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You want the very best to help capture your special day and celebrate the special moments in life.
I’m proud to offer unique hand picked packages, each accompanied with a little something magical to help you relive those unforgettable moments forever.
I’m proud to support the LGBTI community.

Canberra Wedding Packages

James is a uniquely brilliant photographer. I’ve spent a lot of time in front of a lens during my life, but I’ve rarely felt as comfortable or as beautiful in front of a camera as I did with James.
It takes someone really special to not only have an eye for photography but also an ability to draw people out of themselves and capture the beauty that is within.
On the day of my shoot I was feeling quite unwell and definitely not looking my best. James was gentle, good humoured and supportive during the shoot, somehow making me feel great by the end of it.
He had plenty of suggestions and was happy to offer direction but also asked for input during the process, ensuring that I was comfortable and looked after. He turned what could have been a disaster for me into a fun and creative joint experience rather than a flat shoot.
I think it’s rare to find someone who is so talented that also cares so much for their clients. There are plenty of photographers out there who are happy to point and click for a buck but I wonder how many are out there who are so natural behind a camera and use it to look and create visual poetry out of their subjects.
One thing I can guarantee working with James: you’ll get an stunning picture and he’ll always get your good side. A truly delightful experience with an extraordinarily lovely bloke.