The best places to elope in NSW, and NSW elopement packages [updated for 2022/2023]

August 28, 2021

What is an elopement?

An elopement is a small wedding between you and your partner. Typically they just involve the both of you, a celebrant, and 2 witnesses.

For a comprehensive breakdown of what exactly an elopement is, check out this blog post which I made on what an elopement is.

Elopements may be known by other names, such a micro wedding, or intimate wedding.

Why should you elope?

There are a lot of advantages to eloping compared to weddings, and here are my top 10 reasons to elope.

One of the biggest reasons couples love to elope is to have a much more intimate adventure with a day that is focused on making them happy, rather than 200 other people, many of whom they hardly see.

How do you elope?

Eloping is straightforward and a lot easier than traditional weddings, as you’re basically planning a fun holiday for yourselves! I’ve written about the whole process on how to elope here, but if you’d like to see a comprehensive video on the whole process, check out my video below:

All you need to elope is the following:

  • Yourselves;
  • Rings;
  • Lodge a Notice of intent to Marry 30 days before your elopement;
  • EITHER (a) a celebrant or officiant who can legally wed you on your day; or (b) a legal ceremony at a registered address, such as a chapel (don’t worry, you can do this to get the legal paperwork done, and save your vows for later.

That’s it!

Why elope in NSW?

New South Wales is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Australia, from the Blue Mountains to the luscious coasts of Byron Bay.

The main reasons to elope in NSW are:

  • A great diversity of environments, ranging from the cool climate of the Southern Highlands, to the red deserts of Broken Hill;
  • Incredible National Parks, full of well-maintained trails from the Kosciusko National Park, to the Ku-Rin Gai Chase National Park;
  • Comfortable climate, making it easy to find a location throughout the year that would suit your choice of weather;
  • Proximity to Sydney, one of the biggest cities in Australia;

What does an elopement day typically look like?

Here is an example of what your NSW elopement could look like if you loved the idea of getting married in the Blue Mountains, one of NSW’s best elopement locations:

8:00am – Wake up and grab breakfast in Katoomba

9:30am – Go for a walk over to Lincoln’s Rock for some morning views and exploration

11:00am – Head back to local AirBNB to have lunchtime snacks

12:00pm – Photography starts, hanging out at the local AirBNB capturing the getting ready process.

12:30pm – First look at the Cottage before heading off to ceremony spot

1:00pm – Leave for Boars Head Lookout

1:15pm – Arrive at Boar’s Head Lookout Entrance

1:30pm – Arrive at Ceremony Location at Boars’s Head Lookout

1:45pm – Ceremony begins

2:00pm – Ceremony concludes and celebration / Couples photos

2.30pm – Leave for Valley of Waters Walk

2.45pm – Arrive at Conservation Hut to start walk

4.45pm – Approx finish of walk and head off to sunset vantage point to watch sun set

5.00pm – Arrive at sunset point, ready to pop champagne and get cosy

5.27pm – Sun sets over mountains

6.00pm – Photography finishes, and the couple head off to dinner.

7:00pm – Dinner and celebrations

As part of my bespoke elopement package service, I help design your perfect day with you, so you don’t have to worry about scheming up the logistics of the day.

What NSW elopement packages are there?

Whilst there may be many companies out there that will offer an elopement package, many of these come bundled with preset vendors and locations. In my experience of talking to other couples who have researched this, these are designed to be a ‘turn and churn’ approach.

I believe that your story is unique, and as such everything I create when it comes to elopement packages are bespoke to the couple. Whilst I don’t come bundled with any vendors, I do this to allow you ultimate freedom in where you’d like to elope, with me also providing customised local vendors specific to the location you choose.

Ultimately, this will provide a much better and personal experience for you both.

NSW elopement photographer and guide pricing:

6 hour Elopement Packages and Full-day coverage available:

  • Personalised elopement timeline and location curation – I basically do all the heavy lifting when it comes to working out how to elope in NSW.
  • Tips, tricks, and logistical tools.
  • Personal Printing rights to the fully edited digital files (roughly 300 – 600 depending on coverage).
  • Secure Online gallery with high-definition image download.
  • All photographer travel fees (yes, that’s right!).
  • 4 Hours: $3750 | 6 hours: $4850 | Full-day $7600.
  • Fine art album as an additional investment.

If you’d like a more tailored quote, please reach out and let me help design your perfect NSW elopement adventure.

Should we have an acknowledgement of land?

Whilst this is never a legal necessity, I highly recommend to all couples to include an acknowledgement of land. This is to pay respect to the original landowners of Australia, who are still not recognised as the traditional landowners in the Australian Constitution.

I recommend doing this because it pays respect to the people who originally looked after the lands of Australia, and who know and understand them best. The Australian Government has never formally recognised that these lands were taken against their will from the traditional landowners.

Please consider doing an acknowledgement of land for your elopement ceremony. It takes less than 10 seconds extra to say, but pays tribute and raises awareness of these current issues.

Always was, always will be.

The best places to elope in NSW

Below I have created a substantial outline of the best places to elope in NSW divided up by:

  1. The best places to elope in NSW by region – if you’re looking at eloping in a specific location near you, I have broken down all parts of New South Wales to give you the best idea by region which are the best elopement locations.
  2. The best places to elope in NSW by environment – If you’re open to locations anywhere in NSW, I have broken down all of my favourite elopement locations into different biomes to help you understand which may suit you best.

Registry Office Wedding Ceremony Locations in Sydney (and elsewhere)

If you’re looking to go on an adventure and realise that a celebrant may not be perfectly suited for the 4-hour hike you’d like to do, then you’ll need to lodge the paperwork and do the legal stuff at a Registry Office.

The way in which these work are you’d get all the paperwork done, but hold your vows for your elopement. Many couples have done this before and realise that it’s the vows which make the most significant difference when it comes to eloping.

Here are some Registry Office Wedding Ceremony Locations in Sydney and elsewhere in NSW:

Chippendale, Sydney

50 Kensington Street, Chippendale. 

Chippendale, Sydney

35 Regent Street, Chippendale. 

Parramatta, Sydney

160 Marsden Street, Parramatta. 

Manly, Sydney

Manly Surf Life Saving Club
Ashburner Street & South Steyne, Manly

Old Wolloongong Courthouse, Wollongong

1 Harbour Street, Wollongong. 

The best places to elope in NSW by region

With a NSW elopement, you can elope in many places, from red deserts, to green lush rainforests. I have compiled a whole list of where to elope in NSW by region, and also some more information on each part of NSW.

Please note that whilst a trek may last a certain amount of km, for an elopement in NSW, you never need to do the full amount to have a good time!

Here is a breakdown of the main different regions and what environments they offer:

NOTE: NSW’s boundaries are sometimes disputed and so many names have been given to different areas. When creating this article, I’ve made some assumptions in breaking up different areas, and have given weight to areas which are more suitable to elopements, e.g. Byron Bay and The Blue Mountains. As such, some parks and locations to stay in are repeated.

North Central and Tablelands

With an incredible 25 protected National Parks, three of which are listed as World Heritage Areas by UNESCO, the Northern part of NSW is brimming with stunning environments for you to elope in. The high rainfall in this area can account for the incredible lushness of the environment, with around 60% of the rainfall occurring over the summer months.

As this area has a very high elevation, it means that you’re going to get cool summers and freezing winters; perfect for the couple who want to elope without the blistering heat.

Another notable feature of the North Central area is its awesome volcanic history, with Mount Kaputar sculpting out a rocky landscape to enjoy.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Werrikimbe National Park
  • Oxley Wild Rivers National Parks
  • Mount Rumbee
  • Mount Kaputar
  • Round Mountain
  • Chandler’s Peak

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Barrington Coast
  • Byron Bay
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Lake Macquarie
  • Newcastle

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Rainforests
  • Waterfalls
  • Gorges

Perfect for couples who:

If you’re a couple who love the idea of eloping in NSW, and want to experience somewhere with lush rainforests and waterfalls near the coast, this could be the perfect region for you.

My top places to elope in the Northern Central and Tablelands:

Wonga Walk, Dorrigo Mountain

Length: 6.1km return

A walk filled with lush rainforests, great green scenery, big trees, and even a stunning waterfall. This intermediate hike is perfect for couples who want a mix of everything for their elopement. What’s more, most of the walk is paved, making it easy and accessible.

Crystal Shower Falls, Dorrigo Mountain

Length: 3.1km return

With a name like Crystal Shower Falls, you know this walk is going to be good. If you want to elope with a waterfall, then this could be the perfect spot for you both. As part of the Wonga Walk Circuit, Crystal Shower Falls takes you on a gorgeous rainforest walk, across a suspension bridge, and even into a rocky cavern where you can see behind Crystal Shower Falls. Not one to miss for waterfall nuts.

Mount Yulludundida Summit, Kaputar

Length: 4km return

If you’re looking for mountaintop views in the Northern Central, then this will be the perfect place for your NSW elopement. The climb up to the top takes you up a steep but beautiful bluff, providing complete 360 degree views around the Mount Kaputar National Park.

Sandstone Caves Circuit, Dandry

Length: 1.8km return

Looking for something unique for your elopement? These incredible sandstone caves contain rich Aboriginal culture, and are an easy walk, with beautiful views over Pilligia. These overhanging caves are formed metres above head, and you’ll be able to spot Aboriginal rock art in them as well.

Sarum Hill Lookout Via Salisbury Waters Track, Dangarsleigh

Length: 10.9km return

If you want to have a good adventure for your elopement, this trek could tick all the boxes for you. Containing a whole host of scenic views and outlooks, with the gorgeous Mihi Falls Lookout as a reward at the end.

Sawn Rocks Walking Track, Kaputar 

Length: 1.6km return

Another elopement location showing off the unique landscapes of Northern Central NSW. The Sawn Rocks Walking Track showcases the ‘organ-piping’ structure of these volcanic rocks. These were formed back when Mount Kaputar was an active volcano. This is the perfect backdrop for any NSW elopement ceremony.

Belougery Split Rock Via Burbie Fire Trail Loop, Warrumbungle 

Length: 4.5km return

With awesome views at the top, and a rocky landscape, if you love wild and open spaces, this would be great for your NSW elopement. Whilst this is suited better for experienced bush walkers, it’s not one to be missed. Once you get to the top, you’ll witness an ancient lava dome, and tonnes of interesting rock formations.

The Governor Summit Track, Kaputar

Length: 1.9km return

Easy and accessible, the Governor Summit Track provides a leisurely experience with a big payoff of incredible views at the top. There are few places which provide such an easy way to have an epic elopement ceremony location. Recommended rocking this spot at sunrise / sunset.


North Coast and Rivers

Most renown for Byron Bay, the North Coast and Rivers stretch from Newcastle all the way up to Byron Bay.

With distinctive red volcanic soils, this area features most of the stunning coastal zones of New South Wales, with a host of incredibly diverse National Parks, such as Tweed Heads.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Tweed Volcano
  • Tweed Heads
  • Mount Warning
  • Coorabakh National Park
  • Dorrigo National Park

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Newcastle
  • Port Macquarie
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Byron Bay

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Rainforests
  • Waterfalls
  • Costal Zones
  • Beaches

Perfect for couples who:

If your ideal NSW elopement involves beaches, relaxing, and a tonne of surf, sea and sand, then the North Coast of NSW would be perfect for you.

My top places to elope in the North Coast and Rivers:

Woolgoolga Headland Walk 

Length: 2.4km return

A leisurely walk, but one which provides a lot of great places for an elopement ceremony. From coastal rocks to open grass plains, the Woolgoola Headland Walk is perfect for couples who want an accessible and easy elopement location. As a bonus it is also one of the best whale watching locations in the whole of the Coffs Region. Be sure to visit from May to October for this!

Big Nellie, Lansdowne Forest 

Length: 1km return

Big Nellie has earned it’s name, ascending 500m above sea level and providing incredible views across the Coorabakh National Park. Formed when Australia was created with volcanic activity, Big Nellie would be a perfect NSW elopement location for couples who want awesome views without too much of an adventure.

Dangar Falls Track, Dorrigo 

Length: 1.1km return

If you want to elope near a waterfall, then Dangar Falls could be your perfect elopement location! This gorgeous 30 metre waterfall is located in the middle of the North Coast’s dairy farmland. Along the route, you can see the falls from a viewing platform, and even wander down on a path to have a swim in it. Just remember to bring your swimming gear to enjoy it properly!

Rosewood Creek Circuit and Red Cedar Falls, Never Never 

Length: 7.7km return

Looking for deep lush forests, creeks, and waterfalls for your NSW elopement? This circuit is the place for you! Filled with World-Heritage listed green forests, 1000-year-old trees, beautiful creeks, and Red Cedar Falls, this could be the perfect forest adventure for couples who want to elope in nature. It is a little more challenging than other walks, but worth it.

Woolgoola Creek to Woolgoolga Creek Falls Walk, Woolgoolga

Length: 4.2km return

This walk is filled with lush forests, vines, and lots of fun creeks to cross. This trek is perfect for couples looking for a NSW elopement which has some water-based adventures in it, and tonnes of stunning birds as well, such as wompoo pigeons, rose-crowned fruit doves, and even grey-headed flying foxes.


Byron Bay

If you’re looking to elope in Byron Bay way, then you’re in for a treat. This is why I wanted to have it as its own little section on here.

Eloping in Bryon Bay is easy, relaxing and fun. Byron Bay is actually part of an ancient shield volcano, the Tweed Volcano.

Byron Bay is renowned for its surf, sand, sea, and relaxed hippy and boho vibe.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Tweed Volcano
  • Tweed Heads
  • Byron Bay Beach

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Byron Bay

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Beaches
  • Waterfalls
  • Rainforests

Perfect for couples who:

If you’re a couple who love Byron Bay, and the alternative scene, then an elopement at Byron Bay would be perfect for you both.

My top places to elope in Byron Bay:

Byron Bay Lighthouse Loop

Length: 3.9km return

Byron Bay Lighthouse is iconic with the Byron Bay landscape, and provides some incredible views of the mainland and out to the cape. Especially for sunsets. The walk takes you along a mixture of tracks, steps, and scenic rainforests and grasslands.

If you are looking to elope in Byron Bay, then this could provide the perfect ceremony space for yourselves. Don’t forget to hit up Watergos Beach for a good swim or surf afterwards!

Goonegerry Waterfalls

Length: 10.5km return

Combining spectacular forest views with a stunning waterfall, this day trip would be the perfect Byron Bay elopement location for couples looking for waterfalls and lush green forests.

Boulder Beach Walk 

Length: 6.8km return

This extensive walk is perfect for couples who want to elope in Bryon Bay and absorb a tonne of different environments and sights. Passing through rainforests, coastal areas and beaches, this walk lives up to its name. Don’t forget to stop in at a number of beaches to take a dip too!

Blue Fig Trail 

Length: 4.8km return

Showing off gorgeous blue pools and beautiful natural swimming spots, Blue Fig Trail is located just outside of Bryon Bay and is perfect for couples who want to elope with a waterfall and surrounded by lush forests and water.

Killen Falls 

Length: 1.4km return

Looking to say your vows and elope underneath a busting waterfall? Killen Falls has you covered! Just outside of Byron Bay, this outstanding waterfall is a short walk which has plenty of space for you to have a dip and say I do.


North West Slopes

An area which predominantly has its landscape shaped by agriculture, the North West Slops of NSW provide some great National Parks to elope in if you love the idea of wide open plains and magnificent mountains. Due to its elevation being similar to the North Tablelands, you can expect cold winters and cool summers despite it being quite north in NSW.

The Mount Kaputar National Park should be of great interest to couples who love exploring and adventuring.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Nowendoc National Park
  • Duri Mountain
  • Timmallallie National Park
  • Mount Kaputar National Park

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Tamworth
  • Gunnedah
  • Moree
  • Narrabri
  • Inverell

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Grassland
  • Mountains

Perfect for couples who:

The North Slopes of NSW are perfect for couples who prefer a bit more of a quiet elopement and who enjoy the landscapes that many farmland areas provide. The National Parks up here are definitely worth considering.

My top places to elope in the North West Slopes:

Oxley Lookout To Flagstaff Mountain Lookout, Tamworth

Length: 5.8km return

Wide open and full of beautiful views, Flagstaff Mountain is an excellent NSW elopement spot for couples looking to tie the knot whilst having some of the best sunset views around. Providing views over Tamworth at the top, this trek pays off at the end with awesome views.

Dawsons Spring Nature Trail, Kaputar 

Length: 1.8km return

Feeling a little like the Tasmania Overland Track, this nature trail is an awe-inspiring experience for couples who love boardwalks and incredible views up to the nearby mountains. In Spring, you’ll also be treated to blooming wild flowers, just be a bit wary of snakes!

Mount Kaputar Sumit Walk, Kaputar 

Length: 2.7km return

If you’re looking for 360 degree views at the top of a mountain, then Mount Kaputar could be the perfect elopement location for yourselves. Along the track up you’ll go through looming eucalyptus to the opening out to views all around. Don’t miss out on this at sunset.


Far West

Renown for its deep red sands and ‘Mad Max’ appearance, the Far West of NSW contains an arid landscape, rich with aboriginal history in it. Despite 95% of the region being uncleared and wild, this provides a journey in of itself when heading to your destination; rolling landscapes of red filling the view.

The Mungo National Park and Dunes should be of particular interest to couples who want to have a slightly different and otherworldly experience for their elopement in NSW.

Being incredibly remote at times, you’ll also want to make sure you pack accordingly to be prepared.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Mungo National Park
  • Mungo Dunes

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Broken Hill
  • Bourke
  • Brewarrina
  • Cobar
  • Ivanhoe
  • Wentworth

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Desert
  • Lakes
  • Dunes

Perfect for couples who:

This is the real outback Australia experience, and is perfectly suited to couples who want to elope in NSW and have a real adventure into the red desert wild landscape.

My top places to elope in the Far West of NSW

Mungo Foreshore Walk, Mungo

Length: 3.4km return

Here’s something you don’t always see; dunes. If you love the idea of having your NSW elopement in dunes, then the Mungo Foreshort walk will be the perfect place for you. This short walk will lead you to what used to be an ancient lake. Although it has dried up, you will be able to see the dunes and woodlands left in its place. One of NSW’s more unique elopement locations.

Murray River Track 

Length: 6.8km return

This track provides a great walk for couples who enjoy riverside views, scrubby forests, and nature. Along the route there are plenty of great spots for you to say your vows, with the walk providing an easy but beautiful adventure.

Bynguano Range Walk, Mutawinti 

Length: 8.7km

Ever fancy eloping on Mars? The Bynguano Range Walk will give you a little taste of that experience, with brilliant and unique locations along the route. This trek takes you around the Bynguano Range, showing off creeks, open grasslands, and canyons. Don’t miss out on this spot if you love variety and something different.

Living Desert Sculpture Track and Cultural Track, Broken Hill 

Length: 6.0km return

Combining art, culture, and landscapes, the Living Desert Sculpture Track is the perfect elopement location for couples who want to have a modern twist on nature. This walk contains 12 sandstone artworks from artists all around the world.

Kings Billabong Nature Walk 

Length: 9.2km return

This is one for the twitchers and bird fanatics (like me). The Kings Billabong Nature Walk provides a great spot for couples to elope in, with a bird hide, and plenty of green spaces to enjoy. This flat and easy walk would be great for couples who want to take it easy.

Silverton Hotel to Silverton Mine, Silverton 

Length: 7.4km return

Fans of Mad Max rejoice, as you can elope where parts of the film franchise was filmed. The iconic Silverton Hotel is the starting point for this great track, which takes you through the landscape past old mining equipment and to eerie but beautiful open landscapes filled with red. Finish up your day with a nice cold one from the Silverton Hotel.

Jack’s Creek Loop, Yenda

Length: 2.6km return

This dried out creek provides an easy trek around some astonishing landscapes featuring cliffs, woodlands, and the Far West’s iconic red sandy vibe. The cliff walls here provide a great elopement ceremony location for couples who enjoy the outback.


Hunter Valley Region

The Hunter Valley is best known for its incredible wineries, of which there are 150(!) of them. However, the Hunter Valley also provides the perfect elopement spots, especially for big wine lovers.

North of Sydney, the Hunter Valley is also one of the largest river valleys in the whole of the NSW coast. Because of that, you’ll come across a tonne of National Parks and forests, brimming with rainforests and waterways. If you’re looking to elope Hunter Valley style, then you’ll be treated to plenty of wine, good sights, and great food.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Goulburn River National Park
  • Myall Lakes National Park
  • Barrington Tops National Park
  • Werakata National Park
  • Watagans National Park
  • Mount Royal National Park
  • Polkolbin State Forest
  • Putty State Forest
  • Chichester State Forest
  • Running Creek Nature Reserve
  • The Glen Nature Reserve
  • Black Bulga State Conservation Area
  • Myall River State Forest
  • Karuah Nature Reserve.

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Pokolbin
  • Lovedale
  • Mount View
  • Broke Fordwich
  • Wollombi Valley
  • Cessnock
  • Singleton

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Waterfalls
  • Rivers
  • Rainforests

Perfect for couples who:

Couples who love the idea of combining an adventurous NSW elopement with a wine tour, look no further; an elopement in the Hunter Valley will sort you out perfectly.

My top places to elope in the Hunter Valley Region:

Blue Gum Loop and Rocky Crossing Track, Salisbury 

Length: 14.3km return

If you want to elope in the Hunter Valley surrounded by deep creek beds, cut out limestone rocks, and huge trees, then Blue Gum Loop will be perfect for you. This nature walk follows the Williams River up through Rocky Crossing, crossing a tonne of beautiful river spots, such as Crystal Pools. You might even be lucky enough to see a Lyrebird!

Polblue Falls, Moonan Brooke 

Length: 0.3km return

An ideal ceremony locations, Polblue Falls is a beautifully little spot if you want to elope in the Hunter Valley. Filled with a bustling stream and lots of forest, this short walk could be a great ceremony spot before heading off to a bigger adventure for your Hunter Valley elopement.

Bimbadeen Loookout Via Bimbadeen Road, Bellbird 

Length: 7.6km return

If you love the idea of combining a good hike with epic views for miles at sunset, this would make the perfect Hunter Valley elopement spot for you. This modest trek provides scenic views across the Hunter Valley region, and would be perfect at around sunset or sunrise as well.

Great North Walk – Spur To Hunter Wineries, Millfield 

Length: 18km return

One of the longer treks on this list, but one which has a big pay off. Starting out at Millfield, you’ll trek towards the main wineries of the Hunter Valley, passing along grass tress and Mount Bright Lookout, providing gorgeous views across the valley. This trail is perfect for couples who want to have an elopement in the Hunter Valley with lots of nature, views, and a nice glass (or few) at the end.

Any winery!

Length: you choose!

I’m adding this option on here because to put it simply, you can have a winery elopement in the Hunter Valley anywhere! For example, maybe you love the look of Ivanhoe Wineries estate and rolling hills; in which case, let them know you’d love to have your ceremony there, then kick back and enjoy the sights and views!

Here are some of my favourite wineries to elope in the Hunter Valley with:

Ivanhoe Wineries – Awesome medieval themed winery, with great views out to the rolling hills of the Hunter Valley.

Peppertree Wines – Brimming with incredible Victorian style architecture, this rustic but modern winery would be the perfect spot for a Hunter Valley elopement if you love your architecture and wine.

Tallavera Grove – An incredibly picturesque winery, which has a dining and drinking space overlooking the hills of the Hunter Valley. If you love good wine and brilliant views, check these guys out.


Central Tablelands and Ranges

Home to the iconic Blue Mountains, the Central Tablelands are a very popular place for couples to elope in. This is because of the copious National Parks and diverse landscapes that make up the Central Tablelands.

Here you’ll find a variety of environments, from deep lush green forests, to raging waterfalls. The Central Tablelands have a higher altitude than most other places in NSW and as such you’ll find a lot of great mountain ranges up here as well.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • The Blue Mountains
  • Nullo Mountain
  • Mount Coricudgy

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Orange
  • Bathurst
  • Lithgow
  • Mudgee
  • Cowra
  • Wellington
  • Blayney
  • Oberon
  • Gulgong
  • Portland

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Mountains
  • Rainforests
  • Lakes
  • Waterfalls
  • Rivers

Perfect for couples who:

If you love the idea of climbing mountains but also descending into rich gullies of ferns and waterfalls, the Central Ranges would be perfect for your NSW elopement.

My top places to elope in the Central Tablelands and Ranges:

Breadknife and Grand High Tops Walk, Warrumbungle 

Length: 13km return

A difficult but incredibly regarding elopement hike, the Grand High Tops walk would make the perfect elopement adventure for couples who live the trekking lifestyle.

Located in the Warrumbingle National Park, this scenic walk takes you along forests and wide open scrub land, up to Breadknife Gap where you’ll have epic views of the National Park. The central Tablelands of New South Wales are known for their mountainous locations, so if you’re looking to elope in NSW with some views, this walk cannot be missed.

Twister and Rocky Creek Canyon, Newnes Plateau 

Length: 3.2km return

This one is specifically for couples who want to elope in a canyon; this is a difficult elopement location, but one that can really pay off if you want to have an adventure! For this one, you’ll need a wetsuit and all the regular canyoning equipment, such as canyoning helmet, canyoning shoes, canyoning pack, hydration bladder, personal locator, beacon, and static rope.

Passing through multiple pools, you’ll experience a canyoning adventure which will take you through fern encrusted pools and grace you with incredible views of Twister Canyon. 

For this NSW elopement location, you’ll want to consider either getting a celebrant who is keen to do some canyoning, or separately do a legal proceeding at a courthouse as listed above, and then save the vows for the journey. As an elopement photographer, I’d be sure to have waterproof bags on hand with the camera, so you’d be covered!

WARNING: This one is definitely more dangerous than others, so yet again please only consider this if you have good experience canyoning.

Patoneys Crown, Glen David 

Length: 10.6km return

Another challenging hike but one which is very rewarding for couples who are looking to have a hiking elopement adventure. You will need rock climbing equipment for the last part of this hike.

The hike involves walking through the bush, taking in the sights of the Gardens Of Stone National Park. Patoneys Crown is a big rock formation which, once climbed, provides unparalleled views out to the horizon, and is the perfect NSW elopement location for adventurous couples.

Grand Canyon Track, Blue Mountains

Length: 5.8km return

This iconic hike is one of the best tracks in the whole of the Blue Mountains because it provides so many experiences. This is the place to elope in the Blue Mountains if you love the idea of experiencing ferns, waterfalls, and lush vegetation.

Along the short but challenging trek, you’ll experience sandstone walls which have been carved over millions of years, and amazing views which show off the best of the Blue Mountains. This area is prone to flooding after a heavy rainfall.

Ikara Head Track, Blue Mountains

Length: 7.2km return

If you want to elope with bright blue skies above you and the wilderness of the Blue Mountains surrounding you, then Ikara Head Track may be the perfect Blue Mountains elopement location for you! This gorgeous walk will take you over the headlands of the Blue Mountains, taking you along huge rock outcrops, with big scenic views, and epic mountainous landscapes.

If you are claustrophobic, fear not, as you’ll be at home with this elopement location.


Blue Mountains

Couples have travelled from all over the world just to visit the fabled Blue Mountains of NSW. It truly is a wonder in the Australian landscape, and for good reason.

The area of the Blue Mountains extends for a total of just over 11,000 square kilometres and contains an incredibly diverse range of flora, fauna, and landscapes. You’ll find huge cliffs carved by millennia of wind, to magnificent waterfalls plummeting kilometres to the ground. The whole area is teeming with unique and important species; indeed, 91 species of eucalypt are believed to occur in the Blue Mountains Regions area.

The Blue Mountains got their name from the oils which evaporate from various eucalypt species when the air pressure rises; the sun catches these oils and shifts the sunlight to look slightly more ‘blue’. Hence the name.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Jenolan Caves Karst Conservation Reserve
  • Blue Mountains National Park
  • Wollemi National Park
  • Yengo National Park
  • Nattai National Park
  • Kanangra-Boyd National Park
  • Gardens of Stone National Park
  • Thirlmere Lakes National Park

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Glenbrook
  • Lawson
  • Leura
  • Wentworth Falls
  • Katoomba
  • Medlow Bath
  • Mount Tomah
  • Blackheath

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Mountains
  • Rainforests
  • Lakes
  • Waterfalls
  • Rivers

Perfect for couples who:

When eloping in NSW, couples who love sheer cliffs, epic views, and incredibly lush rainforests, really need to consider The Blue Mountains as their number one destination. You’ll find few places like the Blue Mountains to elope in, it really is a gem in New South Wales’ crown.

My top places to elope in the The Blue Mountains:

Valley of Waters to Wentworth Falls, Katoomba

Length: 6km return

This trek covers the biggest sights and sounds of the Wentworth Falls area in the Blue Mountains and is a stunning NSW elopement location for any couple who want to experience the best of what the Blue Mountains has to offer.

Whilst this is a very popular walk, you’ll be able to experience a heap of incredible waterfalls, such as Sylvia Falls, Lodore Falls, and Empress Falls (more on this specific waterfall later). You’ll also be able to view Wentworth Falls which is as impressive as it is high. Along the rough you’ll also go through rainforests, pools and get to see everything the Blue Mountain has to offer.

If you’re only in the Blue Mountains for one day, make this your elopement location.

Burramoko Fire Trail to Hanging Rock, Blackheath 

Length: 11.1km return

If you enjoy walking next to cliff faces and are an adrenaline junkie, then this trek may be the perfect spot for your NSW elopement! This fire trail snakes along the headlands of the Blue Mountains, just outside Blackheat. Along the way you’ll see scrubby vegetation and incredible views stretching as far as you can see.

Once you get to the main attraction though, Hanging Rock, you’ll be treated to a huge rocky landscape, with towering cliffs above and deep ravines below. Watch your step here, but this is another iconic part of the Blue Mountains that shouldn’t be missed.

Lockley’s Pylon, Blue Mountains 

Length: 7.1km return

Another one of the Blue Mountain’s awesome wide open treks, which provides an excellent elopement location in the Blue Mountains, if you love bushwalking with great views. Along the way you’ll be treated to views across the Grose Valley, and once you climb the Pylon, you’ll also be able to see Mount Hay and Mount Banks.

Bring some good, sturdy footwear for this, as it can be rocky in places.

Wilkinson Hill, Blue Mountains 

Length: 6.8km return

This track takes you along some more of the headlands of the Blue Mountains, with some beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes. You’ll also be rewarded with lots of rocky outcrops, and some unique rock formations which would make the perfect ceremony spots for your Blue Mountains elopement.

Lincoln’s Rock, Katoomba

Length: 500m return

Lincoln’s Rock is probably one of the most well-known parts of The Blue Mountains, and for good reasons. The rocky outcrop has been featured in countless promotional posts and images around Australia, and is maybe one of the best places to take in the classic Blue Mountains Sunset.

With an easy walk from the car park, it is one of the most iconic places to elope in the Blue Mountains, providing an excellent sunset vantage point.

However, I’m also going to go on record here and say that it can be very crowded, even on weekdays. The area draws in many local Instagrammers, and tourists.

If you are planning to have your ceremony spot here, I recommend getting in early and reserving a space, just as it can turn into a little of a contest to see who can snag the best space, and on one day, I kid you not, I saw 5 bridal couples up there at once. It is an excellent spot, but definitely not one for introverts who don’t like being the centre of attention.


Central Coast

Covering the area up from Gosford to Lake Macquarie, the Central Coast contains a host of beautiful beaches, National Parks, and waterways just north of the Sydney region. The area is filled with great nature walks, clifftop views, and brilliant waterfalls and bushland.

The climate up on the Central Coast is also quite enjoyable, so if you’re a fan of the heat and want to elope and let your hair down at one of the many beaches, this would be your place.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Watagan Mountains
  • Brisbane Water National Park
  • Popran National Park
  • Wyrrabalong National Park
  • Bouddi National Park

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Gosford
  • Wyong
  • Terrigal
  • Tuggerah
  • Lakehaven
  • The Entrance
  • Woy Woy

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Waterfalls
  • Beaches
  • Coastal Zones
  • Rainforests

Perfect for couples who:

If you’re a couple who love the idea of spending time by the beach and then heading off for a rainforest waterfall adventure, the Central Coast would be the perfect elopement spot for you.

My top places to elope in the Central Coast:

Piles Creek Loop, Somersby 

Length: 4.8km return

Winding through creeks and sandstone carved walls, you’d be mistaken for thinking that you were in the Blue Mountains. This gorgeous track in the Brisbane Water National Park provides the perfect elopement location for couples wanting to elope with view, a waterfall, and tonnes of lush forest. The track will take you alongside the stunning Piles Creek, so take the time to enjoy it and the peace you’ll find along the route as well.

Wallarah Coastal Walking Track, Pinny Beach 

Length: 12.9km return

This extensive hike provides an excellent coastal adventure for couples who are looking to elope at the coast of NSW. The trek takes you along rugged cliffs, rocky shores, and beautiful grasslands which provide the perfect backdrop for a couple looking to elope with moody and scenic coastal vibes.

Along the way, you’ll be able to stop in at the beautiful Pinny Beach as well, so you can get closer to the water and even take a dip!

The Costal Walking Track, Central Coast 

Length: 6.1km return

The Coastal Walking Track provides a tonne of beautiful lookout locations, and a leisurely trek if you’re looking to elope at the coast. This track is well sign posted and crosses two incredible bays; Bateau Bay, and the Forresters Beach.

If you’re looking to elope in spring, you’ll also be treated to an abundance of wildflowers.

Tomaree Head, Shoal Bay 

Length: 2.1km return

A short walk, but one which provides unparalleled views across the whole of Port Stephens. If you’re looking to elope by the coast and want to make things easy and leisurely, this spot would be perfect for you. Recommended enjoying at sunrise or sunset to really take in how magnificent the South Coast of New South Wales is.

Arboretum and Bellbird Walk at Strickland State Forest, Somersby 

Length: 3.7km return

If you’re looking for lush forests for your elopement in NSW, then you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere quite as lush as the Arboretum and Bellbird Walk. Located in Strickland State Forest, this easy hike will take you through green forests, babbling pools, and provide a vast amount of wildlife for you to admire. This is the perfect place for a forest elopement in NSW.


Greater Sydney

Sydney is one of the largest cities in all of Australia, with a population of just over 5 million people. Despite it being a huge metropolis, there are many beautiful parts of Sydney which make it the perfect place to elope in.

Whilst there are some great venues to elope at in Sydney, this guide will focus more on the nature parks and green areas which aren’t too far out of central Sydney.

These nature areas are usually dry grassy woodlands, with a variety of coastal zones and lush forests to explore. Sydney has two major National Parks; the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, and the Royal National Park.

Both of these offer incredible locations to elope in Sydney, and I’ll also be including some of my personal special favourites of these at the end of the guide. Sydney also provides countless coastal locations and smaller National Parks and nature reserves, which make finding a city-based elopement location in Sydney a breeze.

If you’re looking for a personalised Sydney elopement package, I can also help you out by creating a day for you that would suit you both!

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park
  • Royal National Park

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Sydney

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Beach
  • Coastal Zone
  • Rainforests
  • Waterfalls
  • Lakes

Perfect for couples who:

If you live in Sydney and/or love the Greater Sydney area, then eloping in Sydney at one of its many beautiful nature reserves, would be perfect for you. Make no mistake, whilst it is a metropolis, it has plenty of gorgeous natural beauty.

My top places to elope in Greater Sydney

America Bay Trek, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Length: 1.9km return

A personal favourite of mine, the America Bay Trek in the north of Sydney at the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park is a stunning walk with plenty of different environments to elope in, from open woodlands, to quiet riversides, right to the bay itself at the end of the walk.

Along the way you’ll be able to take in the views of the north bays of the National Park, and even come across Aboriginal rock engravings as well. The walk doesn’t take too long, but provides an exciting wealth of locations for a couple looking to elope in Sydney.

Harold Reid Foreshore Track, Sydney 

Length: 3.2km return

A fantastic walk right in the city, this could be the perfect elopement location for couples looking to elope in Sydney without travelling too far out of it. Scattered around you’ll experience great views out to the water, as well as a host of lush vegetation.

West Head Lookout to Resolute Beach and Great Mackerel Beach, Pittwater 

Length: 6.1km return

As one of the best walks in and around Sydney, this trek provides some of the best mix of environments that you can elope in Sydney with. The trek leads you through Red Hands Cave, an incredible cave filled with Aboriginal engravings, and through to three secluded beaches; Resolute Beach, West Head Beach, and Mackerel Beach. When visiting these, you’ll be able to have a dip or even use these as your elopement ceremony site.

You’ll be treated to some of the best views of Sydney from the lookouts along the way. If you’re looking to elope in Sydney and want a bit of an adventure, this could be the perfect place for you.

Barrenjoey Lighthouse, Pittwater 

Length: 2.7km return

I’m sure you’ve seen this one in Instagram before, but the lookout at the Barrenjoey Lighthouse could be the perfect ceremony spot for your Sydney elopement. North of Sydney is the iconic lighthouse, and provides a great walking loop for you to enjoy. Take in the sights, but as a bit of advice, plan to get there a bit early to beat the crowds.

Winifred Falls, Royal National Park 

Length: 9km return (shorter to get to the main pool)

If you love the idea of eloping in Sydney with a waterfall, at your own private glade, then look no further, I have the place for you. With a modest entrance that is easy to pass, Winifred Falls is found after having a steep trek down a fire trail. However, when you get to the wide open area, you’ll be treated to a huge pool with flowing waterfalls all around.

There is also a large pool on the South West Arm, but the main pool provides an incredible backdrop for any couples who love the idea of having their elopement surrounded by water. Oh, and jump in for a swim whilst you are at it.


South Coast

Some of the best coastline in New South Wales can be found on the South Coast. The environments down here range from rolling farmlands, to coastal rocky outcrops, connected by plenty of small quaint towns.

The South Coast is brimming with gorgeous beaches and interesting escapes, from Jervis Bay right down to Eden. Some of the best beaches in the world are located here.

As such, the South Coast of NSW makes for a perfect elopement location, with great weather all year round, and heaps of personality and character.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Jervis Bay National Park
  • Eurobodalla National Park
  • Ben Boyd National Park

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Batemans Bay
  • Jervis Bay
  • Kiama
  • Eden

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Beach
  • Coastal Zones
  • Rainforests
  • Waterfalls
  • Lakes

Perfect for couples who:

If you’re the type of couple that loves the beach and can’t get enough of the coast, you’ll have to strongly consider eloping to the South Coast of New South Wales.

My top places to elope in the South Coast:

Werrong Beach Track, Otford 

Length: 3.1km return

This coastal walk provides views out to the ocean, and over to the famous Sea Cliff Bridge. Going through coastal scrub land, this trek provides a fantastic elopement location for couples who want the ocean as their backdrop, and to get some brilliant cliff views into their day.

Pigeon House Mountain, Yadboro 

Length: 6.6km return

This absolute behemoth of a mouth has most likely caught your eye as you’d be driving along the South Coast. It stands out and is one of the tallest elopement locations you’ll find on the South Coast of NSW.

For the trek, you’ll go through forest, health land and even areas with sandstone rocks. Whilst it isn’t as long as it seems, you will have to go up some metal ladders to reach the summit, so if you are afraid of heights, then this may not be great for you.

However, for the adrenaline junkies and couples who are looking for the perfect mountain elopement location, this will be very fitting, providing some seriously epic views at the top.

Kiama Coast Walk, Kiama

Length: 20.4km return

If you want to see the very best of the South Coast, then the Kiama Coast Walk will have you covered. Providing a whole host of awesome coastal elopement locations, this walk will take you throughout the best parts of the coast. With a trek that follows right alongside luscious farmland, you’ll be able to see the most magnificent parts of the South Coast and Kiama, including Cathedral Rocks, Kiama Blowhole, and Boneyard Beach.

Whilst this walk is listed as being 20.4km long, you can start and stop where you’d like, for example if you just wanted to see the stunning Cathedral Rocks, go for it!

Bombo Quarry, Kiama

Length: 1km return

If you love moody and interesting rocky landscapes, then Bombo Quarry has you sorted. This old quarry is part of the New South Wales State Heritage Register, and resembled the famous Giant’s Causeway from Northern Island. With huge rock columns forming a perfect elopement ceremony spot, this would be perfect for any couple looking to elope at the Bombo Quarry. Unique, quirky, and it was even featured in the Power Rangers Movie. 

Murrays Beach and Murrays Trail Loop, Jervis Bay 

Length: 6.1km return

Providing views out to Bowen Island, this loop takes you along Murrays Trail, to hidden beaches, cliff edges, and coastal scrub land. This is the perfect NSW elopement location for couples who want to take in the beauty of Jervis Bay, and then enjoy some coastal action for their elopement.


Southern Highlands

The Southern Highlands may be most well known for Kangaroo Valley; a lush area in the Southern Islands, filled with bright-green fields, rolling waterfalls, and quaint farmland.

Due to its plentiful environment, it is also considered a wine region, and sits on the Great Dividing Range which cuts the mainland of Australia from the coast.

The area is characterised by a cooler climate as well, so if you love the idea of an area which is a bit cooler, this could be perfect for you to elope in.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Morton National Park
  • Fitzroy Falls
  • Budderoo National Park
  • llawarra Escarpment
  • Wombeyan Caves

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Mittagong
  • Bowral
  • Moss Vale
  • Bundanoon
  • Robertson
  • Berrima
  • Burradoo
  • Jambaroo
  • Sutton Forest

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Mountains
  • Rainforests
  • Waterfalls

Perfect for couples who:

If you adore the idea of eloping in a countryside filled with waterfalls, and lush green farmland, then you should strongly consider a Southern Highlands elopement.

My top places to elope in the Southern Highlands:

Clover Hill Trail, Macquarie Pass 

Length: 6.9km return

If you’re looking for huge waterfalls, dense and lush forests, and a challenging adventure, the Clover Hill Trail would be perfect for your NSW elopement.

Along this route, you’ll be treated with bright and vibrant forests, filled with ferns, as well as the beautiful Rainbow Falls right at the end. This really is a huge waterfall, and if you’re desiring it, is a perfect natural swimming spot. There are other smaller falls along the route as well, although this trail is recommended for more experienced bush walkers who also have good footwear, as the track can be a bit muddy during rainfall.

Minnamurra Falls Walk, Jamberoo 

Length: 3.7km return

With an easy walk and suitably paved and boardwalk areas, this waterfall walk is the perfect elopement location for couples who want a waterfall but without the crazy hiking. This also makes it very suitable for prams and wheelchairs.

You’ll pass through lush forests, and a suspension bridge to get to the breathtaking Minamurra falls. Due to it’s proximity to Sydney, you can easily make this a day trip as well.

Perfect for a no-stress elopement in the forest.

Cascade Rainforest Walk, Macquarie Pass 

Length: 1.6km return

This beautiful and easy track through the Cascade Rainforest could be the perfect elopement location for you both if you love rich green rainforests. As a special bonus, you’ll also be able to join up to the previously mentioned Clover Hill Trail and see Rainbow Falls and Cascade Falls.

If you loved the idea of the Clover Hill Track but didn’t want to do such a long walk, this may be a better suited option.

Fitzroy Falls Walk, Fitzroy Falls 

Length: 4.0km return

Fitzroy Falls has a reputation in the Southern Highlands for being an incredible area, providing stunning views out across Kangaroo Valley, and being home to many lyrebirds as well. The great news is that there is a fantastic track which takes you to the best waterfalls and sights at Fitzroy Falls.

Along the route you’ll pass through lush rainforests, and a whole heap of great lookouts and waterfalls, including Richardson Lookout, Twin Falls, and ending up at The Grotto. The Grotto alone is worth the trail; an epic waterfall which you can even have a dip in.

If you want your NSW elopement to revolve around great views and awesome waterfalls, then the Fitzroy Falls Walk will fit the bill perfectly.


South West Slopes

Covering the area from the Great Dividing Range down to the border of Victoria, this pocket of New South Wales was identified as a rich bioregion by Birdlife International, who were looking to protect populations of parrots native to the area. This alone highlights the diversity of the area and how important it is for wildlife.

As such, it is also one of the cooler parts of New South Wales. However, you’ll find some awesome National Parks in the region, such as the Woomargma National Park, and the Benambra National Park.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Benambra National Park
  • Conimbla National Park
  • Goobang National Park
  • Livingstone National Park
  • Minjary National Park
  • Nangar National Park
  • Weddin Mountains National Park
  • Woomargama National Park

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Cowra
  • Adelong

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Mountains
  • Old Buildings (Mines)
  • Waterfalls
  • Grasslands

Perfect for couples who:

If you adore rolling farmlands, interspersed with National Parks and small towns, then an elopement in the South West Slopes of Australia would be a lot of fun for you.

My top places to elope in the South West Slopes:

The Rock Via Yerong Walking Track, The Rock 

Length: 6km return

If you’re looking for an elopement location with an adventure and a hike, then The Rock provides a great experience. Whilst this can be a challenging hike, it is one which will reward you with awesome views of bush and farmland when getting to the top of The Rock.

Blowering Cliffs Walk and Waterfall, Blowering 

Length: 5km return

Passing through classic Australian bushland, and arriving at a fantastic lookout with waterfall, the Blowering Cliffs Walk is perfect for a couple who want to elope in the bush and be treated with awesome views.

Adelong Falls Mine via Adelong Creek, Adelong 

Length: 5.5km return

If you love nerding out to old buildings and mines, then the Adelong Falls Mine would be the perfect elopement location for you. This old mining site shows the remnants of when gold mining boomed in Australia. You’ll start in the centre of Adelong and find yourself walking alongside the Adelong Creek. Finish up the day by getting a good glass of your favourite beverage in town.

Mount Brogden Walking Track, Yenda 

Length: 4.5km return

This straightforward hike will let you enjoy vast landscapes of bushland, and once you to get to the top, you’ll also encounter some fantastic cliff edges. These provide the perfect spot for you to have a mountain elopement ceremony, and to kick back as you watch the sun set in style.

Ben Hall Cave Walking Track, Piney Range 

Length: 1.1km return

Ever fancied getting married in a cave? Well, here comes your chance at a cave elopement, with the Ben Hall Cave Walking Track providing an easy walk to the perfect ceremony spot. Passing through Australian scrub land, you’ll be able to have a leisurely bushwalk to the cave and admire the sandstone structure that has been formed there.


Snowy Mountains

One of Australia’s alpine regions, the snowy mountains are home to Mount Kosciuszko, the talented mountain in all of Australia, measuring 2,228m above sea level. This behemoth of a mountain outlines the ranges of the snowy mountains, and sets the scene for so many incredible landscapes in the mountains.

From June to around September, the snowy mountains are covered in thick layers of snow, making it perfect for couples looking to combine their love of skiing, with eloping in the snow.

For the rest of the year, the mountains remain open for bushwalks, bike riding and lots of stunning summer exploration.

The snowy mountains provide an excellent experience and opportunity to elope all year round.

Dotted around the landscapes here you’ll find snow gums, beautiful rivers, and wide open heath land, reminiscent of something you’d find in the highlands of Scotland.

Notable National Parks and Landmarks:

  • Mount Kosciuszko
  • Charlotte Pass
  • Lake Cootapatamba
  • Blue Lake
  • Rainbow Lake
  • Lake Albina
  • Lake Cootapatamba
  • Club Lake
  • Headley Tarn
  • Yarangobilly Thermal Pool

Nearby towns to stay in:

  • Jindabyne
  • Thredbo
  • Perisher

Environments you’ll find here:

  • Snow
  • Alpine forests
  • Lakes
  • Mountains

Perfect for couples who:

If you love going skiing and want to say ‘I Do’ in the morning and then go skiing for the rest of the day, then you have to consider an elopement in the snowy mountains.

My top places to elope in the Snowy Mountains:

Warogong Sugarload Summit Via Buckley’s Trail, Blowering 

Length: 10.5km

If you’re looking for a forest and hillside elopement location, then Warogong Sugarload Summit would be the perfect for you both. Whilst it is a lengthy walk, you’ll be taken through hillsides and mountains overlooking the land, and Blowering reservoir. If you’re lucky, you may even get a misty day so you’ll get that really moody feel.

Blue Lake, Charlotte Pass

Length: 10km return

Whilst one of the more challenging walks in the snowy mountains, the payoff for completing the trail to Blue Lake is astounding. Starting up at Charlotte Pass, you’ll go through the alpine mountains of the snowy mountains, being able to take in the vast expanse, before arriving at the Blue Lake. Needless to say, if you’re looking to elope in the snowy mountains, this is one of the locations which will blow you away.

Having a ceremony, with the deep blue of Blue Lake being your backdrop, could be very enticing to a lot of couples who love to hike.

Rams Head, Thredbo

Length: 5km return

Accessed by taking the chairlift up from Thredbo, this hike will have you arrive at the distinctive ‘Ram’s Head’ rock formations. If you love the idea of eloping in the snowy mountains and want to find somewhere distinctive, this could be perfect for you. 

Whilst there is little information about how to reach the Rams Head, when you unload from the Kosciuszko Express chair, or walk up via the Merrits Trail, get onto the trail to Mt Kosciuszko. When you face the Main Range, you will be looking directly at the Ram’s heads. From there, it is best to check the path on Google Maps and have a cross-country hike over to it.

Keep in mind that especially in spring, the ground cover can be quite wet, and you really don’t want to damage the mosses. It’s easy to step on the fragile mountain plum pines that cling to the rocks and snap them also, so be careful where you tread.

As with most of the snowy mountains, the weather up there can change really, really fast, so be prepared for it.

Thredbo Diggings Campground, Thredbo

Length: 2km return

A popular campground, the Thredbo Diggings Campground is an excellent place to elope in the snowy mountains. Easily accessible, with lots of different small paths to take and a central plateau, this campground offers a lot when it comes to eloping. You’ll be graced with views of the snowy mountains extending upwards behind you, and lots of pathways taking you alongside the river that runs through the campground.

Dead Horse Gap, Perisher Village 

Length: 10.5km return

An iconic snowy mountains experience, Dead Horse Gap provides a walk that leads you through the best parts of what Mount Kosciuskzo has to offer. From huge rock formations along the Ram’s head Range, to the flowing rivers of Thredbo Village, it has everything you’d need for a snowy mountains elopement. Littered with snow gums, you’ll also be treated to some sights with kangaroos and wombats.

With signposting throughout, it provides a lot of freedom to choose your own adventure and to have your snowy mountains elopement adventure the way you want it. Highly recommended for couples who love to hike.


The best places to elope in NSW by environment

Here is a list of my top places to elope in NSW, broken down by the environment they are in. These are different from the above list, and (if I’m honest) contain more of my personal favourite places to elope in NSW.

Forest elopement locations

South Lawson Waterfall Circuit, Blue Mountains

Length: 2.7km

This lush forest circuit is a personal favourite in the Blue Mountains for a few reasons. Firstly, it is one of the few places in the Blue Mountains that you can elope with your dog. Secondly, it provides the quintessential Blue Mountains forest and waterfall experience if you want to avoid going all the way into the Blue Mountains.

Starting on a fire trail, you’ll wander down into the forests, and be treated with waterfalls, wide open pools, and ferns as far as you can see. What’s more, this shady walk can be enjoyed at any part of the day, so you won’t be burnt to a crisp.

Along the way, you’ll encounter 4 waterfalls; Junction Falls, Adelina Falls, Cataract Falls, and Federal Falls. These are all gorgeous and provide the perfect location for your NSW elopement if you want to have the sound of water and the forest as you share your vows. Bring good footwear for this track, as it can be slippery in places.

If you’re looking for an elopement location which isn’t too much of a trek, and is full of waterfalls, then South Lawson Waterfall Circuit may be perfect for your elopement.

Karlo Track and Bottle Forest Trail Loop, Sutherland 

Length: 8.9km return

Looking for a great natural swimming spot for your NSW elopement? This incredible trail with it’s crystal blue waters would make the perfect elopement spot for any couples looking to elope in a forest.

Passing through bushland, the Karlo Track and Bottle Forest will treat you to lush forests, mossy logs, and awesome rock formations. If you’re looking to elope in a forest with a little swimming spot, then this is perfect for you. Be sure to go around midday if you want to see just how blue the water can get!

Nellies Glen and Devil’s Hole, Blue Mountains 

Length: 8.9km return

One of the more hidden tracks along the Blue Mountains, but one which has a real payoff if you fancy a great adventure. This track is perfect for couples who want to have a real adventure on their elopement.

Taking you on an epic adventure throughout cliffs, caves, lush forests, and rocky outcrops, the track down to Nellies Glen is something special. Along the way, you’ll venture down into the gully of Nellies Glen, and come back via the Devil Hole Trail. You’ll also go through farmland, and even a suspension bridge!

There is a super special outcrop near Devil’s Hole which I’ll tell you about if you pop me a message!

Waterfall elopement locations

Fairy Bower Falls, Morton National Park

Length: 1.6km return

Another personal favourite of mine, Fairy Bower Falls is a playground of small pools and huge sprawling rainforests, which lead you down to the main falls itself. If you love huge waterfalls and want to have an awesome waterfall elopement in NSW, this is one of the top contenders.

Located not too far away from the Hume Highway near Sydney, Fairy Bower Falls has you start out at the top of a mountain, taking a trek downward along a track filled with huge boulders and massive trees. Along the way you’ll find a whole heap of different spots which would be perfect for a ceremony.

However, once you get lower down is where Fairy Bower Falls really shines. You’ll come into a clearing with several smaller pools of water, which is perfect to take a dip in. One of them you can actually swim in, if you get there at the right time of year and time of day.

The main attraction though is the falls itself. You’ll be able to find this by continuing the path and making your way down into the deepest forest of Fairy Bower Falls. This is where you will need some good footwear and to take it slowly as it is quite steep. However, the payoff is a gigantic waterfall which has as plateau beneath it. This may be one of the best places to have a waterfall elopement, with this amphitheatre feel it has.

This area was damaged by the bush fires in 2019/2020; however, it is slowly regenerating, and is best (at the time of writing in August 2021) to check with rangers about how open the area is.

On your way out of Morton National Park, be sure to stop at the lookout just before the turning to the Fairy Bower Falls car park. It really is worth it, especially at sunset.

Empress Falls, Blue Mountains

Length: 1.4km return

Empress Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the Blue Mountains and makes for one of the best waterfall elopement locations in the Blue Mountains.

This short but steep trail winds down through lush and dense forests, providing outlooks along the way over the Blue Mountains, complete with sandstone outcrops. You’ll wander through mini waterfalls and even a wooden bridge. The journey down to Empress Falls provides just as many spots to enjoy.

It’s when you make it down the steep ladders that you’ll start to see the real beauty of Empress Falls; vast rainforest areas, with the sound of the mighty falls in the background. Walking down to the main falls, you’ll see mossy rocks, and feel how much cooler it is.

Empress Falls is a mighty waterfall that provides some excellent outcrops for an elopement ceremony, or just for couples to explore and relaxed. Bring along some drinks in your bag, sit back and take it all in. As a bonus, you may be lucky enough to see some groups abseil down the falls themselves; you can do this here, and I’ve had many couples who elope in the Blue Mountains enjoy this after their elopement.

Whilst the trek back up can be a bit strenuous, it’s all worth it for the experience of seeing these magnificent falls in person.

Forty Foot Falls via Red Trail 

Length: 6.8km

If you are looking for a serious forest adventure with a massive payoff, then Forty Foot Falls will get you sorted. This is the perfect adventure for a couple who want to spend the day eloping and celebrate with a huge waterfall.

Starting out at Mittagong along the Hume Highway, the path to this impressive waterfall takes you through deep forest gullies, underneath railway bridges, and through stunning waterways.

Along the way you’ll also see sandstone walls, plenty of water-based areas. With frequent stopping to take in the sights, this walk can be quite an adventure, so I recommend setting out early to get the most out of this walk.

When you get to Forty Foot Falls, you’ll be blown away by the size of them, and will even be able to get right underneath the falls themselves.

For this walk definitely bring some good footwear, a towel and your best sense of adventure!

Mountain elopement locations

Drawing Room Rocks, Woodhill 

Length: 2.7km return

If you want the spot to say ‘I Do’ with one of the best views on all the South Coast, then Drawing Room Rocks is hard to beat. With a massive gain of about 190m, you’re going to be going uphill for most of the time, but when you get to the top you’ll be blown away by what you see.

Starting out at the end of a slightly windy and small road, you’ll begin the ascent looking out to lush farmlands, and going through dark and moody forests. Definitely watch for spider webs as you go up, especially if trying to do this at sunrise!

However once you get to the top you’ll be able to see as far as the eye can see, out to the ocean and the valleys of Kangaroo Valley. You’ll also be able to see how Drawing Room Rocks got it’s name, with it’s distinctive ‘table and chair’ rock formations.

To get the most out of this location, I highly recommend visiting at sunrise or sunset. Just remember to bring water and a torch for the descent down.

Drawing Room Rocks is simply one of the best mountain elopement locations in all of New South Wales.

Boars Head Lookout, Blue Mountains

Length: 1km return

Easy to reach, and providing some of the best views in the Blue Mountains, Boars Head Lookout is a perfect mountain elopement location.

Accessible by pulling up just before Cahill’s Lookout in the Blue Mountains, Boars Head Lookout is a short walk through the mountain ranges of the Blue Mountains. Along the way you’ll be able to experience scenic views, leading down to some sandstone steps which take you right to the main lookout at Boars Head. From here you’ll be able to see how this spot got its name, with the iconic Boars Head shaped rock taking centre stage.

This area provides a lookout to the left, and to the right, through some short scrub land, another outlook. Both areas are incredible and perfect for a mountain elopement ceremony location.

If you love the idea of Lincoln’s Rock but hate crowds, then this is the next best spot for an epic Blue Mountains sunset.

Eagles Nest to Mount Kosciusko Summit, Perisher 

Length: 12.7km return

It would be mad for me not to include one of Australia’s most iconic mountain walks in this; Mount Kosciusko. As one of the tallest peaks in all of Australia, this is one walk not to miss out on.

This alpine based mountain walk provides the perfect mountain elopement experience for couples who love the snowy mountains, and who want to climb it’s famous peak for their day.

You’ll start out at the Eagle’s Nest, at the top of Thredbo’s Kosciuszko Express chairlift. From here there track is well maintained and easy to follow. You’ll be taken through the most epic parts of the Kosciuszko National Park on your way to the top.

When you get to the top, it’s time to crack the champagne and celebrate, rocking one of the tallest mountains in Australia. As this part of the snowy mountains can be completely unique in the summer vs. winter, it’s important to come prepared. As such, the last km or so of the hike can be significantly harder in the winter, and is under snow from June to October.

Beach elopement locations

White Sands Walk, Jervis Bay 

Length: 9.5km

Jervis Bay is renowned for its white sands and if you’re looking for the perfect I’m  beach elopement location in NSW, Jervis Bay will be hard to beat.

Whilst this walk is comprehensive and goes along the whole stretch of beaches in Jervis Bay, you can easily do this without having to go the full length. Starting at Greenfields Beach, you’ll go through Chinaman’s Beach, and the iconic Hyams Beach.

This is a gentle and leisurely beach elopement location, making it a breeze to take this trek at your pace and spend more time on enjoying each other’s company. You’ll come across white sands that squeak beneath your feet, palm trees, and of course lots of awesome coastal rocky points.

If you want the very best of what NSW elopements can be like, White Sands Walk shouldn’t be missed.

Mermaid’s Inlet via Marions Way, Jervis Bay

Length: 7.1km return

If searching for cliffs and ship wrecks along a coastal walk is your jam, then this beach elopement location could be the best for you. The walk also contains multiple beaches for you to enjoy and explore.

This coastal loop provides a host of different scenic lookouts and adventures. You’ll also be able to see some ship wrecks at Shellys Beach, which is a short path off of the main walk. Along the way you’ll go through coastal forests, rocky outcrops, and end up at Mermaid’s Inlet. Mermaid’s Inlet is a massive layered rock inlet, and would be the perfect backdrop for a coastal elopement ceremony.

Don’t forget to take the time to enjoy the beach at Abraham’s Boson Beach; there are some awesome rocky outcrops here, and due to the position of it being West facing, you’ll be able to get the rare sunset over the water in this part of New South Wales.


Sussex Inlet to Lake Conjola, Sussex Inlet 

Length: 17.7km

If you want to have a whole day’s adventure exploring some fantastic beaches, then the walk from Sussex Inlet to Lake Conjola would be perfect for your beach elopement.

Starting out at Sussex Inlet, just south of Jervis Bay, this extensive walk takes you along the coast, through a wild number of beaches and coastal locations; almost too many to list here. You’ll also follow the path along coastal towns, so if you love the idea of stopping for lunch and having fish and chips, you’ll enjoy this walk.

As it is a long walk, I recommend planning this to be a full day elopement adventure.

Coastal elopement locations

Wattamolla to Eagle Rock, Greater Sydney

Length: 7.2km return

This is personally one of my favourite walks and trails in the entire Sydney and Royal National Park region, mainly for the fact that it provides so many incredible sights and experiences that is it hard to beat.

Starting out at the Wattamolla car park, you can start the walk by lookout out over to the beach at Wattamolla Beach, and if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even take a dive off the edge into the water. The trek will take you past Wattamolla Beach, and I highly recommend going down to have a look at it and get your feet dipped in the water. You’ll be able to see lots of awesome sandstone cliffs and eroded caves here as well.

As soon as you head up the path from Wattamolla Beach, you’ll be able to get an incredible view out to the Watamolla Headland. At the right time of the year you’ll also be able to spot whales breaching here. You’ll also be able to look over to your right to see the magnificent cliffs that you’ll soon be ascending.

For the whole walk to Eagle Rock, you’ll go through headlands filled with small water features, sprawling scrub land, and awesome cliffs.

When getting to Eagle Rock, you’ll be treated with incredible views, a huge water feature, and of course, the Eagle shaped Rock itself. This whole area is a real playground for couples who love to explore, and is one of the best coastal elopement locations in the whole of New South Wales. This area can get windy, so you’ll want to make sure you have good waterproof clothing and maybe even a towel! I have seen the waterfall over the edge be blown back up due to how windy it is.

Otford to Figure 8 Pools, South Coast 

Length: 13.5km return

A super Instagrammable location, this walk takes you along the South Coast, up to the famous Figure 8 Pools. This coastal elopement location is perfect for couples who want to have a day trip out for their elopement location.

The track takes you high above the ocean, through forests, open plains, and down to rocky coastal lines. You’ll be treated to views all along the track, which opens up in spots for you to be able to appreciate the massive coastline.

Arriving at the figure 8 pools, you’ll be able to have a paddle and enjoy the unique structures that have been carved out here.

If you’re looking for a coastal elopement location in NSW with a twist, this would be perfect for you.

Bawley Point, South Coast

Length: 6.3km return

Bawley Point is a brilliant coastal elopement location for a couple who want to take it easy on their elopement day, but also have a fun adventure along the coast. Located right alongside Bawley Point, this walk provides some great sights, from big coastal forests, to open rocky outcrops where you can walk along them. 

There are points where you might need to do a little of scrambling up rocks, but this is optional, and you’ll be able to enjoy thee walk regardless. Be wary of the tides when planning your elopement here, just as thy can make a difference, and you wouldn’t want to get stranded.

City elopement locations

South Turramurra and Pennant Hills Walk, Sydney 

Length: 13.8km

Located in North West Sydney, the Lane Cove National Park is easily accessible from the centre of Sydney and provides a wild bush feel to a city park that is perfect for couples that want to elope in Sydney without sacrificing their love of nature.

This walk is extensive but provides a wonderful adventure for couples who want to get out into nature for their elopement. You’ll be treated with big boulders, tonnes of lush forest and some small waterways as well. There are also an abundance of wildflowers in the park which can be enjoyed.

Cascades Via Carrol Creek and Governor Phillip Tracks, Sydney 

Length: 7.2km return

Just outside of Chatswood is the Garigal National Park, which is the starting point for this fantastic waterway-based elopement location.

This trek is perfect for couples who want to elope in Sydney and find themselves drawn to the water. Running alongside Middle Harbour Creek and Carrol Creek, you’ll be right next to the water for the whole of your elopement adventure. Along the way you’ll be treated to lush forests, creek views, and bushland.

Mossy rocks and plateaus out onto the water also create some beautiful elopement ceremony sites for you to share your vows.

Platypus and Burraga Loop, Sydney 

Length: 7.2km

To the East of Blacktown is Bidjigal Reserve, a lush forest area with a beautiful circuit for those who want to feel like they are in the Blue Mountains without the travel. If you want a city elopement location without too much work, this will be perfect for you.

The walk will take you through eucalypt forests, across streams, and through lush environments filled with beautiful fauna and flora. There is also the gorgeous Darling Mills Creek Falls, a small waterfall that is an excellent backdrop to any elopement ceremony in the city.

This is one of the best ‘bush in the city’ experiences that is on offer for a Sydney elopement.

Lake/River elopement locations

Rainbow Lake, Perisher

Length: 2.7km return

The snowy mountains are renown for their beautiful landscapes and alpine gum trees. However, there is an exceptional location in the snowy mountains that not too many people know about; Rainbow Lake, near Perisher.

Rainbow Lake is one of the best lake elopement locations in all of New South Wales because of the adventure it provides. Whether going in summer or winter, you’ll enjoy a fun adventure that isn’t too much effort to get to.

Parking up at the Dainer’s Gap chain bay, you’ll start the walk to Rainbow Lake overlooking the beautiful alpine landscapes of the snowy mountains, passing over a couple of small waterways in the process. The walk is straightforward and easy to follow; along the way you’ll see mossy rocks, stunning snow gums, and then after heading up the ridge a bit, Rainbow Lake will be in view.

There’s a reason why Rainbow Lake is one of the most sought after elopement locations in the snowy mountains; this vast lake provides the perfect backdrop for couples to elope in explore together. Surrounded by snow gums, you’ll be able to wander around mossy logs, and there is even a small waterfall around the corner.

In winter, the lake completely freezes over, and is eerily quiet. There are very few locations like this in New South Wales, and Rainbow Lake shouldn’t be missed out on.

Rainbow Lake is such a rad location that I included in it my couple’s adventure portraits trailer, which you can watch below!

Wombeyan Caves and Mares Creek Canyon, Southern Highlands

Length: 4.8km return

If you love the idea of eloping in a huge canyon filled with water, after trekking through stunning bushlands, then this walk would make the perfect elopement location for yourselves.

Wombeyan Caves is located out in the Southern Highlands, equidistant from Goulburn and Mittagong. The area provides a host of great activities, including visiting the caves themselves, camping, and visiting Mares Creek Canyon.

Mares Creek Canyon makes this list as one of my favourite water-based elopement locations, because of how gorgeous the walk is, and how blue the water can be in the canyon. You’ll start the walk at the Wombeyan Caves campground, winding up through bushland along a well-marked track. Soon you’ll descend into the gully where Mares Creek Canyon is and witness lush fern forests and more importantly the canyon itself.

Mares Creek Canyon is unique in that it is a water filled canyon which you can swim down through. Whilst the start can be rocky (bring those diving shoes which protect your feet), once you get in you’ll be able to enjoy a paddle. Because of this, I recommend using this as an elopement location in the warmer months, as it can get pretty chilly!

Kingfisher Pool via Bullawarring Track and Mooray Track, Waterfall 

Length: 5.3km return

Just outside of Sydney is this incredible track which contains a waterfall and tonnes of water-based locations to enjoy for your elopement. The great part about this track is its proximity to Sydney and that you can even take the train there; simply get off at Heathcote Station.

This beautiful trek will take you through a myriad of forests, showing off rocks covered in moss, ferns, and of course, plenty of water features. Along the way you’ll find plenty of small waterfalls and be able to experience lots of interesting sights for your elopement.


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