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, Destination Inspiration

Kyoto, Japan

Cityscapes aren't something I usually work in, but holy smokes if Kyoto isn't just a hive of beauty and the essence of Japanese architecture.
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Lake Kizaki, Japan

This stunning lake is nestled right in the Japanese countryside, surrounded by a small town and incredible views.
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Skógarfoss, Iceland

The waterfall to end all waterfalls. This waterfall has always caught my attention with its huge standing and looks especially amazing in winter.
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Ibiza, Spain

A personal choice of mine, having spent a lot of summer vacations there, it is home to hippies and boasts some of the most vibrant views and countryside anywhere in Spain.
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Roy's Peak, New Zealand

New Zealand is well known for its hikes but Roy's Peak takes the cake. A 3-hour trek up, but when you get up there, prepare to be wowed.
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Lake Hillier, Australia

Closer to home than any of these, but going to the pink lakes has always been a dream.
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Sorrento, Italy

Impossible not to be drawn to, the sprawling and climbing city paints a seriously romantic vibe, and is somewhere I'm dying to visit.
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Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Dreamy Swiss Alp vibes, this gorgeous city is something special, nestled in-between two huge mountains and filled with traditional Swiss architecture.
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Faroe Islands, Denmark

It's like the land that time forgot; drenched in dark greens, epic landscapes, and intense, moody backdrops.
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, Destination Inspiration

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