Chameleon Kin


Chameleon Kin


Chameleon Kin are adaptive, intelligent, and wildly creative presets.

They have been designed to bring out the best in your photos, and to help you gain consistency and an incredible style that will capture people’s imagination, and help you craft your unique vision.

Golden Pheasant

Bright, summery, and stylish presets. Designed for portrait and fashion photographers.

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Velvet Lion

Rich, deep toned, filmatic presets. Designed for landscape and adventure photographers.

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Years in Development

Photos tested

Unique and functional presets

Quality Over Quantity; Design for Function

Chameleon Kin was born from a desire to create one of the most important things to a photographer; consistency and an eye-catching yet versitile style. The pack of two thousand presets for ten dollars left me stratching my head trying to work out what I could actually use any of these bizarre styles for.

Chameleon Kin Creative Presets all have a purpose and reason behind careful colour grading and tonal adjustments. Wedding and portrait photographers rejoice at Golden Pheasant’s emotive and classic tones, wheras Lunar Fox will help fashion bloggers get that stylish and clean look.

Chameleon Kin is a dedicated saint of quality over quantity. No exceptions. 

Tried, tested, and beautifully created.

Every single preset has been carefully crafted, tried, test, and used. The result is a collection of stunning and incredibly fun presets that can take your photos to the next level, and excite creatives and clients alike.

See real life examples of each one used on our instagram.

Spend your time shooting, not processing

You became a photographer to get outside, to explore your vision, and to be a creative firework. Chameleon Kin Creative Presets take the guesswork out of developing an eye-catching and attractive look, and give you the tools to save time and spend your hours enjoying being behind the camera, not the computer screen.

A growing and supportive community

Having the right tools for the job is essential; however sometimes we all need a hand.

Chameleon Kin has a dedicated Facebook group to help you showcase your work, and ask for advice on the best way to use these presets, along with other photography help.

Community over competition.


Chameleon Kin is about togetherness, and showcasing the hard word you have put in to get the recognition you deserve.

We love to feature your awesome work with the Chameleon Kin Creative Presets, so simply tag #chameleonkin and @chameleonkin, and there is a very good chance we will repost your work, with full credit.

Sharing is caring.

Versatile Presets, Unlimited potential

Chameleon Kin is designed to give you timeless tools to create wonderous works.

Gain the impressive consistency in your work. Save those lost hours on unsure processing. 

I love…

Portrait & Fashion Photography


Golden Pheasant is an incredibly powerful and emotional set of presets to help you capture hilltop shoots to sun-soaked beaches

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Adventure Photography


Velvet Lion has been designed to spice up and enrich your post-production process with vibrant and filmatic styles.

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Fashion Photography & Blogging


Combining unique and bold presets with clean yet crystal clear adjustments, Lunar Fox will give your photos an immense shine.

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