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by Who shot the photographer

Come on Photographers.

We are better than this.

I’m writing this as a plea for other photographers to drop the pomp and circumstance behind being a ‘professional photographer’ who loves to hate on iPhone and iPad users.

Also in response to this complete drivel of an ‘article’ that is written to shame photographers into asking reasonable questions for a hobby they want to know more about.

It saddens me when I jump onto Facebook Groups and Forums and hear the same thing over and over again:

“Omg people who use iPads for Photography need to go to hell”

“Who else can’t stand it when amateurs ask these 10 repetitive questions?!”

“No, Photoshop is NOT the same as Lightroom, do your research!”

It stuns me that such a global and fun hobby such as photography is rendered as some kind of ‘dirty competition’ to put others down when they have the nerve to ask questions pertinent to the craft they are trying to learn.

I don’t get it. Were these people born perfect or something when they first picked up a camera?

Far too often these Facebook Groups turn into circle-jerks of ‘well I’m an expert and I’d never use a iPhone for photography!’, or ‘I can’t believe that this 16 year old did a photoshoot with an iPhone and tried to charge for it!’.

It needs to stop.

No matter what you use, how you use it, you can do photography however you want it, so long as nobody is getting hurt and you are having FUN. I picked up a camera when I was about five years old and I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for that!

Absolutely disgusting. I can’t stand people using technology the way it was intended for fun!

Proving grounds

The article mentioned above is one of the reasons why people think photographers are completely up their own ass most of the time. Spoiler alert, the article basically says ‘phrase the questions you want to ask me this way, or I can’t be bothered with your peasant ass’.

I mean this from the bottom of my heart; get over yourself.

Seriously. I’ve had people from Vietnam email me saying ‘what camera’. Not a subject, not an attachment, no. Literally ‘what camera’.

How did I reply?

“Hey! Thanks for your message! I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark 3 and usually a Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 lens! Is there a photo in particular you’d like to see me edit?

Best regards,


Wow, that was hard. I almost forgot to include the barrage of insults against this non-English speaking person who clearly just wanted to try and insult the god-like level of profession known as ‘professional photographer’. Wait, no I didn’t, because that would be a complete gittish thing to do.

Help people and stop painting photographers as this bizarre breed of hobbyists who love their smell of their own stench.

iPhoneography isn’t a sin

So let’s talk about iPhones.

‘Professional photographers’ love to hate on iPhone cameras. I’d love to see it as an Olympic Sport actually.

How do you know that the 16 year old who did an iPhone shoot isn’t trying to save up for a Sony DSLR? How do you know that maybe they actually really love shooting with their phone, as it means they don’t have to invest $500 into a camera that they don’t understand how to use yet?

Case in point to the nay-sayers of iPhonography, look at how many iPhone photography competitions there are. Apple went so far as to make it one of it’s biggest selling points when the iPhone 6 dropped, and rightly so! The camera in the iPhone nowadays is incredible.

Also the big elephant in the room is the stunning VSCO app. I’ve seen some of the most amazing feeds on Instagram from iPhoneographers who have used this app and their camera.

For example, look at Kevin A’s Instagram. Do you know Kevin is saving up to get a DSLR? Seriously, this guy’s photos are better than a LOT of stuff I see day to day. This is shot on an iPhone. I even edited one of his photos here in Lightroom and had to do a double take as it was shot on an iPhone!

Damn Kevin. Shot on an iPhone! (Check out his work at https://www.instagram.com/colorgrader/)

So in regards to iPhone becoming a rising trend, sorry, but you need to get over it. Sure as salt, winter will come, Apple will bring out another iPhone, and I will continue to lose at Monopoly. Technology is getting better, and pretty much by iPhone 10 I reckon it’s going to be a pretty good match for some high end DSLRs. Get with the times and accept it.

The other elephant in the room

So let’s address the whole ‘iPads are annoying as hell’ thing.

Yep, they are clunky, and I personally wouldn’t shoot with one. They are great for binging Netflix and House Of Cards on, but not my cup of tea when it comes to Photography.

Just 20 more episodes then time for bed. Or breakfast.

However you know what? Grandad and Grandma love their iPad because their eye sight isn’t as good as it used to be, and Apple has made it easy for them with that crazy big screen. Is it better that they just don’t use it at all, or go the ‘only true way’ and spend 3 years learning how to use a DSLR? Hell no.

‘But James, too often I’ve done a wedding and their iPad gets in the damn way of my shot down the isle of the bride and groom!’.

Ok, that is annoying. I’m with you on that completely.

I can’t defend this, but there are ways you can prevent this (Photo by http://www.boorayperry.com)

However the solution is to politely tell the bride and groom beforehand that iPads, iPhones and the lot should be banned from central parts of the ceremony, otherwise they may not get the photos they want on their day. Sure, you may sound like some kind of photographic Stalin, but simply explain that it will mean you will get promotional material for Apple, rather than amazing photos on their special day.

Acknowledge that members of the family have iPhones and iPads and roll with it, hell, even work with it! Tell guests at the wedding that you have created a Hashtag for the wedding and they can upload all of the photos onto Instagram with that Hashtag! Then you put up your photos with the same hashtag and before you know it you have a hundred more eyes on your work!

So come on. We all started somewhere once and wanted to learn from one another. It’s sad to see so many people suddenly think they have mastered this magical dark art known as Photography.

Photography isn’t some kind of magical skill folks, sorry.

Professional Photographers.

You’ve just put a lot of time into your craft, as so many other people have, and many people can do. You need to start helping each other out. I love to show people how I edit my photos, and how I run my business, including the highs and the lows of it. Sign Grandma and Grandad up and I’ll show them how to have a whale of a time with their iPad Camera!

How DARE he try to learn photography! (Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

Growing together is one of the most satisfying aspects of photography, and I’m always so thrilled to open up Instagram and see how my photographer friends are growing and developing their style, and gaining more experience.

Final Words

So please, from one photographer to another; stop putting the little people down, and let’s help others share our love for Photography.

Next time to see someone at a wedding with an iPad, why don’t you ask them if they want any help rather than shunning them? Chances are you’ll have a brand new fan on your side! Or at least you can see what series they’ve downloaded so you can get some spoiler free House Of Cards banter.

Thank you.

Do you agree that people need to let go of the iPad hate, or maybe you’ve had a few shots ruined because of them? Comment below and let me know how you feel!

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