Art Pieces

I’m not about handing over a usb packed with hundreds of digital files; I’ll create a stunning physical art piece that visually tells your story in a way that’s sentimental, everlasting, and totally awesome.

Be it a scene-stealing piece that belongs at the end of a hallway, a cluster of images that highlight intricate moments of your wedding, or something completely left of field, these are stunning pieces of art and beautiful additions to your home.

Every home and human is unique, so our pieces can be fully customised to suit you. Each piece that I produce is utterly bespoke using customised sizing, materials, frame mouldings and configuration. Best rest assured, all are sustainable, durable, and striking. Please read below for portrait photography pricing.


It’s an album, but not the kind that’s full of selfies and brunch pics.

It’s the ultimate analogue collection of memories; something that can be kept on the coffee table to flip through at leisure, or pulled from a prized position on the shelf to reminisce with family. Put your story in my hands – I’ll carefully curate your album and craft it by hand to produce a timeless and comprehensive keepsake.

From a 10-page album crafted from Australian eucalyptus, a beautiful box and easel to store your prints, a print portfolio collection, or something totally unique that we dream up together, these are high-quality mementoes that you can hold in your hands and cherish as family heirlooms.

The Nitty Gritty


Storyboard Pieces

$740 - $2495

A creative way to showcase your unique story. Available in endless configurations and a variety materials for an utterly bespoke feel to suit your aesthetic.

Signature Pieces

$395 - $2495

Scene-stealing pieces that take pride of place in your home. These are the perfect way to make a sentimental statement and come in a variety of sizes.

Boutique Print Box

from $1850

A treasure chest to store 15-20 fine art photographic prints, carefully selected to illustrate your story. Comes with a matching bamboo easel to display your favourite photo.


from $2495

A curated collection of memories and a timeless keepsake to cherish. To be kept on the coffee table to flip through at leisure or pulled from a prized position on the shelf to reminisce with family.

Fine Art Prints

from $185

The most flexible way to celebrate your story. Available as a series of five or more and printed in archival-quality photo paper, they are perfect as gifts or stand-alone art pieces.
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Materials to suit your style

high-quality prints demand high-quality materials. i’ve sourced only the best to create sustainable pieces for every style and budget.

Perfect for people and homes with a rustic style, these wooden panel prints are great if you prefer a more ‘farmhouse’ vibe. Printed onto high-quality 17mm thick cut sustainable Australian timber, the wooden textures and colours in these prints will catch anyone’s attention.
Framed images exude classic design with remarkable quality. Customise your frame further by choosing to have a full sized image with no matte, torn edges, or even a boxed frame print. We have different frame mouldings to suit your taste.
These high contrast colour canvas art pieces are fantastic for every style of home. With textures and colours that jump off the walls, canvas will bring your home to life.  All canvases come with a 75-year guarantee.
Fine Art Album
Albums are the perfect keepsake to encapsulate your experience and memories. Made for those who want a complete archive of their story.
Bamboo Keepsake Box
The most flexible way to celebrate your experience is a photographic print collection. You can either frame them yourself or put them into an album or box album to make perfect gifts for family.