Best Places To Elope In Queensland [Updated for 2022/2023]

August 17, 2021

Best places to elope in Queensland

In this guide I’m going to tell you some of the best places to elope in Queensland. From lush rainforests, to waterfalls, this guide will show you where you can have the elopement of your dreams.

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Reasons to elope in Queensland

There are some great reasons to elope in Queensland:

  • Warmer climate – If you love the heat and want to have a tropical themed wedding where you can wear lighter materials, Queensland provides the perfect space for that.
  • Lots of rainforests
  • Tropical islands
  • Natural wonders

How does Eloping work?


An example Queensland elopement timeline

This elopement timeline gives you an idea of what a typical elopement could look like in Queensland.

For ease of reference, this would be in September, a popular time to elope. This is quite an adventurous elopement, but they don’t all have to be this long.

Please note that for this elopement, the couple had a courthouse style ceremony which lasted 15 minutes, with just the paperwork being done. The vows and words of affirmation were saved for the walk. This is very normal for couples who want to have an epic hike for their marriage.

4:00am – Meet at trailhead of Mount Cougal with head torches

4.30am – Stop for star photos together

5.30am – Reach peak of Mount Cougal and get changed into wedding attire

5.46am – Sunrise and vow reading together, with relaxed couples photos afterwards

6.30am – Head down with photos along the way

8.00am – Reach bottom of Mount Cougal

8.30am – Breakfast of coffee, croissants and snacks

9.00am – Travel to Twin Falls Circuit

10.30am – Arrive at Twin Falls Circuit for rainforest and waterfall walk

12.00pm – Finish walk, and head back to AirBNB lodge to have lunch with friends and family

2.00pm – Finish and relax for rest of the day


Queensland Elopement Photographer

Every day I plan, design, and capture elopements for adventurous couples who want a wedding day full of adventure and wonder, instead of stress and pain.

If you’re interested in learning about how I can help you have one of the most awesome days of your lives, stress free, then I’d love to chat with you. I help create Queensland elopement packages for couples all over Australia and the world!

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Elope in Brisbane

How to elope in Brisbane

To get your elopement in Brisbane started, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Where do you want to elope in Brisbane? There are a lot of different and interesting urban locations around the city, which also have a lot of natural features if you’re looking for something with a bit more greenery.
  • When do you want to elope in Brisbane? Brisbane is in the north east coast of Australia, meaning that it retains a comfortable temperature all year round.

I’ll tell you about both of these factors now and give you some advice.

Best time of year to elope in Brisbane

The temperature in Brisbane can range from an average high of 21° and low of 10° in Winter (June, July and August), to an average high of 29° and low of 22° in Summer (December, January, and February).

Brisbane feels a lot hotter because of the humidity, especially in the summer months.

When considering when to elope in Brisbane, many couples prefer to elope in around September – November, and February – May. These are the months where the temperatures are a bit fairer and you won’t be cooking in a suit or dress.

Best locations to elope in Brisbane

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

The Brisbane City Botanic Gardens are renown for their diverse areas and beautiful locations, including Sakura trees in spring, ponds, stunning thick trees, and temple.

The iconic Brisbane archway, covered with flowers also provides an incredible backdrop for dreamy photos on your Brisbane elopement day.

Kangaroo Valley Point

Reaching alongside the main Brisbane river is Kangaroo Valley Point. A popular spot for climbers and abseils, this whole stretch provides some incredible outlooks towards the skyline of Brisbane, and hidden pockets perfect for sunset couples photos.

If you’re looking to elope in Brisbane, Kangaroo Valley point is perfect for having a blend of the city and nature.

Brisbane Powerhouse

Another one of Brisbane’s iconic areas, the Brisbane Powerhouse is hope to art installations, and cultural events. It also is adjacent to some of the most stunning parkland in Brisbane, offering you a great urban backdrop and somewhere to enjoy the sights and sound of the river.

This Brisbane elopement location is perfect for couples who love that city and urban vibe with some history behind it.

Mount Coot-tha Lookout

Mount Coot-tha provides an awesome outlook for couples who love the idea of an elopement location with a view. Especially perfect if you like somewhere which is easy to access with a great amount of greenery. Really well suited if elderly parents are coming along too for your Brisbane elopement!

Tinchi Tamba Wetlands Reserve

The gorgeous Tinchi Tamba Wetlands Reserve is located in North Brisbane and provides a serene and nature centric backdrop for your elopement in Brisbane. Nature and bird addicts, this may be the spot for you! Complete with some incredible bird residents, and brilliant river views.

Daisy Hill Conservation Park

Located in the South of Brisbane, Daisy Hill Conservation Park is an important park for Koalas, with the Daisy Hill Koala centre providing the opportunity to see Australia’s mascot up close and personal. Already I reckon you’re getting a sense of why this would be a perfect place for your Brisbane elopement.

Filled with a tonne of nature spots and nature reserves, Daily Hill Conservation Park is full of incredible locations to say ‘I do’.

Elope in the Gold Coast

How to elope in Gold Coast

To get your elopement in the Gold Coast started, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Where do you want to elope in the Gold Coast? Being located right next to the beach, there are a lot of great spots to elope in, if sun, sand and surf if your thing.
  • When do you want to elope in the Gold Coast? Similar to Brisbane, the Gold Coast is in the north east coast of Australia, meaning that it retains a comfortable temperature all year round.

I’ll tell you about both of these factors now and give you some advice.

Best time of year to elope in the Gold Coast

The temperature in the Gold Coast can range from an average high of 22° and low of 10° in Winter (June, July and August), to an average high of 29° and low of 21° in Summer (December, January, and February).

Whilst it doesn’t seem like a massive shift, it’s the humidity rise that can make the biggest difference.

When considering when to elope in the Gold Coast, many couples prefer to elope in around September – November, and February – May. These are the months where the temperatures are a bit fairer and you won’t be cooking in a suit or dress.

Best locations to elope in the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Regional Botanical Gardens

If you’re looking for something easily accessible, with lots of fauna and flora in the city, then the Gold Coast Regional Botanical Gardens may be your best bet. The Gardens are perfect for the couple who want a stress free and straightforward elopement in nature.

The Gardens are an easy 10 minutes drive from central Surfers Paradise. They are set on 31 hectares, so you have plenty of space for interesting spots!

Burleigh Heads National Park

One of the gems of the Gold Coast, Burleigh Heads National Park provides a host of incredible rainforests, eucaylpt forests, groves, beaches, and mangroves for you to elope in. Set in 27 hectares, this playground is the perfect elopement location for couples who love nature and want a significant amount of variety for their Gold Coast elopement.

As a bonus, during winter and spring, you may even see humpback whales breaching! So if you’re into somewhere with a lot of potential and a bit wild, this may be perfect for you.

Federation Walk Coastal Reserve

If you’re into having a coastal elopement which blends sand, sea, and forests, this could be perfect for you. The Federation Walk Coastal Reserve combines brilliant walks with scenic areas, and is a whopping 93 hectares in size.

You’ll be able to find the perfect spot along the route to elope, and to have a really great walk whilst you do it!

Coombabah Lake Conservation Park

Complete with a booming kangaroo population, the Coombabah Lake Conservation Park is an easy going and stunning elopement location if you’re looking for something relaxed in nature.

This important wetland is part of the Coomera River catchment, and is perfect for couples who want to enjoy nature and scenery at a much slower pace. If you’re looking for an easy going Gold Coast Elopement location, this could be perfect.

Currumbin Rock Pools

The Currumbin Rock Pools are special in that it is a secret swimming hole, with easy access about 15 minutes away from Currumbin Beach. You’ll get to see some incredible sights along the drive in, and end up at the creek, complete with rocks, and tree ropes.

This can be a popular area, so whilst there may be a few onlookers, if you’re looking for something a bit rock and roll and nostalgic, this could be the perfect Gold Coast elopement location for you, especially if you want to bring your furry friend!

Mountain elopement locations

Flinders Peak, South East Queensland

Full of rockhopping, hidden caves, and an incredible summit, Flinders Peak is a great elopement location if you love the idea of a good, challenging hike.

The walk up has lantana, gumtrees, and lots of greenery for you to enjoy. As you climb, you might have to do a little bit of scrambling, but it’s all worth it. Perfect for couples who love a good climb and epic views!

Mount Greville, South East Queensland

Looming high above the landscape of the Moogreah Peaks National Park, is Mount Greville; an awesome mountain with incredible views.

Along the climb to the top you’ll come across multiple view points, and looks over the Southern Fassifern Valley. You’ll be able to see a plethora of other mountains, such as Mount Moon, Mount Barkey, and Mount Maroon.

This is a slightly challenging climb, so it’s recommended to bring a GPS. However, if you’re looking for something truly epic, this could be the mountain elopement location for you!

Yellow Pinch Lookout, Mount Barley National Park

With Mount Barley as the backdrop to this climb, Yellow Pinch Lookout provides a moderate walk, with stunning wild flowers and great views when reaching the top.

It’s easy of accessibility and skill level make this an approachable area for couples looking to elope with ease.

Mount Walsh, Biggenden

If you are wanting to get seriously high, then Mount Walsh could be the perfect elopement location for you; at a height of 703m above sea level, this will give you some serious views at the top! Climbing to the top takes roughly 1 – 1.5 hours.

Be aware that this climb is suited for intermediate bushwalkers who are comfortable climbing, just as the trail up is slippery and steep. However there are points where trees are flagged to help guide the path.

Mount Superbus, The Head

Whilst this is one of the more difficult locations on this list, it could be perfect for avid hikers who aren’t afraid of a challenge and who have a lot of km’s under their belts! With 8.4kms, this is a long but beautiful walk to the top of Mount Superbus. Bring a map or GPS for this walk, and it can be easy to get lost!

Mount Superbus is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, which is a World Heritage Site as well! This means that you’ll be treated to a vast array of amazing bird species, and wildlife. Perfect for couples who want to elope in somewhere deep in nature.

As a bonus, along the route, you’ll also come across the fuselage of the Arvo Lincoln Bomber A73-64.

Mount May, Maroon

Another one of Queensland’s stunning mountains, Mount May is a gorgeous elopement location if you’re looking for wildlife along a difficult but rewarding walk. At the top of the summit you’ll be treated to some incredible views out over the landscape! The walk is about 4km return.

Mount Beerwah, Glasshouse Mountains

The Glasshouse Mountains formed after volcanic eruptions 25 million years ago. As one of the iconic 12 mountains, they are a significant Indigenous geographical landmarks and the wishes of local tribes are to not climb Mount Beerwah and to uphold respect when in the area. If you do wish to climb it, do so respectfully to Country and only partake if you are an experienced hiker as the trail is a scrambled climb.

Not for the faint hearted.

Wild Swimming Elopement Locations

Cardwell Spa pools, North Queensland

Looking for something really special for your elopement? The natural wonder of Cardwell Spa Pool may be the spot for you. This is a naturally-fed seasonal creek that is easily accessible and close to a number of other areas with gorgeous walks!

Best visited from May to September.

Gudda Gumoo (Rainbow Falls), Blackdown

This unique and beautiful waterfall area is an 4.5km hike which is moderately easy, and provides a great backdrop for your elopement adventure if you want a location full of style! Filled with stringybark trees, spiky grasstrees, and an awesome gorge, this isn’t a location you should miss on considering for your Queensland Elopement!

Cedar Creek Falls, North Tamborine

Cedar Creeks Falls are an easy 1km return track which leads you to a wide open lake, complete with tall waterfall for you to enjoy as your elopement backdrop. This is perfect for couples who want an easy elopement location with minimal stress, but maximum scenic payoff!

Northbrook Gorge, Dundas

Love going for a hike near water? Northbrook Gorge may be the perfect place for your elopement in this case. With a lengthy 7.4km of walking track, this river based hike is a blast for couples who feel an affinity with water.

Following the Northbrook Creek, the trail features multiple crossings, along with rock hopping and rock pools along the way. Bring a change of clothes for this one, just as you may be getting a bit wetter than expected at points. A waterproof bag is essential.

It would be a waste to come all the way out here and not go for a dip, so as a bonus, feel free to dip your feet into the water and have a nice refreshing swim!

Kondallilla Falls, Montville

One of Queensland’s iconic walks, Koondallilla Falls provides an excellent and fun adventure for your elopement. The trail even comes with rock pools which you can dip in (best experienced by doing the circuit anti-clockwise so that you can end with a dip). This walk can take roughly 2-3 hours to complete but you’ll be treated to forests, water, and a host of gorgeous wildlife along it.

Want to get some final exercise in for your ceremony? Don’t fear, as there are 300 steps to climb along this route, so just as a heads up, this is best for couples who don’t mind a little exercise!

This is a slightly popular spot, but one that is certainly worth thinking about for your elopement in Queensland.

Fairy Pools, Noosa

Whilst not technically in Queensland, Noosa’s iconic Fairy Pools provide the perfect spot for your elopement if you want interesting and artistic rockscapes in your images. There is a smaller pool, and the bigger one, with the bigger one providing the space for people to even swim in. Accessing the pools is a straightforward walk from the car park, and winds around the coast, with tonnes of beautiful scenic stop offs.

The best times to see the pools would be when the sun is out so the blue really reflects in them. This area can have quite a bit of tidal action, so be careful of any big waves in the area.

However, with so many people injuring themselves down at this location, this comes with a big disclaimer; please be very respectful and incredibly careful when accessing this location. Eloping is fun, but should never put your or anyone else’s life at risk.

Serenity Falls (Buderim Waterfalls), Buderim

Lauded as one of the best waterfalls in Queensland, it really does live up to it’s name. It also is part of a gorgeous walk through rainforests in the area, so you’ll be able to have a decent walk as part of it as well.

Treat yourself to a swim whilst you are there as well, so bring some swimming outfits, and a waterproof bag. Whilst it can be busy, many people understand that elopements and couple’s getting married should have first dibs!

It’s also a very easy walk, so won’t wear you out for your vows!

Waterfall Elopement Locations

Crystal Cascades, Cairns

This location, although amazing, comes with a slight caveat, in the fact that it is only accessible via a private tour. However in saying that, many couples love to use a tour to elope on as well, so it’s certainly not out of the question!

Crystal Cascades has earned it’s name, featuring an incredible waterfall that would be perfect for couples who want a bit of adrenaline in their special elopement adventure!

Windin Falls, Wooroonooran National Park

If you aren’t afraid of heights, and love waterfalls, then Windin Falls could be the best elopement location for you!

With a 9km return hike, this is one of the longer trails, but one which can be reaching in roughly 1.5 hours. With views over the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, this spot is one you should definitely consder for your elopement if you enjoy having a strong dose of nature. It is also quite an easy walk, with only one bit of big scrabbling at the end.

The waterfall here has an infinity pool at the top of the fool, although be warned it can be a little crowded at times. However if you want somewhere to watch the sun set in style, this is your call!

Stoney Creek Falls, Cairns

If you’re looking for a gorgeous waterfall close to Cairns, this would be perfect for your elopement! Stony Creek Falls. Easily accessible, and about a 20 minute walk, these falls also provide the perfect area for a nice cool dip on a hot Queensland day.

When eloping, remember to bring a change of clothes to have a dip in the water, and a waterproof bag! This is one adventure is that is perfect for couples that want to elope and have it nice and easy!

Warrie Circuit trail, Springbrook

Complete with rainforests, canyon lookouts, swimming holes and a waterfall, Warrie Circuit Trail is well suited for the adventurous couple who want to have a proper elopement adventure in Queensland. Spanning 12.4km, this moderate track features a great trail walk, full of excitement and nature.

Heads up that if you do want to go for a swim, just be a bit aware of leeches!

Twin Falls Circuit, Springbrook National Park

Another great waterfall circuit that provides some great spots to have a dup, and enjoy the sights and sounds of Queensland Rainforests. This moderately easy track spans 4.3km, and is a host to massive rock formations, and it’s iconic waterfall at the end.

A perfect elopement location for couples who want to elope in Queensland and have their ceremony and adventure surrounded by nature and epic waterfalls.

Minyon Falls, Whian Whian

Another ‘technically not in Queensland’ elopement location, but one worth mentioning because it is so close to the border.

A mere 2 hour drive from Brisbane, this waterfall is a fantastic 7.5km trek, which leads you to the base of Minyon Falls, through winding rainforests and awesome wildlife encounters. The pool at the base of the falls is worth a good plunge into, and is worth the hike for a perfect waterfall elopement location!

Larapinta Falls, Lamington National Park

Definittely a hike for the avdneturous couple who love a challenge. Larapinta Falls are not easy to get to, as it is not maintained and is hidden in a remote part of the Lamington National Park. This includes a 3 hour hike one way, and 1km rock hop.

However, you’ll be treated to lush rainforests, and the insanely cool Larapinta Falls. Great for couples who want to elope on a hardcore adventure with a big pay off.

Forest elopement locations

Paluma Range National Park, North Queensland

Whilst this isn’t a specific spot, I feel that mentioning the whole of the Paluma Range National Park is worth it, because it has so many spots for couples who love the idea of eloping in a rainforest.

The whole of the Paluma Range National Park is the southern gateway for the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. As a short breakdown, you have the northern part of it, which features Jorama Falls (an awesome waterfall right in the middle of a rainforest), and the southern part which raises 1000m over the floodplains of the Big Crystal Creek.

This is a great place to explore if you want your elopement to have a big rainforest vibe to it.

Eungella National Park, Mid North Queensland

Eungella is Queensland’s most biologically diverse park, so if you’re a couple who love nature and biodiversity, this could be perfect for your rainforest elopement.

The park contains a number of stunning walks around water and rainforest, including Palm Grove track, which is a roughly 3 hour trek and is filled with vast trees, and even ones you can walk through.

Glacier Rock Lookout, Barron Gorge National Park

Located near Cairns, the Glacier Rock Lookout walk is a roughly 6.8km walk which is filled with rainforests, creeks, and stunning views. When you get to the top, you’ll also be treated to incredible views, which are perfect for enjoying at sunset and sunrise. Great for couples who want to elope with a sunset or sunrise in the background.

Whilst this is a difficult walk, it is one which is incredibly rewarding.

Greene’s Falls Track, South Queensland

This easy rainforest track features a waterfall, and is also quite short, meaning that if you’re a couple after a short and easy walk for your rainforest elopement, this could be perfect for you! Stretching 4.2km, it has a vast amount of rainforest to enjoy, although can be a little muddy underfoot at times!

As a bonus, the creeks around the area are sparkling clean, and definitely worth a small dip in!

Baxter Falls, Brisbane

This 6.1km trek boasts waterfalls, rock pools, and a tonne of gorgeous Queensland rainforest scenery. Along the path you’ll see a host of awesome reptiles, birds and even frogs! You’ll also be treated to a kick ass suspension bridge, so if you’re a couple who dig the more ‘wild adventure’ style of elopement, this would be perfect for you.

Brindle Creek To Evans Falls, Border Ranges

Technically not in Queensland, but too good not to mention, considering how close it is to Queensland.

Brindle Creek Walk has a stunning waterfall and stretches for about 6.9km, through lush rainforests full of deep greens and gorgeous scenery. You’ll end up at Selva Falls which is worth the trip alone! If you’re in the mood for some deep greens for your elopement, this would be the perfect location for you!

Daintree National Park, North Queensland

The Daintree National Park has been labelled by David Attenborough as a natural wonder, so if that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will.

The Daintee National Park is full of stunning locations to elope in, with favourite walks being those of Mossman Gorge (done via a guided tour, but completely worth it), Kulki Lookout, and Myall Beach.

It’s hard to resist eloping in the Daintree National Park if you are a couple who love exotic rainforests in paradise.

Coastal and beach elopement locations

Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef

For the ultimate coastal elopement, Lizard Island in the Great Barrier Reef may be the perfect elopement location for you both.

Situation on the Great Barrier Reef, Lizard Island features crystal clear blue waters, dense forests, and coastal locations full of rocks and gorgeous scenery. Don’t miss out on this if you want that perfect island adventure.

Port Douglas, North Queensland

Port Douglas is renown for being the neighbour to the Daintree Rainforest, and is a magical paradise in it’s own right. Filled with tonnes of scenic locations, and adjacent to so many good walks listed in this page, it’s the perfect place for couple to elope to.

Combining luxury locations, food, and drink, Port Douglas shouldn’t be missed if you’re looking for a base to go off on an elopement location. It also has it’s own Four Mile Beach which is a natural wonder.

Stradbroke Island, Brisbane

‘Straddie’, as it’s known to the locals is the perfect place for an island elopement, full of DIY adventures, sunsets, and wildlife spotting. Bring yourself a 4×4, and travel around the whole island finding a range of areas, from beach based campsites, to tea-tree soaked magical lakes.

Straddie is the perfect elopement location if you’re living in Brisbane and want somewhere to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and get married to your best friend.

I can personally vouch that the local brewery, Straddie Brewing Co, has one of my favourite beers around, the Myra Springs Gose.

Whitehaven Beach, Airlie Beach

You’ve seen it on all of the tourism posters, and for good reason. Whitehaven Beach is an absolute wonder and one which is perfect for the jet-setting couple who want to elope in one of Australia’s natural wonders. Complete with white sands, and crystal blue waters, this is one of Australia’s gems.

You need to charter a ship to get over to Whitehaven beach, but there are a lot of companies who do this, and as a bonus you’ll most likely get a nice glass of something bubbly along the way!

Want to get your Queensland elopement package booked?

If you’re looking for even more elopement locations, or trying to nail down which one of these may be best, I recommend having a read of my guide to reading about your perfect elopement location.

This can help further your idea of what you’re looking for in your search for where to elope in Australia.

Otherwise get in contact today with me and I can get you started!

Let’s chat about designing your dream Queensland elopement!

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