This session with Brenden and Dean at Corin Dam was so much fun, even if the weather was freezing!

“When is the busiest time of year for you?” is something I get asked a lot. I love questions, and especially this one.

My adventure portrait sessions really do run the whole year round, and I don’t limit myself on when I’m taking awesome people on kick-ass adventures. Brenden and Dean were keen to have a winter based session out in the middle of nowhere right at the start of June in Canberra.

Looking to get out somewhere with dense forest, amazing scenery, and something a bit different, I knew just the place for them; Corin Dam.

If you’ve ever been to Gibraltar Falls (which let’s face it, if you live in Canberra, you owe it to yourselves to get out there!) then if you keep driving up just a little bit you’ll get to one of the most impressive landscapes that Canberra has which isn’t created entirely by nature. Corin Dam is absolutely bloody massive and it provides a whole host of awesome areas to explore.

Brenden and Dean came to me after their awesome friends Katie and Amber (can’t wait for their Wedding March 2019) had an awesome engagement session at Gibraltar Falls themselves. Spending time with these two was such a pleasure. So many of the people I get to work with are so real and funny, and these two are no exception. Taking them with on this exploration of the bottom part of Corin Dam was just so much fun, from rock hopping to trailing through bushes we had no idea where it would lead us, to riverside exploration.

One big thing I always recommend to clients is to dress for the season, and I’m pretty sure Brenden and Dean absolutely nailed this, especially with Dean’s warm orange hat!

I hope you enjoy these awesome images from their kick-ass couple’s session!

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