If you’ve been a long-term reader you’ll know how much I adore having a candid and documentary style to my images.

I get these by hanging back and not being that photographer who gets people to all line up in a row, like a deer in the headlights. Deer who have just recently had dentures done, and who are smiling like the dentist is giving them an examination in every photo. No thank you.

The reason I do this is that I believe it is far more authentic to capture those moments where the kids are covered in mud, where mum and dad are taking a moment out together, and when your smallest one is lost in the interest of a bottle cap they found at the beach. These are the real moments and the moments that you’ll remember.

I read recently that up to the first seven years of age, children are still developing their personality; and as a large after this age, the core parts of them don’t change. So that means that if by age seven, little Samantha is actually a big extrovert, this is going to stay with her.

What does this mean for portrait photography? It means that we’ve captured a journey. A journey of your family’s personalities grow, change, and bloom into something amazing. With this seven-year journey, there are so many special moments and characteristics to capture in these magical times.

This brings me to this incredible family that I was so fortuned to capture. Back in March of this year I had the real pleasure of being able to hang out with Ben, Lissy, Eloise, Matthew, and Johnny, and be shown around their amazing property out near Lake George, just outside of Canberra.

This little tribe has so much energy, and I love the contrast that they all have with each other. From Johnny’s love of exploration to Matthews bubbly nature, right down to Eloise and her gentle serenity compared to her two older brothers! Whilst they are waiting to build their forever home on this stunning plot of land, there has been so much work to be done, and I wanted to capture some awesome images on this session of how things may look in ten or twenty years when Ben and Lissy are sending off each one of their lovely children to school, sitting back, and admiring how far they have come together as a family.

I especially love the photo of Matthew looking back onto the building site for the future family home.

I hope you enjoy this selection of images from their family portrait session; let me know below what you’d love to do on your very own family portrait session!

James is an adventurous wedding and elopement photographer based in Canberra, Australia. He travels everywhere to capture adventurous love stories with passionate and non-traditional couples.



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