Maddie, Zac and I set off in May 2019 for an epic trip down to the coast for some awesome Mystery Bay Couples Photography!

Maddie and Zac are a kick-ass couple from Canberra, with a love of camping, board games, and getting out and about.

We went for Mystery Bay as this is a super special little spot just on the south coast of Australia, and has some awesome camping zones, crazy big waves, and a gorgeous outlook. It is also a place that means a lot to Maddie and Zac, with their previous ventures taking them here.

With Maddie and Zac, I wanted to capture the real essence of what makes them…well, them. I wanted to distil their love of each other, and the tenderness behind the jokes. Having somewhere significant to them, like Mystery Bay, was also a big part of creating this perfect session for them!

My favourite part of this Mystery Bay Couples Photography Session was exploring the seriously big waves at Mystery Bay, especially in the small cave outlet, where the waves are some of the biggest I’ve seen in Australia so far. They nearly got soaked to the bone at points, as you’ll see in some of the epic images below!

That sunset at the end was also very hard to beat! I always recommend to couples that we time it so that we can stick around just when the sun goes down, and just beyond it as well. That’s when you get those really lush, and balanced images that shine!

I hope you enjoy this adventure portrait session with Maddie and Zac!

Also a big shoutout and recommendation to 1080 GRIND COFFEE, which are located just outside Mystery Bay. These guys do INSANE coffee!

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James is an adventurous wedding and elopement photographer based in Canberra, Australia. He travels everywhere to capture adventurous love stories with passionate and non-traditional couples.



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