In 2017 the Australian government held a postage vote for Same-Sex Marriage, to determine whether or not the majority of Australians were in favour of passing a law to recognise the LGBTQI community as equals for marriage.

Even typing out that sentence gave me shivers, thinking that before January of this year, it was not legal for gay and lesbian couples to wed in Australia. I remember when I first arrived in Australia at the end of 2014, I found it bizarre that Australia, a developed country in 2014, did not allow gay couples to marry.

Like. Really?

So after many long drawn out months of the LGBTQI community campaigning to be treated as equals (as they should be and now thankfully are), the census showed that the majority of Australians were in favour of same-sex marriage. Not only that but proudly, Canberra was one of the highest voting states in favour of same-sex marriage. Go us!

If you’ve been a long-term fan you’ll know how passionate I am about LGBTQI rights. At the heart and soul of Who Shot The Photographer are the values which I hold close to myself; inclusion, celebration of people’s natural beauty, and accepting everyone as they are. I find it troubling when speaking with same-sex couples whom I’m proud enough to capture, and I hear that other photographers, especially wedding photographers, have turned them down, for something as simple as a couples photoshoot. I appreciate that everyone has values, however, the values that dictate that just because someone loves someone of the same gender or orientation means that their love isn’t valid, isn’t a value that I share.

On January 9th 2018, it became legal for same-sex couples to be wed. I couldn’t have been happier. Already 2018 and 2019 is filling up with some of the most in love same-sex couples I’ve ever met, and I’m so thrilled that we can all share and celebrate the love that they have.

This absolutely gorgeous session I captured with these two lovely souls, Jolene and Flick.

Chances are if you’ve been to any events in Canberra, you’ll know Jolene and recognise her a mile off. Few people in Canberra have as much style as Jolene, who is iconic for her punk-cabaret performances, warm attitude, and powerful passion as an MC when it comes to promoting everything from LGBTQI rights to incredible burlesque performances.

Flick and Jolene have a captivating and heartwarming story. I rarely like to let the cat out of the bag when it comes to telling you about their story, and this is because I believe it is their story to tell. Suffice to say it warmed my heart and I loved capturing the magic these two have together at the Corrilian in Canberra.

One last piece of exciting news for these two; at Mardi Gras this Autumn, Jolene actually proposed to Flick right on the big night…and she said YES! Congratulations to both of you, I couldn’t be happier!

I hope you enjoy these beautiful images from their portrait session!

James is an adventurous wedding and elopement photographer based in Canberra, Australia. He travels everywhere to capture adventurous love stories with passionate and non-traditional couples.



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