cape and show off some fantastic views of the ocean, coastal areas, and plenty of interesting wildlife.

Along the route you’ll be able to see penguins, shearwaters, koalas, Australian fur seals, and even bats. In summer, you’ll also be able to see plenty of butterflies as the weather warms up. The highest point in the cape can be accessed easily as well by going up some wooden stairs to get to Woolamai Hill.

This track really is one of the best in Victoria and is perfect for couples looking to elope with a coastal adventure.

Ironbark Basin Nature Trail, Barwon South West

Length: 10.5km return

This epic walk is one of the lengthier ones on this list but one which contains the very best of the South West Coast, from huge yellow cliffs to blue waters and lush coastal greenery. This is the perfect place to elope in Victoria for couples to want a coastal adventure and to see some distinctive yellow cliffs carved into their images.

This gorgeous walk takes you through inland basins that go alongside the beach. You’ll also be able to see lots of great wildlife such as echidna and reptiles. This spot is also popular for parasailers, so you might be lucky enough to have some drop in.

Aireys Inlet Cliff and Beach Walk, Anglesea

Length: 10.8km return

Taking you through some brilliant coastal locations, with plenty of great views, this walk to Aireys Inlet Cliff is fantastic for couples who want an easy and scenic walk for their elopement in Victoria.

What makes this area special is the Split Point Lighthouse, a bright white lighthouse that dominates the landscape, but provides a nice accent to everything.

This can be a little bit of a popular route, but still enjoyable. Just make sure that you go at low tide to be able to enjoy the beaches along the way. You can also bring your dog, but just make sure they are on a leash.


Lake/River elopement locations

Belgrave Station to Alfred Nicholas Gardens, Melbourne

Length: 12.1km return

The Alfred Nicholas Gardens contains the iconic boathouse, fern and blue lake that everyone should recognise. This pristine and beautiful area is the perfect place to elope in Victoria, showcasing the best of the Dandenong Ranges.

On the way to the boathouse, you’ll go through lush forests filled with ferns and plenty of scenic spots as well.

At the Alfred Nicholas Gardens Lake, you’ll find plenty of great locations for your elopement ceremony, with overhanging lush trees, and dense ferns everywhere.

Lysterfield Lake Loop, Lysterfield

Length: 5.8km return

This huge looped lake will provide a heap of different outlooks and environments to enjoy, from open sandy banks to creepy mist laden boardwalks, and forests filled with wildlife. This is the perfect lake elopement location for couples who want variety to their lake-based elopement.

This easy walk will also take you through two beaches that you can have a dip in the water at, so if you want to elope in the summer months, you may be in for a treat. You’ll also find plenty of kangaroos and echidna around here, and if you’re lucky, even a koala.

Green Lake Circuit, Banyan

Length: 1.9km return

Another easy trail, this relaxed walk around Green Lake treats you to some great scenic views across the water, and with the surrounding forest.

Green Lake is surrounded by lush Australian bushland, and has a sandy track that gives a slight beachy vibe.

If you’re a couple looking for a special and secluded elopement location by the water, then this could be perfect for you.

Sunset and Dragon Track Loop, Lysterfield

Length: 10.5km return

This huge walk will take you across rolling green hills to the Monbulk Creek Retarding Basin; a stunning lake surrounded by evergreen countryside and trees. This peaceful walk is great for couples who want to elope in the countryside, with a fantastic lake outlook at the end of it.

Along the path you’ll go over areas with plenty of tall trees, lush vegetation, and interesting farmland. You’ll also get to see plenty of natural fauna and flora, such as kangaroos and wallabies.

Mount Lofty Loop, Wonga Park

Length: 5.0km return

Showcasing some of the best scenic views of the Yarra Valley, this riverside walk will take you through gorgeous woodlands and open grasslands. If you love the lush green vibes of the Yarra Valley and want to elope in the countryside of Victoria, this would be the perfect walk for you.

The track is easy and although it starts with a few steep inclines, this soon evens out to provide a relaxing and rewarding hike up around the Yarra River. You’ll also see lots of kangaroos around this location as well, perfect for nature nerds.

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This can help further your idea of what you’re looking for in your search for where to elope in Australia.

Otherwise get in contact today with me and I can get you started!

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