by Who shot the photographer


by Who shot the photographer

A Hilltop Adventure up Mount Stromlo.

Getting out on a chilly Saturday morning, it was awesome to finally shoot with Rasi and Vick. Mount Stromlo is probably most well known for it’s burnt out observatory. However just beyond the mass of white concrete bubbles, lays a whole woodland popular with cyclists and those who want to get a whole view of beautiful Canberra.

Rasi and Vick aren’t only just stylish, but fun to boot, especially when we had to make sure that several of our scenes didn’t result in us being run over by some of the keen Saturday morning cyclists!

We hope you enjoy this hilltop shoot set!


Models // Rasi Gupta & Vikrant Kakar

Photographed By // Who Shot The Photographer

About James

I’m a Fashion and Portrait Photographer originally from the UK, and now living in Canberra Australia. I believe in a strong communinty spirit, helping others grow, and creating beautiful art with incredible people. My background is in ornithology, and I have a huge passion for all feathered birds.


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