by Who shot the photographer


by Who shot the photographer

Sam and Aaron have something special going on.

Getting up early in the morning to catch the morning sunshine is one of my favourite pastimes when it comes to photoshoots. I met Sam and Aaron in a small sleepy field just outside Belconnen in Canberra where we wandered, explored and shot this beautiful series showcasing their love and adoration of one another.

Sam has also recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy, Sora! Congratulations!

This series is called Issho ni, which is Japanese for Together; appropriate considering Sam and Aaron were officially married in the stunning land of Japan!

We hope you enjoy this amazing series!


Models // Samantha and Aaron Powell Von Lear

Photographed By // Who Shot The Photographer

About James

I’m a Fashion and Portrait Photographer originally from the UK, and now living in Canberra Australia. I believe in a strong communinty spirit, helping others grow, and creating beautiful art with incredible people. My background is in ornithology, and I have a huge passion for all feathered birds.