Sometimes it’s easy to get a wedding that ‘goes on the rails’, and kind of follows the same structure as every other one.

I think that’s a little bit of a shame because a wedding day is meant to be the ultimate expression of commitment between two individual and unique people. Individual and unique. Individual and unique isn’t doing the same as everyone else! You should bring out your creative wedding ideas!

So because I’m super non-traditional and absolutely love couples to capture their day which represents themselves, here are 5 insane creative wedding ideas to make your wedding stand out.

Yeah they are pretty out there. No, they won’t be appropriate for a lot of people. However the ones who want to really go crazy and creative will love these!

1. Have a wedding cake piñata smash instead of a wedding cake

Let’s face it. Wedding cake is far too often cut and then left by the wayside when everyone is getting loose on the dancefloor (me included).

So why not do something a little bit crazier and more engaging with your crowd?

Get a special piñata made and have the couple smash the piñata to unleash a whole load of treats for everyone to share!

Bonus points if the piñata matches with the colour theme of the wedding, and if you do it blindfolded.

Luke and Mallory Photography

2. Do a coin toss for who does their wedding vows first

I had this recently at Nick and Caitlin’s amazing wedding at Akiba, Canberra. Instead of trying to work out according to ‘tradition’ who should go first, Nick and Caitlin simply said ‘let’s coin toss for it’.

Feel free to bring this to other parts of the ceremony and day as well. The sky is the limit.

Simple but so much fun.

Virgil Cayasa

3. Cut your wedding cake with a chainsaw, an axe, or a machete

Unleash your real Viking and why not forget the traditional knife cutting ceremony and jazz things up a hell of a lot.

Nothing cuts through cake like a machete, an axe, or if you want to go nuclear, get a personalised chainsaw. Definitely one for the creative wedding idea crew who want to really lean in.

Sure, it’ll get messy and it is best done before the really heavy drinking of the evening is done, but if you’re going to cut a cake, why not do it in real style?

People could say ‘why?’, but I say ‘why not?’.

RRB Photographic

4. Instead of a bouquet, hold a cactus in a terracotta pot.

I don’t know about you, but I seem to have less green blood on my hands when most of my house consists of succulents and cactus instead of the traditional flowers and plants.

So in the spirit of having something you can take home after, plant in your garden, and actually have it survive, why not cradle a nice cactus or succulent as your bouquet?

Give it a name.

Scott Webb

5. Have everyone blindfolded, even the couple. Once they are joined, then you can take them off.

Listening to the vows and words that people write to describe their intense love for each other is something very special. It isn’t every day that you do that, and not often that you’d witness something like it.

So why not take the chance to really listen to what the couple has to say about each other. It also means you won’t get a sea of iPhones competing with your photographer who is trying to get those awesome images of you.

When the celebrant says ‘you may now kiss the bride’, everyone can remove their blindfolds and go nuts!

Aloha Fotographia

6. BONUS: Instead of a car, get a horse and carriage or have the groomsman tow you in a cart .

At Stephany and Mikaela’s Wedding (totally going to plug that this was published in the amazing Rock N Roll Bride Issue 25), they ditched the whole ‘car’ aspect and went with hiring a horse and carriage (from Roscommon Carriages FYI) to take them away for couples photos, before arriving at the ceremony.

How gorgeous is this?!

James is an adventurous wedding and elopement photographer based in Canberra, Australia. He travels everywhere to capture adventurous love stories with passionate and non-traditional couples.



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