I love to call my sessions adventure photography engagement sessions because, honestly, that is what they turn out to be more times than not! Not your average ‘sit in a boring park and smile at the camera’. I love these sorts of sessions especially when a real adventure and engagement session is involved! Just like with Caitlin and Damien’s adventure photography engagement session at the magical Fairy Bower Falls in Bundanoon, NSW, Australia.

Caitlin and Damien contacted me a few weeks ago and were looking for the perfect engagement session to really capture what they were all about. Engagement sessions are an awesome idea to any couple who are planning to tie the knot and want to get a bit of a feel for what the experience is like for being in front of the camera, but also trying out a photographer before committing to having them capture the big day. Caitlin had told me about her love of ‘moss’ and those deep and beautiful greens that she’d noticed in my work, and as soon as she told me this, my ears were on fire. I had just the place for them to explore and find something a bit magical.

New South Wales in Australia is absolutely brimming with special little locations with waterfalls, massive vistas, and kick ass valleys. All of these are just waiting to be explored and trekked across, and one location I had in mind was that of Fairy Bower Falls. This absolutely stunning little hideaway, next to Bundanoon (how amazing are Australian place names) is a maze of beautiful creeks, cliff edges and of course gorgeous waterfalls. Now the even more fun part of this whole session is, get this, I’d never even been to Fairy Bower Falls before! Sometimes I find that exploring a whole new place with kick-ass people just adds to the magic and wonder of it all. So an awesome two-hour ride in my AWD later and we are smack bang in the most stunning little part of New South Wales.

As with all my sessions, I love to capture what a couple is really all about, and if I had to sum up Caitlin and Damien together, it would be awesome, whacky, and connected. Those of you who know me will know that I take a bit more of a laid-back approach to life and my sessions, and both Caitlin and Damien are my kind of people. I don’t think there was more than five minutes between the whole session where we weren’t walking around and exploring with a big grin on all of our faces, even when plunged into ice cold water at the bottom of the waterfall. It’s incredible how ice cold water can just make it so hard to try and get your words out. Of course, it didn’t stop Damien immediately wade through and climb up onto the mossy waterfall, as you’ll see.

Once we’d explored the undergrowth of the waterfalls, we headed right up to the top to find the sunset in full bloom and found some time to scale a small part of the giant descent down into Bundanoon Creek. It’s incredible when you travel a little way out of Canberra and find so many jaw-dropping sights, like the ones we experienced trekking downwards into this vast valley! I have a whole host of favourite images from this session, but my word, these final ones really did put the icing on the cake. Not only that but Caitlin’s absolutely insanely stunning ring is something to behold, especially with the ever incredible Moxom and Whitney providing flowers for this session.

If you ever wanted to know what an adventure portrait session and/or engagement session with me is like, this below is an incredible example of what I love to get up to! I hope you enjoy this stunner set of images celebrating Caitlin and Damien’s engagement session!


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