Who Shot The Podcast is all about local Canberra Creatives, Artists, and Creative Businesses. Hosted by James Harber from Who Shot The Photographer, this bimonthly podcast will give you the insider view on some of the best Canberra Artists and Creatives.

In this episode I’m delighted to be joined by the amazing Emma Batchelor from Leiden Magazine. Leiden Magazine is one of Canberra’s rising superstars in Fashion, Editorial, and Beauty journalism, and was set up by Emma to inject a much needed new lease of life and passion into Canberra’s creative scene.

In Leiden’s own words: “Leiden is an online destination for all things fashion, beauty, health & fitness. Every member of our team is passionate about what they do and want to share their knowledge, interests and thoughts with you. We seek to not only celebrate joy and creativity but to talk about important issues in an accessible way. At Leiden, the way we create our content is just as important as the actual content we create. We create a safe environment for contributors to play and explore, offering support, feedback and mentoring.”

I’ll be talking with Emma about;

  • Emma’s background and what her qualifications are when it comes to running an online Magazine;
  • What inspired Emma to set up Leiden Magazine;
  • The challenges and rigmarole of what is involved in setting up an online Magazine;
  • Emma’s outlook on life and the ethos and philosophy that she brings to Leiden Magazine;
  • What Emma considers when publishing a submitted editorial;
  • Emma’s favourite number one possession is;
  • What advice Emma would give to someone who wanted to set up a magazine like Leiden.

Find out more about Leiden Magazine Online, and on their Facebook.

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