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What to expect

This isn’t your standard ‘smile and look at the camera’ type of deal. I’m just not that guy. I create bespoke, epic, and insanely cool experiences for wild-hearted couples.

No couple, home, or story is the same – why shouldn’t your photographic experience reflect that? I’m passionate about uncovering the unique facets of your personalities and relationship. I’ll go the extra mile to get to know you, to take you on an awesome adventure that uncovers your wicked true personality and soulful connection.

I customise an experience that’s based on what you offer, but as an example, after a one-hour session together you’ll be able to select your final art pieces from around 30-50 final polished images. These aren’t just every photo I took in the session – they’re carefully curated with a variety of poses, style and mood.

This is organic and natural portrait photography, with real moments, and kick-ass memories.

My style

Here to capture what is real, and what matters most to you.

Heaps of photographers rely on the same series of poses for couples – a tried and true formula that they’ve discovered works. There’s just one problem with that: You’re a madly in love couple, not an algebra equation!

I’ll capture the moments and emotions that make you who you are. It might be a cheeky bum squeeze, a giggle over a private joke, or the way you scrunch up your nose when you smile. They’re the real and raw moments that set you apart and will result in art pieces that you adore.

Let's get to it

The Process

Step 1

Designing your session

This is where we’ll really get friendly. You’ll come into the studio, we’ll grab a drink and get down the nitty gritty details of your story and adventure. Together we’ll design the perfect adventure including picking an epic location and curating your threads. Lastly, we’ll uncover which art pieces will best tell your story and work in your home.

Step 2

Your session

By this stage, the anticipation will have built and you’ll be stoked to be heading off on your adventure. We’ll rendezvous at a stunning location – whether it’s a secluded beach, fairy-tale worthy rainforest or even a snowy hilltop – and capture your stunning portraits for an hour and a half to two hours.

Step 3

Ordering appointment

It’s the great unveil! We’ll crack open a bev and I’ll take you through a cinematic viewing experience on my 70” inch projector. Think of it like an epic date night at the movies; except your love story is the feature. There’ll be goosebumps, there might be tears, but there’ll definitely be an array of images that you’ll be truly stoked to display in your home.

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