Can I book you for an adventure photography experience outside of canberra?

I’m located in Canberra, but happy to travel nationwide with bare travel costs covered. As my adventure photography portrait sessions do rely on finding some of the most awesome places in Australia, travelling to spots is a frequent occurrence for me, and I prefer to make travel costs meet what is needed, rather than travelling first class.

If you’d love to commission me to capture you, please complete the form at the bottom of this page, and I’ll be in touch to give you a conservative and personalised travel quote, which covers getting me to, and from you.

How long do Adventure Portrait Sessions usually last?

Although typically these can last for 2 hours, I don’t like to put a time limit on how long my adventure photography portrait sessions last for, and so I say these can last up to a day at the tops. To give some examples, I’ve woken up at 4.30am to spend a whole day skiing and snowboarding with a couple, getting home at 8pm in Canberra. I’ve also stayed over with couples who have rented AirBNBs so that we could do an evening or sunrise session.

What is the investment for an Adventure Photography Portrait Session?

My session fee is $150. This covers the time and talent of myself, as well as your adventure design session, adventure photography portrait session, cinematic viewing and ordering appointment, and delivery and installation of your art pieces. Please note that it does not include the blanket release of all polished digital files.

How much do couples usually invest when they see the final images?

I’ll be honest; a lot of couples go in maybe not being sure about how much they want to spend, but more often than not they see the final images and fall in love with them and want to invest in them all. Couples typically invest around $1,000 to $4,000 to have awesome artwork in their home.

Yep, they really are that good.

How do you manage the prepayment for your work?

I believe in putting my money where my mouth is. This is why the only upfront investment you have to contribute is $150 for my session fee (which includes everything in point 3).

In your cinematic viewing and ordering appointment, you’ll see around 30-50 final images from your session. The awesome thing is that you only have to invest in images that you truly fall in love with. That means that you could walk away with all of the images if you’d like (I have many different options for this), or you could be looking for that one kick-ass signature piece to have in the hallway of you two on the side of a cliff.

As such the only pre-payment for a session with me is the session fee, and travel (if applicable – please see point 1).

Do we get matching digital images for what we invest in?

Absolutely! It’s 2020, and I believe that if you love something so much that you want it in a physical print, that you’ll want to show it off on social media, and have it for your personal use too. These are delivered in on online gallery.

Say we know we want all of the images; do you do payment plans?

I sure do.

I work with a company very similar to AfterPay, meaning that you can invest as much as you’d like and have the flexibility of payment options to make what you want a reality.

If you know you’ll want to have all of the images unlocked right from the get-go, let me know in your design session and you’re more than welcome to pay a certain amount up front, even if you’d like to go on a payment plan.

I currently cater to 3, 6 and 12-month payment plans.

Will all the pictures be edited?

I capture a concise amount of images throughout your day, and spend a lot of time picking the very best to represent your day; these will be edited in my signature style.

How is your style concerning editing? Is black/white possible?

I edit images in my signature style, based on classic 35mm Kodak film, with a vintage and warm look. I also love to include black and white images when the mood suits. Please see my galleries for great examples of my work.

How many pictures of our portrait session will we get?

Depending on your coverage of the adventure, you’ll have around 30-50 images from your day to choose from.

What kind of Equipment do you use?

I use professional equipment, tested and tried to be the very best in the industry. Two Canon 5D Mark IIIs, and a variety of superb lenses.

You mentioned an online gallery. How does this work?

For any images you invest in, whether that be in a package or a physical art piece, you’ll have these uploaded onto a stunning online gallery. These images will be ready for download without watermarks, without extra costs. The gallery is password protected and can only be accessed by users with this login information.

Can we order albums and printed photos from you?

Of course! I specialise in creating amazing art from your adventure photography experience. Have a look at the art pieces I create for you here.

Can we just get the digital files and print them ourselves?

I offer a full-service studio; this means that right from the moment we get in contact to the follow-ups you’ll get from me, I’ll always have your back. I love to give the couples I work with the very best, and this isn’t just limited to myself.

I don’t offer a blanket release of all digital images from your session, and I’ll explain why.

Typically many photographers will give you a USB or CD of images and send you off on your way. With no help in regards to having a concise set of images from your day, nor in terms of how to print them off. This leaves you with the headache of working out where to get your images printed, which ones you really love, and where to put them in your home.

What’s more, the most professional and high-quality photo labs won’t be available to everyone to order from, due to their specialisation. This will lead you to get your images printed at somewhere which uses cost-effective materials which, whilst cheap, don’t last, and don’t capture any of the high fidelity of what your images look like. Think about it like watching a movie off of someone recording a movie in a cinema. Tinny, awful, and just plain horrible. This means that in a year, the colours will start to fade, materials will wear thing, and you’ll end up with a low-quality product that will lose it’s standard and be thrown out (trust me, I’ve heard this more times than I can count).

Leaving you with that headache isn’t a service in my opinion. It’s a disservice to you and your story.

Instead with me you’ll get a complete personal design service and helping hand, from which parts of your home will suit best for which images, museum grade archival art pieces (each with a 75 guarantee because of their high standards), and I even include a matching digital image for each image invested in.

This means you’ll know where the images will be, and just how awesome they will look before you’ve even seen them in person. That is what I’m all about, and why I have such a dedication to providing some of the best services in the industry.

How far should we book in advance?

My adventure photography experiences are booked up in advance, and many couples book me six months to a year in advance. However, there are a lot of spontaneous requests I get as well. Best rule of thumb is the earlier you contact me, the better the chances are that your date is still available in my calendar for your adventure photography experience. Just tell me as soon as you are keen!

Can we meet before booking a session with you?

Absolutely, and I will only take on work from couples whom I have met before or talked to via Skype. I have a studio in Casey, Canberra but am also happy to Skype if you are based outside of ACT, or internationally. I require this so that I can design your adventure photography experience perfectly with you!

Do you use Photoshop? I feel like I would like myself Photoshopped in the final images, how does this work?

I do not use Photoshop, and unfortunately, if you’d be looking for an experience where you’d be airbrushed in the final images, this isn’t the right experience for you. The couples I work with ‘come as they are’, and know that the real magic in the images is celebrating the here and now, and not in trying to make everything look perfect. Sorry (not sorry)!

I read that you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Could you explain what this is?

As I’ve mentioned above, I really do believe 200% in the quality of the experience I deliver, and the art pieces I create for you. This is why I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you aren’t happy with any of the images from your session, I’ll capture it all over again for you, totally gratis. No questions asked.

Are you going to make me do anything embarrassing?

Because very few people really enjoy having their photos taken, there will be moments where you probably feel a little bit awkward, which is totally normal. However I approach the session by treating it more like a date, so you won’t be posed for hours on ends, maybe once every so often, and I’ll make it easy and fun to make sure you get kick ass photos!

Do I have to be between a certain age?

No, I cater to everyone of every age (must be over 18 though for a couples portrait session)!

What if I don’t like the experience or the final images?

The great news is that you only have to invest in any images that you truly love. So you can walk away with just one print, or all of them. I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee (see above), so I really do love to put my money where my mouth is!

Do you do more 'intimate' sessions?

If you are your partner would like be captured in a more intimate setting, I am able to cater to this.

I am camera shy. How can you help with this?

Being camera shy is very much normal, and 99% of the couples I work with have said that they either feel apprehensive about having their photo taken, or they are camera shy. So you’re in the right place!

I have a very relaxed structure to the whole experience I create for you, which means you can kick back and feel comfortable to be yourselves! That is where all of the magic comes from!

What are your packages?

Instead of packages, I create a bespoke session that fits your needs for your home and what images you are after. However, I do offer storyboard pieces which are bundled art pieces to suit creating a concise picture of your experience within a set space.

How are you going to get the best out of me because I’m already freaking out thinking about it?

I believe in having a great relationship with the couples I capture, meaning that you’ll have an adventure design session before you even step in front of the camera.

In this session, I’ll explain what it is all about, and take the time to understand your fears, but also show you just how much fun it can be, and how you’ll be very well looked after by me!

Can you do one of me, my three kids and dog?

I specialise in small family portraits, as with my style of candid and relaxed photography, it works better when there aren’t too many family members to reign in. I will make an exception once in a blue moon, but generally, I only work with small families up to two children. Sorry!

Do you capture animal portraits

I believe in serving the right people and specialising in what I do. Whilst I love to cater to pet and people sessions, I am not a pet photographer. I’d be more than happy to recommend other pet photographers who specialise in getting the best out of your furry friends!

There are so many photographers around, why would I choose you?

If you’re the sort of couple who look at the old school traditional photography of staring at the camera with a big cheesy smile and think ‘hell no’, then chances are you’re on the right path with me.

I’m very much into providing a memorable experience and some of the most authentic and real images of you both. This means you won’t get the typical ‘photoshoot’ (urgh, that word sends shivers down my spine), but rather a fun and exciting experience that really captures who you are.

I am also a full-service studio, meaning you won’t walk away with just a load of 200 images of DVD to try to sort through later.

What examples can you provide of your work?

You’re in the right place! Simply click at the top and go to ‘Adventure Portraits’ to get a great showcase of my work! Alternatively, head over to www.instagram.com/whoshotthephotographer.

How many prints do I get and can I have digital copies?

In your cinematic showcase you’ll be shown 30-50 final images from your experience and have the chance to invest in these as I design the perfect art pieces for you and your home. There is no limit to how many you can have as prints.

For every art piece invested in, you get the matching digital copy.

Will I own the photos or do you own the rights?

Whilst I own the copyright to the images, you’re able to share and use these for personal use. Instagram, Facebook, Phone Wallpaper, you name it. All you can’t do is make any commercial gain off of it (if you want to, please let me know and we can work something out).

Do you do branding?

Yes. Pop me an email at the contact page, and let’s talk.

Do you organise hair and make-up?

Hair and makeup is not included with any of the experiences I provide, mainly because some people are very into it, and other people are not.

However, I know some incredible hair and makeup artists and would love to recommend these fantastic people if you are after someone who can do some real magic.

How far will you travel for location shoots?

I am happy to travel far and wide for my adventure portrait experiences, elopements, and intimate weddings!

For Adventure Portraits I have done many sessions interstate. I do have a travel fee depending on whereabouts you may be in Australia / The World. For sessions 1 hour in and around Canberra, there is no travel fee.

When is the next available shoot?

My weekend slots do get booked out frequently 3-6 months in advance, so it is always best to get in contact today so that I can give you a realistic date and time. You may be lucky and I may have some spare time!

Weekdays are typically more free and flexible.

How long after the shoot can we have the photos?

I typically have you come in for your cinematic reveal and ordering session within 2 weeks of your portrait session. This gives me time to edit the images and curate art pieces for your home.

Once 100% of the payment of your art pieces has been settled (or if you sign up through my payment plans), then I’m able to release all of the digital images you have invested in for your session in a stunning online gallery.

What if it’s raining?

Unfortunately, the weather is one thing I am unable to control! However, I do a check 2 days before your session and see how the weather is looking. If bad weather is forecast, I will get you rebooked in for one of my free weekends which I always schedule once a month to make up for this happening.

Unfortunately whilst my camera gear is top of the line, it is not waterproof!

Do you use film or digital?

You may see on my social media that I do use both film and digital cameras.

For 99% of the sessions I do, I use two digital Canon 5D Mark 3s. However I do sometimes capture a few moments on film.

If you would like to have a whole session captured entirely on film, please let me know you’d like that and I will work out something special for you. Please note that this is experimental and results are not 100% guaranteed to be ‘perfect’.

Do you photoshop or give us raw footage?

I edit my images to emulate a classic Kodak Film Stock, meaning that they look like they came straight out of a classic 35mm film camera. Just with a *tiny* bit more polish. As such I do not use Photoshop for any sort of image manipulation.

I do not do anybody manipulation or editing. You are awesome the way you are. If you do require any additional editing out of my style, I can refer you to an editor and unfortunately cannot guarantee any quality of the end result.

If I’m honest, if you’re after heavily photoshopped images, you’re probably not going to be a great fit for this experience!

Is it just photography or do you do videography?

I do not offer videography, but can refer you to many amazing videographers, if you also want to have the day filmed!

What goes wrong when it goes wrong with taking photos?

Nothing ever really goes wrong, to be honest! You may feel awkward at points when you first start off, but let’s be real when doing something new and exciting when don’t you have this feeling?

Do you work alone?

Yes, just me! I may on a very rare occasion have an assistant, but I would always let you know in advance if this will happen.

Are you going to direct a shoot for us because we’re not sure how to pose in front of the camera or how to do this?

The experience with me is designed so that you aren’t expected to do any posing on your own, or even with me! One in every ten images I may get you to stand in a specific spot and turn your heads in a certain way, but this will last about 10 seconds and then we will go back to exploring. The images I would get of you like this are what I would call the ‘rockstar’ images which have just a little but more shape in terms of how you are lit.

Regardless, you don’t need to worry about posing with me, as I rely more on awesome, fun and interesting prompts for you! And no I won’t give these away here!

Can we come up with the ideas?

Creatively, if you have any ideas, go for it! I’m all ears!

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes I do! If you contact me or email me at howdy@whoshoots.com, I can sort these out for you. They come in $100 increments and I can personalise a voucher for you.

What props do we use?

Please don’t feel like you need to bring props! Indeed the only props that usually look any good are a good cold can of beer or a box of pizza because these are both bloody tasty! Please don’t bring any weird clocks or family heirlooms; it seems a bit gimmicky when you’re there to get awesome authentic images of yourselves!

What should we wear on the day?

I cover this all in your adventure design session and provide you with everything, from a colour palette to a great explanation on which clothing items will work best. As with everything else, I have your back.